Common mistake Redundant 'plus': 100+ and more

Common Mistake: Redundant 'plus'

One common mistake in writing is the unnecessary use of the word 'plus' alongside the plus sign (+). While the plus sign already implies addition, using the word 'plus' in addition can create redundancy and confusion.

Example 1:

Incorrect: There are 100+ books on the shelf.

Correct: There are 100 books on the shelf.

In this example, using both "100+" and "books" conveys the same message twice, making it repetitive and unnecessary. Removing the "+" would result in a clearer and more concise sentence.

Example 2:

Incorrect: The package includes a free gift, plus more surprises.

Correct: The package includes a free gift and more surprises.

In this case, the word 'plus' is not needed since it is already implied by the conjunction 'and'. Removing the word 'plus' improves the flow and clarity of the sentence.

Example 3:

Incorrect: She is fluent in English, Spanish, plus more languages.

Correct: She is fluent in English, Spanish, and several other languages.

Using both "Spanish" and "plus" to indicate additional languages creates redundancy. Simply using the conjunction 'and' to connect the list of languages is sufficient.

Remember, eliminating unnecessary words and redundancies can enhance the clarity and flow of your writing. Make sure to review your sentences and remove any redundant uses of 'plus' when it is already implied by the context.

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Redundant 'plus': 100+ and more mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    We have more than 100+ customers.

    We have more than 100 customers.

  • Incorrect:
    We have more than 100,000+ customers.

    We have more than 100,000 customers.

  • Incorrect:
    We have 100+ and more customers.

    We have 100 and more customers.

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