Common mistake fall season (fall)

Common Mistake: Fall Season vs. Autumn

Many English speakers often mistakenly use the word "fall" to refer to the season between summer and winter. While this term is widely used in North America, it is considered an Americanism and is not universally understood or recognized.

In most English-speaking countries outside of North America, the more commonly accepted term for this season is "autumn." Using "fall" instead of "autumn" can lead to confusion or misunderstandings, especially when communicating with non-American English speakers.

Origin and Usage

The term "fall" to describe the season most likely originated from the phrase "fall of the leaf." It refers to the time when leaves on deciduous trees change color and fall to the ground. However, over time, the word "autumn" gained popularity in Britain while "fall" remained more prevalent in America.

In American English, the use of "fall" to describe the season is very common and widely understood. Phrases like "fall foliage," "fall harvest," or "fall semester" are frequently used without any confusion. However, when writing for a global audience or engaging in international communication, it is advisable to use "autumn" to ensure clarity and avoid ambiguity.


  • Incorrect: I love taking walks in the fall.
  • Correct: I love taking walks in autumn.

Remember, being mindful of regional variations in vocabulary usage is essential for effective communication in English across different countries and cultures.

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fall season (fall) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    The leaves turn red and gold in the fall season.

    The leaves turn red and gold in fall.

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