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1. That which begins or originates something; the first cause; origin; source.

2. That which is begun; a rudiment or element.

3. uncountable The act of doing that which begins anything; commencement of an action, state, or space of time; entrance into being or upon a course; the first act, effort, or state of a succession of acts or states.

4. The initial portion of some extended thing.

5. An early stage or phase.

6. The first part.

7. The time when something begins or is begun.

8. The act or process of bringing or being brought into being; a start.

9. The place where something begins or is begun.

10. The source or cause.

11. The act of doing that which begins anything; commencement of an action, state, or space of time; entrance into being or upon a course; the first act, effort, or state of a succession of acts or states.

12. Enterprise.

13. the event consisting of the start of something

14. the first part or section of something

15. The origin; source; first cause.

16. The point of time or epoch at which anything begins; specifically, the time when the universe began to be.

17. The initial stage or first part of any process or proceeding; the starting-point: as, a small beginning.

18. informal Of or relating to the first portion of some extended thing.

19. serving to begin

20. Present participle of begin.


1. That was just the beginning of her ordeal.

2. We are in the beginning of that process.

3. Maybe you have the beginnings of something meaningful.

4. This could be a wonderful new beginning for a happier life.

5. It feels like both an entire relationship and just the beginning.

6. At the beginning of this year two party officials claimed that the stone was destroyed in the weeks after the ballot.

7. Could this month see the beginning of the end of the buy-to-let bonanza?

8. I owe so much of the beginning of this career to him.

9. Her beginnings were relatively humble.

10. But his early beginnings were far from the White House.

11. We have already given one at the beginning of this chapter.

12. They say their humble beginnings have kept them grounded.

13. What if you put the declaration at the beginning of the form?

14. Our secretary tells people the beginning and ending time of their appointments.

15. This is the beginning of a process.

16. How did hydrogen atoms forged at the beginning of time come to wake up?

17. We stand at the beginning of a period in which exciting new drugs are in trials.

18. The cash crunch means that civil servants might go unpaid at the beginning of next month.

19. Let us hope that it was something of a beginning.

20. The deal is expected to be completed at the beginning of next year.

21. You have been given a new beginning.

22. Examples of misuse were given at the beginning of this chapter.

23. The gourmet burger trend had humble beginnings.

24. This is the beginning of another period of men of mortal race.

25. Which is probably just the beginning.

26. But cereal is just the beginning.

27. The company said that it had written down the value of about a third of its companies since the beginning of the year.

28. It's just the beginning of my career.

29. It is a long way from the company 's modest beginnings.

30. HER eyes are warm and trusting and her lips curl upwards to form the beginning of a proud smile.

31. I do not have a beginning game, come to that.

32. These early beginnings expand into a rich array of literacy experiences, from scribbling letters to grandma to experiencing stories on grandma's lap.

33. ‘Mike and Zach walked past the lake and reached the beginning of the woods.’

34. ‘For working teachers, like myself, Labor Day also brings the beginning of the school year.’

35. ‘For some, this month brings the beginning of festivities celebrating the end of the school year.’

36. ‘August came to an end and September began, bringing the beginning of college for me.’

37. ‘The beginning of each winter brings the promise of days on the trails in sun and silence.’

38. ‘New regulations that come into force at the beginning of 2004 will bring even tougher standards for drinking water quality.’

39. ‘The return to floodlit evening games at the beginning of this season brought with it an increase in attendances at the home games.’

40. ‘The 15-year-old girl was arrested last night under the new powers brought in at the beginning of April.’

41. ‘A total of 5,000 extra marines are being brought by the beginning of August.’

42. ‘However, this is a normal process at the beginning of each season.’

43. ‘The new deal was brought in at the beginning of October and will extend across the whole of the UK by next month.’

44. ‘To win, the escorts will have to take centre stage at the beginning of the night and answer questions such as what makes them a good escort.’

45. ‘The contract will start with the initial shipment at the beginning of 2006 and last 12 years.’

46. ‘The hospital claims people at risk were contacted by letter at the beginning of October but the patient says he did not receive anything.’

47. ‘He received a letter at the beginning of this week cancelling it.’

48. ‘Laurent Blanc won't have his letter ready until the beginning of January.’

49. ‘Around 88 percent of the teachers questioned said that pupils start dreading the tests at the beginning of the summer term.’

50. ‘Sales through public auctions could begin as early as the beginning of next year.’

51. ‘It is a hazard of the job for which you prepare yourself from the beginning.’

52. ‘It's by no means saying what they're all like, especially the earlier schools at the beginning of the century.’

53. ‘These early beginnings set the stage for more recent innovations in the field.’

54. ‘He has been involved since the beginning of the organising stages of the exhibition.’

55. ‘The entire cast assembles on stage in the beginning before splitting into smaller groups for the subsequent variations.’

56. ‘We are somewhere at the beginning of this stage right now, trying to make sense of strings of undecipherable information.’

57. ‘At the beginning of the second stage several new rules took effect.’

58. ‘I know this because Miller comes out on stage at the beginning and tells us so.’

59. ‘If you don't want to turn as red as an apple, try writing the letter mentioned in the beginning of the story.’

60. ‘The prefix letter at the beginning of the registration number no longer relates to the age of the car.’

61. ‘The beginning stages included an attack on local villagers by a fighting force of rebels.’

62. ‘They are three words that should come at the end of a trial, not the beginning.’

63. ‘I have a raging thirst, and the beginnings of a headache.’

64. ‘Absolutely exhausted with the beginnings of a headache.’

65. ‘About thirty minutes later I got the beginnings of a headache, it got gradually worse until I got stomach cramps and felt sick.’

66. ‘Rose lifted her pen to look over the beginning of her letter, examining each word critically.’

67. ‘Like in a written letter, we should introduce ourselves at the beginning of our first e-mail message.’

68. ‘These letters mark the beginning of a long correspondence and collaboration between the two mathematicians.’

69. ‘I then realised that the letter A at the beginning of a word signifies that the word should have been printed in bold or italic.’

70. ‘This designation shows the beginnings of organization and sharpening skills of the children.’

71. ‘She looks older in person, the beginnings of fine lines forming around her eyes.’

72. ‘I could see the beginnings of laugh lines that would only make her more beautiful as she aged.’

73. ‘From its small beginnings, the organisation has become an important voice on a wide range of issues in education and child welfare.’

74. ‘After years of steadily building its organization from tiny beginnings in San Francisco, the group has become a key player in critical legal challenges.’

75. ‘The England captain, Henry Brett, is Britain's best player and one of the few to play to a high level, despite humble financial beginnings - his parents sold a sofa to buy him his first polo pony.’

76. ‘If I look real close at this old photo I can even detect the beginnings of the family double chin.’

77. ‘It's a shoe line with humble beginnings in Spain that's now making a big impact this season and well into the fall.’

78. ‘That said, the tradition goes back to the very beginnings of organised music itself.’

79. ‘Over three generations, we see the Boten clan transform itself from humble beginnings to a family divided by deceit and consumed with life in the big city and the promise of fast money.’

80. ‘The film follows the family through their troubled beginnings, their shame and indignation following the charges and their subsequent disintegration.’

81. ‘They developed subsequently, from less communally organized beginnings, chiefly to achieve a better integration of arable and pasture farming as more land was taken into cultivation.’

82. ‘The market grew organically from its modest beginnings.’

83. ‘From these humble beginnings the original concept of an aquarium at Scripps grew.’

84. ‘With a warming Northern lilt and cheekily lit eyes, he talks modestly of the talents that have drawn him from his working class beginnings.’

85. ‘It is a far cry from its humble beginnings in the gardens of Egerton, near Darwen, in 1993.’

86. ‘It is a great example of what can be achieved in this country from whatever background or education or humble beginnings.’

87. ‘Would he be happy to see it move so far from its beginnings in the working class inner suburbs of Sydney?’

88. ‘Because from your very earliest beginnings, you were always the real deal.’

89. ‘The association had humble beginnings and initially, functioned from the steps of the stadium.’

90. ‘It is said that this area was barren in its early beginnings, but its founder, Osho, cultivated it to become a viable territory.’

91. ‘But even though the college has left its grisly past behind, it's hard to dissociate it from the macabre tales of its early beginnings.’

92. ‘After all, from such humble beginnings as a pilot show for a tiny new internet radio station, recorded in my bedroom of a Sunday, do broadcasting careers begin.’

93. the beginning of the war

Other users have misspelling beginning as:

1. begining 37.93%

2. beggining 3.87%

3. beginging 2.82%

4. beginig 2.66%

5. bigining 2.56%

6. beginnin 1.99%

7. beginnen 1.88%

8. begening 1.67%

9. Other 44.62%

10. end, ending 0%

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