Common mistake blend together (blend)

Common Mistake: Blend Together (Blend)

The phrase "blend together" is commonly used to mean mixing things or combining them harmoniously. However, this phrase is redundant and can be simplified to just "blend."

Example: Instead of saying "Let's blend together the ingredients," you can simply say "Let's blend the ingredients."

Why is it a Mistake?

The mistake lies in using two words that essentially mean the same thing in a single phrase.

How to Correct it?

To avoid redundancy, it is recommended to use only one of the words. In this case, using just "blend" is sufficient.

Using shorter, concise phrases not only helps improve clarity but also makes your writing more effective.

Furthermore, using redundant phrases can make your writing sound repetitive and may weaken your overall message. By eliminating unnecessary words, you can make your writing more concise and impactful.

Linguix Grammar Checker

Linguix Grammar Checker is an effective tool that can help identify and correct such common mistakes. It offers suggestions to help you improve your writing by pointing out redundancies and providing alternatives for more concise phrasing.

blend together (blend) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Their voices blend together in lovely harmony.

    Their voices blend in lovely harmony.

  • Correct:
    Their voices blend in lovely harmony.
  • Correct:
    Mercy and truth are met together ; righteousness and peace ha...
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