Common mistake drop down (drop)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Using Redundant Phrases

As an English grammar guru, I often come across common mistakes that people make while writing. One such mistake is using redundant phrases. These phrases unnecessarily repeat words or ideas, making the sentence longer and more cumbersome than it needs to be.

The Problem with Redundancy

Redundancy occurs when words or phrases are used that add no extra meaning to a sentence. They are unnecessary and can make the writing sound repetitive or unclear. One common example of redundancy is the phrase "drop down."

Avoiding Redundancy with "Drop Down"

The phrase "drop down" is redundant because the word "drop" already implies downward movement. Therefore, we can simply use the word "drop" alone to convey the intended meaning. For example:

  • Incorrect: Please drop down the box from the shelf.
  • Correct: Please drop the box from the shelf.

By eliminating the unnecessary word "down," we make the sentence clearer and more concise.

Using "Consider Using" Instead

If you still feel the need to include the word "down" in your sentence, you can use the phrase "consider using" instead of "drop down." This alternative phrase suggests a thoughtful consideration of an action without using redundant words. For instance:

  • Incorrect: Consider drop down the old approach and try something new.
  • Correct: Consider using the new approach instead of the old one.

Using the phrase "consider using" allows us to express the same idea without the redundancy of "drop down."

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drop down (drop) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Drop down from the tree.

    Drop from the tree.

  • Correct:
    Drop down menus
  • Correct:
    Add an additional drop down that follows "Legal Contacts" that says "Historical Contacts".
  • Correct:
    Also, you will be receiving on Thursday morning a copy of some of the more relevant documentation relating to the June 2000 drop down of the Corrugated...
  • Correct:
    The shop traveler/work order also contains a "drop down," from which standard processes can be selected.
  • Correct:
    The projectile with its integral propelling charge was dropped down the barrel from the muzzle to hit a fixed firing pin.
  • Correct:
    The liquid was being carefully dropped down the funnel.
  • Correct:
    After reaching no.1 for five weeks, "Rivers of Babylon" began dropping down the chart, at which point the B-side "Brown Girl in the Ring" was given extensive radio airplay.
  • Correct:
    After that, the song started very quickly dropping down the charts.
  • Correct:
    Drop down and see us.
  • Correct:
    Also, FYI, the "See" drop down is our nickname for the name changes and mergers reference.
  • Correct:
    Drop down ear/neck flaps.
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