Definition of 'legit'


Word Frequency
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1. slang, US cool (considered to be the real deal)

2. informal legitimate; legal; allowed by the rules

3. Legitimate.


1. They took the council's offer of rented moorings and went legit.

2. The general consensus was that it was a brilliant fake, so the team try to discover whether it was legit.

3. But part fo ebing in legit conference is playing a team every week who might be able to beat you n a good day.

4. I agree, and Hillary does not have a chance to win legit, so she should quit!

5. He is not shy about declaring the calls legit or bogus but the most interesting part of his analysis entails giving reasons why a foul was or was not called.

6. The only losers here are us b/c we chose against Hillary months ago (popular vote in legit states) and now we're going to get McCain no matter who the Dem is because the Clintons have soiled both themselves and Obama beyond salvage.

7. The one downside to the Sandman going legit is the whole “captured by the government and studied/forced to become a weapon of mass destruction thing”.

8. This wildcat turned legit is one of the ones on my wish list for years.

9. Once a tune is classified as legit, it is deleted from the uploader's computer or synced devices.

10. Windows validation has been known to mislabel legit copies of software as pirated, which even if rare, is a pain that nobody wants to deal with.

11. Two electronic forsenic experts discovered the "birth certificate" posted online-that Fact Check calls "legit" -- was discovered to be a FAKE-and that his half sister Maya's name is seen in an artifact under his name, among other evidence so it has been exposed as a fraudulent image.

12. ‘This is done as a money laundering scheme to put illicit dollars back into the legit art market.’

13. ‘None of the letters to the legit media had even been publicly discovered or acknowledged.’

14. ‘On the other hand, illegitimate pyramid schemes can resemble legit sales operations.’

15. ‘And now investigators have to figure out whose claims are legit and who is scamming the system.’

16. ‘Isabella had forced Lucio to promise that all of the jobs he did for their grandfather were legit and legal before she allowed him to do them.’

17. ‘Then why won't they approve a legit audit of the US gold reserves?’

18. ‘The suitcases were full of pirated games, which at $7 a pop are $45 cheaper than most games on the legit market.’

19. ‘They have a web site, so they must be legit, right?’

20. ‘Oh yeah, Gary Busey is involved, so you know it's legit.’

21. ‘Bled by lawsuits and unable to cobble together an agreement with the recording industry to make the service legit, the company finally called it quits.’

22. ‘That assures donors their funds go to legit groups.’

23. ‘They lost 15,000 yuan before resorting to the more expensive, legit hospital.’

24. ‘The promoters spent over $20,000 on this show and did everything they had to to make it legit.’

25. ‘That doesn't seem to support the idea that ‘vague’ patents are legit.’

26. ‘‘It isn't going to turn someone into an athlete, but it's a legit way to keep fit,’ says Agoglia.’

27. ‘Now, just because she gave Cunningham large campaign contributions in the past doesn't mean the comps she assembled weren't legit.’

28. ‘One of the favorites was sending millions of phishing e-mails - messages that appeared to be from legit companies such as Yahoo!’

29. ‘They're using those words and definitions to look legit.’

30. ‘‘You put your feet down and you can stop even faster than a car,’ says Bob, who hopes one day to open a legit street luge course on a ski hill.’

31. ‘Anyway, this tool seems to be legit from what I can tell.’

32. ‘I don't know if you have ever started an online company, but it is incredibly hard these days to collect money online - even if you are totally legit.’

33. ‘It seems like Savage is really desperate to return to the big time in pro wrestling, but why would he spend so much money to produce this record if he wasn't legit?’

34. ‘The focus there will be on opt-in lists, and whether they're legit.’

35. ‘If the name doesn't surface, the honor system prevails; the voter simply swears in an affidavit that he or she is legit.’

36. ‘And, naturally, you should never give confidential information to anyone unless you are absolutely certain that they are legit.’

37. ‘I also called the woman and asked her some basic questions until I was satisfied that she was legit.’

38. ‘I really want to believe that she's legit, but I'm feeling kind of wary now.’

39. ‘Judging by the call, this guy was asking the questions, so he's relatively legit.’

40. ‘Last year I wrote this post, where I expressed doubt that the people who claim to have taught apes sign language are legit.’

41. ‘Mark Buehrle is legit, and Todd Ritchie might be, too.’

42. ‘I guess it can best be said that Harry Wills was legit.’

43. ‘Our favorite is the barbacoa, but the tofu is legit too.’

44. ‘The first time I saw him run, I was like, 'This guy is legit'. ’

45. ‘ The city's top bartenders served up some seriously legit cocktails.’

46. ‘Washington's defensive line is legit, and is helping make the other levels of the defense look great.’

47. ‘I truly believe this team is legit.’

48. ‘Their 6-1 record proves that this team is legit.’

49. ‘Watching his mechanics, his accuracy, I'm left looking at him saying 'This kid is legit.'’

50. ‘I think their defense is legit and their offense is serviceable.’

51. ‘This place is legit! The burgers are huge.’

52. ‘The food here is legit.’

53. ‘I legit have something from nearly any brand worth mentioning.’

54. ‘I would legit just live in my car and never get out.’

55. ‘It has an unexpected ending that will leave you legit shocked.’

56. ‘I think it's safe to say these guys are legit having a moment.’

57. ‘I am absolutely encouraged by this last week, and we legit have no way to go but up.’

58. ‘I've legit never looked better, and never gotten so many compliments on my skin.’

59. ‘I legit at that moment thought that was the plan.’

60. ‘Jesus, I thought he legit passed out there.’

61. ‘She then just had to share a tidbit about Noah that legit will make your heart swell.’

62. ‘There is legit nothing to complain about.’

63. ‘Gloss Bomb is a lip gloss in a universal colour that is legit flattering on everyone.’

64. it was legit at the time but now it isn't

Other users have misspelling legit as:

1. lajit 3.52%

2. ligjit 3.52%

3. Other 92.96%

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