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Other users have misspelling hemorrhage as:

pie chart
  1. hemorrage 12.12%
  2. hemmorhage 10.61%
  3. hamorage 9.09%
  4. haemorrhagia 9.09%
  5. hemorage 9.09%
  6. hemorrahage 6.06%
  7. hemmorage 6.06%
  8. heamorrhage 4.55%
  9. hemerage 4.55%
  10. Other 28.78%

Definitions of hemorrhage


  1. the flow of blood from a ruptured blood vessel


  1. lose blood from one's body

Examples of hemorrhage

  1. In patients without subarachnoid hemorrhage from a separate aneurysm, larger aneurysms also were more likely to rupture.
  2. More severe inflammation of the mucosa is readily evident as erythema, intramucosal hemorrhage, exudate, or ulceration.
  3. Coagulopathy/hemorrhage: fresh frozen plasma, possibly vitamin K-phytonadione I.V. Hypoglycemia: Dextrose 25g I.V. (with coma, seizures, or change in mental status)

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