Definition of 'adorable'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. Befitting of being adored; cute or loveable.

2. Delightful, lovable, and charming.

3. Worthy of adoration.

4. Deserving to be adored; worthy of divine honors.

5. Worthy of the utmost love or respect.

6. Demanding adoration; worthy of being adored; worthy of divine honors.

7. Worthy of the utmost love or admiration: as, she is an adorable creature; an adorable statue.


1. I now have an adorable little granddaughter but I only bonded with her six months after she was born.

2. What on earth was she doing bringing something more adorable into the house without consulting me first?

3. Look at them and tell me they are not utterly adorable.

4. Here she is with an adorable puppy.

5. But somehow he managed to be utterly adorable.

6. Connie is special and an adorable little singer but she has many years in front of her to reach her dream.

7. But they were all absolutely adorable.

8. What happened next is absolutely adorable'?

9. Something adorable and in need of a home will present itself, no doubt.

10. During their marriage, the hound remains a constant companion as it grows from an adorable puppy to a huge dog.

11. It's still just as adorable.

12. It's just so adorable that they're friends in real life.

13. He was an adorable puppy, all giant paws, and with the softest fur imaginable.

14. Halloween is a great time to dress your furry friend in adorable costumes and parade them around in all of their outfitted glory

15. They need more pictures of him smiling, he looked so freakin adorable at the end.

16. Clearly, children are environmental disasters in adorable packaging.

17. Halloween is a great time to dress your furry friend in adorable costumes and parade them around in all of their outfitted glory.

18. YETIIIII!!! yuummm to answer ur question about the penguin waffle maker ... it was the best thing my ex ever gave me! hahah how adorable is it?

19. CHRIS, early thirties but armed with boyish good looks, cleans up the remnants of a snack that BEE, a petite, freakin adorable, but potentially challenging toddler, just shy of 22 months, has abandoned.

20. ‘Shy, charming and adorable, she bounded over to hug Nandita Das as soon as the actor walked in.’

21. ‘It is easy to let a Shih Tzu take advantage of you, particularly when it is so cute and adorable.’

22. ‘Well, for one thing, they are cute and adorable and are less active as compared to dogs.’

23. ‘Yeah, but people expect me to be all… quiet and sensitive and sweet and adorable.’

24. ‘They make him look so sweet and adorable and well, that's a total misconception if you really know Jake.’

25. ‘There were dozens of cats around, one or two of which were absolutely adorable.’

26. ‘In the afternoon I go to see the zebras and check on the two new foals which were born just a few days ago - they're adorable.’

27. ‘Jack was an adorable well-mannered, gentle boy who had an extraordinary presence that could light up a room.’

28. ‘Not to worry - this adorable little guy is going to have no trouble finding fabulous new owners, I am sure.’

29. ‘He's adorable, about two years old, part Maaori with a halo of light brown curls.’

30. ‘It means I get to have the company of this adorable eccentric woman for longer.’

31. ‘Gillian showed me just a small sample of the many adorable letters and pictures they receive from children each year.’

32. ‘Then every now and then she sleeps on me or she cuddles me and purrs and nuzzles and she's totally adorable.’

33. ‘She told me it was adorable… clothes for little girls and matching clothes for their dolls as well.’

34. ‘The Steiffe range has adorable teddy bear motifs down the legs of the shorts, or the arms of tops and as a logo on T-shirts.’

35. ‘They have a stunning house, two adorable children and a legion of supportive friends.’

36. ‘Shari developed her talent and her mom thought her little angel was adorable in a tutu and tights!’

37. ‘Lizzie was a most adorable and good person who possessed a caring and loving personality.’

38. ‘The kittens are absolutely adorable and it seems a shame that I can't get anyone to come out and take them away.’

39. ‘For now, she's just a kitten, and one of the most adorable ones we've ever come across.’

40. The woman gave birth to an adorable set of twins

Other users have misspelling adorable as:

1. adorab 6.6%

2. adorabl 4.72%

3. adorible 3.77%

4. addorable 2.83%

5. adoreable 1.89%

6. Other 80.19%

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