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Other users have misspelling beginning as:

pie chart
  1. begining 37.93%
  2. beggining 3.87%
  3. beginging 2.82%
  4. beginig 2.66%
  5. bigining 2.56%
  6. beginnin 1.99%
  7. beginnen 1.88%
  8. begening 1.67%
  9. Other 44.62%
  10. end, ending 0%

Definitions of beginning


  1. the time at which something is supposed to begin
  2. the place where something begins, where it springs into being
  3. the first part or section of something
  4. the event consisting of the start of something
  5. the act of starting something


  1. serving to begin

Examples of beginning

  1. IHSB: The way to describe the first pro season for the most oddly named man alive (Allen Lorenz Pollock = A.J. Pollock?) is solid but unspectacular, which is disappointing given that the organization expected him to rip through Mid-A South Bend given that Midwest League Competition wasn't foreign to Pollock, given that Notre Dame plays an exhibition game against the SilverHawks at the beginning of each season.
  2. The blogosphere, meanwhile, is beginning to show signs of commercial acumen: "Lots of bloggers, over time, make a good living – perhaps a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year from advertising.
  3. Roderick Little, a University of Michigan biostatistician, will become associate director for statistical methodology and standards at the Census Bureau beginning in September.

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