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Other users have misspelling verbiage as:

pie chart
  1. verbage 43.59%
  2. verbarg 2.56%
  3. Other 53.85%

Definitions of verbiage


  1. the manner in which something is expressed in words
  2. overabundance of words

Examples of verbiage

  1. I've lost jobs because I'll send the contract back and there are more lines going through all the verbiage than there is verbiage.
  2. From Carnap to Jacques Bouveresse, professional logicians and academic cognitive philosophers categories Heidegger despised have regarded Heidegger's tomes as hectoring verbiage fatally tainted by and inwoven with his politics.
  3. She doesn't tuck clues away in boring thickets of dense verbiage.

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