Common mistakes in English - category Redundancy

help to find (help find) Mount Fuji Rio Grande (river) free gift little bit first man president (male president) first woman president (female president) female waiter (waitress) female actor (actress) very unique (unique) rustic country (rustic) therapeutic treatment (treatment) so therefore (therefore) reason why (reason) point being is that (point is that/point being that) past experience/memory (experience/memory) the noun around it (surrounding noun) introduce for the first time (introduce) in order to (to) honest truth (truth) foreign import (import) fellow classmates/co-workers/comrades (classmates/co-workers/comrades) whole lot (lot) numerous different (numerous) work colleague (colleague) will in the future (will) might perhaps (might) repeat again (repeat) return back (return) originally born in (born in) general public (public) salsa sauce (salsa) famous celebrity (celebrity) fall season (fall) established fact (fact) every now and then (now and then) with the exception of (except) subsequent to (after) a small number of (a few) a large number of (many) there are also other (also) on a few occasions (occasionally) so as to (to) try and (try to) subject matter (subject) some of the (some) self-admitted (admitted) right over (over) private industry (industry) outside of (outside) incredible to believe (incredible) gather up (gather) focus in (focus on) first of all (first) drop down (drop) all of the (all the) each and every one (each one) descend down (descend) continue to remain (remain) commute back and forth (commute) comfortable with doing (comfortable doing) combine together (combine) circumstances surrounding (circumstances of) accused of a charge (charged with) CDROM (CD-ROM) CD disc (CD) biography of her life (biography) brief moment/summary (moment/summary) blend together (blend) bitter in taste (bitter) Big in size, yellow in color, etc. bivouac camp (bivouac) temporary bivouac (bivouac) best ever (best) bald-headed (bald) basic fundamentals/necessities (fundamentals/necessities) autobiography of a life (autobiography) as of yet (yet) ask the question (ask) are able to (can) adequate enough (adequate) and (etc) and also (and/also) add an additional (add) because of the fact that (because) the world around it (the world) sent an email to (email) send an email to (email) Possibly needless 'that' of any of → of sufficient enough → sufficient approximately about directly antithetical (antithetical) I [told it to] -> I [told] Leo the question whether (whether) etc. disagree with the fact that (disagree that) $500 (dollars) over exaggerated (exaggerated) summertime (summer) exact same/identical (same/identical) Suggest shorter ways to negate words (not common vs uncommon) close scrutiny/proximity (scrutiny/proximity) PM in the evening (PM) AM in the morning (AM) 12;30 a.m. (12:30 a.m.) 7 o'clock AM (7 o'clock) LCD display (LCD) PIN number / ISBN number (PIN / ISBN) HIV virus (HIV) ATM machine (ATM) Wordiness: very small send me an email (email me) associate together (associate) sworn affidavit (affidavit) former alumnus (alumnus) Wordiness: in a ... manner Redundant 'plus': 100+ and more
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