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Other users have misspelling weigh as:

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  1. wiegh 3.05%
  2. Other 96.95%

Definitions of weigh


  1. determine the weight of
  2. have a certain weight
  3. have weight; have import, carry weight
  4. to be oppressive or burdensome
  5. show consideration for; take into account

Examples of weigh

  1. What we do not know are the precise weighting of factors that go into why prices increase at any particular time.
  2. Assuming that 15 pound breaking strain line is used, an angler using monofilament might have to use a six or eight ounce sinker and use a 20 lb class rod to carry that sinker weight.
  3. It is just as well that this doubly weighty volume, which offers a lot of poems for the pound, tends to reward the effort it demands.

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