Common mistake bald-headed (bald)

Common Mistake: Bald-Headed

In this article, we will discuss a common mistake related to the usage of the term "bald-headed."

Usage of "Bald-Headed"

Many people often use the term "bald-headed" to refer to someone who is completely bald or has a shaved head. However, this usage is actually incorrect.

The correct term to use in such cases is simply "bald."

For example:

  • Incorrect: He is bald-headed.
  • Correct: He is bald.


The term "bald-headed" is redundant because "bald" itself implies the absence of hair on the head. So, when we use "bald," there is no need to add the term "-headed" after it.

Using "bald-headed" might sound repetitive and unnecessary to native English speakers, leading to confusion about the correct terminology to use.

Alternative Usage

It is important to note that "bald-headed" can be used when referring to someone who has hair on certain parts of their head but is bald on top.

For example:

  • "He has long hair on the sides, but he is bald-headed on top."

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bald-headed (bald) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He is bald-headed.

    He is bald.

  • Correct:
    Kojak was bald.
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