Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling coyote as:

pie chart
  1. cayot 14.81%
  2. coyte 9.26%
  3. kayathi 9.26%
  4. cyote 5.56%
  5. cayote 5.56%
  6. coyette 3.7%
  7. Other 51.85%

Definitions of coyote


  1. someone who smuggles illegal immigrants into the United States (usually across the Mexican border)
  2. a forest fire fighter who is sent to battle remote and severe forest fires (often for days at a time)
  3. small wolf native to western North America

Examples of coyote

  1. Aside from the sanctity of my goats and all I am happy to have coyotes, catamounts, bears and other preditors in the woods, they are hallmarks of a heathy ecosystem with all of its components in place.
  2. Personally, I begin waterfowl hunting, and me and my buddies put on a coyote hunt in January.
  3. There are 36 species of Canidae, including dogs, wolves, coyotes, jackals and foxes.

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