Common mistake repeat again (repeat)

Common Grammar Mistake: Repeat Again

One of the most common grammar mistakes people make is the use of the phrase "repeat again." While it may seem harmless, this phrase is actually redundant and unnecessary.

The Correct Usage

When you use the word "repeat," it already implies the act of doing something again. Therefore, saying "repeat again" is repetitive and can be considered poor grammar.

For example, let's look at these two sentences:

  • Incorrect: Please repeat again what you just said.
  • Correct: Please repeat what you just said.

In the correct sentence, the word "repeat" is sufficient to convey the idea of doing something again. Adding "again" is unnecessary and redundant.

Alternative Phrases

If you want to express the idea of doing something again, there are several alternative phrases you can use instead of "repeat again." Here are a few examples:

  • Restate: Please restate what you just said.
  • Recap: Can you recap what you just said?
  • Rephrase: Please rephrase what you just said.

These phrases convey the same meaning as "repeat again" but without the redundancy.

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repeat again (repeat) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    We made the song repeat again.

    We made the song repeat.

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