Common mistake comfortable with doing (comfortable doing)

Common Mistake: Comfortable with Doing

One common mistake that many people make when using English grammar is using the phrase "comfortable with doing" instead of the correct phrase "comfortable doing." This is a subtle error that can easily go unnoticed, but it can affect the clarity and accuracy of your writing.

When we talk about being at ease or feeling relaxed while doing something, we should use the structure "be + comfortable + doing." This means that the action or activity we are referring to follows directly after the word "comfortable." By using this structure, we create a more effective and natural sentence.


  • Incorrect: I am comfortable with playing tennis.
  • Correct: I am comfortable playing tennis.

In the incorrect example, the phrase "with playing tennis" creates unnecessary complexity and wordiness. By simply using the correct structure, "I am comfortable playing tennis," we create a concise and grammatically correct sentence.

Why is this mistake made?

This mistake is often made because in some languages, the structure "comfortable with + verb-ing" is used. However, in English, we use the structure "comfortable + verb-ing" without the preposition "with."

How to avoid this mistake:

  • Pay attention to the structure when using the word "comfortable." It should be followed directly by a verb-ing form.
  • Practice using the correct structure in your writing and speaking to reinforce the correct usage.
  • Proofread your work and look for instances where you may have mistakenly used the phrase "comfortable with doing." Correct it by using the proper structure of "comfortable doing."

Using proper grammar is important for effective communication. One tool that can help you improve your grammar skills is the Linguix grammar checker. Linguix not only identifies errors like the one discussed in this article, but also provides explanations and suggestions for improvement.

comfortable with doing (comfortable doing) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    I am not comfortable with dancing with strangers.

    I am not comfortable dancing with strangers.

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