Common mistake right over (over)

Common Mistake: Using the Phrase "Right Over"

One common mistake that people often make in their writing and speech is using the phrase "right over." This phrase, however, is actually redundant and can be easily corrected.

When we say "right over," we are essentially using two words that convey the same meaning. "Right" implies a direction or location that is immediately or directly in front of us, while "over" also suggests a position that is above or on top of something.


Incorrect: She walked right over to the table and sat down.

Correct: She walked over to the table and sat down. (or She walked right to the table and sat down.)

As you can see in the example above, the word "right" is unnecessary and does not add any additional meaning to the sentence. Removing it results in a clearer and more concise statement.

In situations where you want to emphasize the immediacy or directness of an action or movement, it is more effective to use a different word or phrase. Alternatives such as "immediately," "directly," or "straight" can convey the same idea without the redundancy.


Incorrect: The car veered right over to avoid the pedestrian.

Correct: The car veered to the right to avoid the pedestrian.

Correct: The car veered directly to avoid the pedestrian.

It's important to pay attention to the words and phrases we use in our writing to ensure clarity and avoid unnecessary redundancies. By eliminating the phrase "right over," we can enhance the flow and effectiveness of our communication.

  • Using "right over" is a common mistake that results in redundancy in writing and speech.
  • The phrase can be easily corrected by removing the word "right."
  • Alternative words or phrases can be used to convey immediacy or directness.
  • Paying attention to word choice enhances clarity and effectiveness in communication.

Linguix grammar checker can be a helpful tool in identifying and correcting such mistakes, allowing you to improve the quality of your writing and avoid redundancy.

right over (over) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    You find it right over there.

    You find it over there.

  • Correct:
    Who has the right over a woman's property?
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