Common mistake LCD display (LCD)

LCD Display (LCD)

One common mistake that people often make is using the phrase 'LCD display' when referring to a liquid crystal display. The 'D' in LCD actually stands for 'display', so saying 'LCD display' is redundant.

To avoid this mistake, it is recommended to simply use the acronym 'LCD' without adding the word 'display' afterwards. This helps to maintain clarity and conciseness in your writing.

For example:

  • Incorrect: The new television features an LCD display.
  • Correct: The new television features an LCD.

Using Other Acronyms

Similar to LCD, there are other acronyms that also have redundant elements that are commonly misused. Here are a few examples:

  • ATM machine (ATM): The 'M' in ATM already stands for 'machine', so it is redundant to include it. Instead, simply say 'ATM'.
  • PIN number (PIN): The 'N' in PIN already stands for 'number', so it is unnecessary to add 'number' afterwards. Say 'PIN' instead.
  • RAS syndrome (RAS): RAS syndrome stands for 'redundant acronym syndrome syndrome'. It serves as an ironic example of redundancy itself.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can improve your writing by eliminating unnecessary words and maintaining clarity. Remember to proofread your work for such errors to ensure that your writing is concise and precise.

Linguix Grammar Checker is a powerful tool that can help you detect and correct these common mistakes, as well as many others. It provides real-time grammar and style suggestions, making it an invaluable aid for anyone wanting to improve their writing.

LCD display (LCD) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    The result is printed on this LCD display.

    The result is printed on this LCD.

  • Incorrect:
    LCD displays have sources of light behind the screens.

    LCDs have sources of light behind the screens.

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