Definition of 'coyote'


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1. Canis latrans, a species of canine native to North America.

2. A smuggler of illegal immigrants across the land border from Mexico into the United States of America.

3. Slang A person who smuggles illegal immigrants into the United States, especially across the Mexican border.

4. A firefighter who is sent to battle remote, usually very severe forest fires, often for days at a time.

5. A wolflike carnivorous mammal (Canis latrans) of North and Central America, having grayish-brown or yellowish fur, large erect ears, and a drooping bushy tail.

6. (Zoöl.) A carnivorous animal (Canis latrans), allied to the dog, found in the western part of North America; -- called also prairie wolf. Its voice is a snapping bark, followed by a prolonged, shrill howl.

7. a forest fire fighter who is sent to battle remote and severe forest fires (often for days at a time)

8. someone who smuggles illegal immigrants into the United States (usually across the Mexican border)

9. No less than eleven species of coyotes have been recognized by Merriam, the name Canis latrans being restricted to the eastern form whose type-locality is Iowa. The species from Lower California is C. peninsuiæ; the Californian form is C. ochropus; and that from Indian Territory is C. frustror.

10. The Spanish and now the usual name of the common prairie- or barking-wolf of western North America, Canis latrans, abundant almost everywhere from the great plains to the Pacific.

11. To prospect for gold by manually digging holes into overlying earth, as into a hillside.


1. coyote willow is a totally different beast.

2. ‘There are 36 species of Canidae, including dogs, wolves, coyotes, jackals and foxes.’

3. ‘Other predators are red foxes, coyotes, wolves, bear, mountain lions, lynx, bobcats, eagles, and great horned owls.’

4. ‘Eagles, rattlesnakes, deer, pronghorn antelope, foxes, coyotes, and mountain lions roam the area.’

5. ‘Whitetail deer, coyote, red fox, snowshoe hare and raccoon often make appearances.’

6. ‘Today Wyoming's Bighorn Basin, home to pronghorns and prairie dogs, coyotes and rattlesnakes, is nearly a desert.’

7. ‘Their predators include great horned owls, bobcats, cougars, coyotes, and foxes, so wariness is in their blood.’

8. ‘Mating between eastern Canadian wolves, red wolves, and coyotes is possible, he said, because they share a common ancestor.’

9. ‘Major predators of the otter include sharks, killer whales, coyotes, brown bears and even eagles.’

10. ‘A mixed pack of coyotes and wild dogs had found the open gate.’

11. ‘Grizzly bears and bison were exterminated, and coyotes and prairie dogs were shot on sight and poisoned.’

12. ‘Adult red foxes may also be attacked by coyotes, wolves, or other predators, but this is rarely in order to eat them.’

13. ‘Sometimes falling prey, on land, to wolves and coyotes, the otter's principal enemies are humans.’

14. ‘Predators, such as coyotes, swift foxes, and skunks, are a major problem for ground nesting birds.’

15. ‘The virus is carried by a number of wild animals, including coyotes, foxes, and some wolves.’

16. ‘The red wolf is larger than a coyote and smaller than a gray wolf.’

17. ‘Wolves tend to eat larger prey, like elk - but coyotes prey on young antelope.’

18. ‘Also, coyotes were often observed hunting rodents in the cranberry bogs at the rendezvous site.’

19. ‘With a blink, his eyes adjusted and decided it was either a wild dog or a wolf or a coyote.’

20. ‘These animals clearly act like coyotes and not wolves.’

21. ‘Dogs and coyotes have been injured and even killed by llamas.’

22. ‘Over time I was also able to use non-American friends as coyotes to smuggle refills.’

23. ‘To get past the border guards, immigrants from Mexico hire smugglers - called coyotes - to guide them through crossing points.’

24. ‘His only choice was to travel to Tijuana and hire a coyote (immigrant smuggler) to take him across the border.’

25. ‘His remarks were typical of the government to attribute the death toll on the border to the coyotes.’

26. ‘The coyotes charge $5000 to bring somebody here from Honduras or Guatemala.’

27. ‘Once in Sasabe, the migrants will break up into smaller groups and head out with their coyotes along the many smuggler trails.’

28. ‘Daniel paid a coyote who took him to the hills near Mexicali with 20 others who waited for the right time to cross.’

29. ‘If the coyote (the smuggler) doesn't kill the immigrant, the desert or Border Patrol likely will.’

30. ‘And I started a smuggling unit to go after coyotes here.’

31. ‘As the government's operations grew more sophisticated, so did those of the smugglers, or coyotes.’

32. ‘He continued across the border with the help of coyotes.’

33. ‘After the law was passed, and border control was stepped up, the coyotes began to charge more money.’

34. ‘After crossing the border they were abandoned by coyotes or polleros, the smugglers who transported them into the US.’

35. ‘My brother and I were brought over by a coyote who took us to a remote location where we had to squirm under a fence and then run for dear life.’

36. ‘The coyotes and the bewildered souls kneeling in the headlights know that the border war cannot be fought like this forever.’

37. ‘In addition to prosecuting so-called coyotes, he also plans to charge the illegal aliens they smuggle with being co-conspirators.’

38. ‘A Denver television station recorded the coyotes transporting van loads of illegal aliens in broad daylight.’

39. ‘They are called coyotes, the men and women who offer to sneak illegal aliens across the border.’

40. ‘Sonia's husband, a coyote, relied on his borderland knowledge to track her after she fled across the border.’

41. ‘The busboy will be working long hours until he earns back the $2000 it cost in coyote fees to get across the border.’

42. they saw a coyote in the dark but it escaped

Other users have misspelling coyote as:

1. cayot 14.81%

2. coyte 9.26%

3. kayathi 9.26%

4. cyote 5.56%

5. cayote 5.56%

6. coyette 3.7%

7. Other 51.85%

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