Definition of 'ensure'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. Seeinsure.

2. See insure.

3. To make sure or certain; insure.

4. obsolete To betroth.

5. To make sure. See insure.


1. It also ensures they add a bit of crunch and texture to your filling.

2. It has now launched an investigation into the ticket sales industry to ensure consumers are protected.

3. The government must ensure consumers are getting their energy at a fair and affordable price.

4. One of the difficulties pollsters face is ensuring that the people they reach are typical.

5. And how much sun screen should you slap on to ensure you are protected?

6. She must ensure these firms put profits second to providing this essential service at the cheapest cost.

7. It said many positive measures had been introduced since then to ensure that young people were protected.

8. We will also ensure these matters are addressed urgently by the supplier in the best interests of the workers.

9. As they get older we teach them how cookers work, carefully supervising to ensure they're safe.

10. To ensure direction of the interview the interviewer will need to focus replies.

11. You can talk about money in a calm and factual way that ensures people listen.

12. Western navies patrol it to ensure their safe passage.

13. Most of these have now undergone a fix to ensure users are protected.

14. They also ensure that it retains its colour in winter before bursting back into life in spring.

15. Blackpool need a victory to ensure that they avoid relegation.

16. They must also ensure that the food produces precisely the right puns.

17. The moon returns to your birth sign ensuring people will be receptive to your ideas and requests.

18. So here are our tips to help you ensure your safe return home during the big freeze.

19. The bank will also ensure you do not pay bank charges due to this problem.

20. The calm way you talk about money ensures people take you seriously.

21. It is imperative to ensure you also get a share of the goodies.

22. But he must now ensure that the last laugh in this saga is not on himself.

23. Justice is partly about ensuring people see the error of their ways.

24. The government must also ensure that the system is not susceptible to security breaches that have happened with other online data.

25. The staff were amazingly efficient and always pointed us in the right direction to ensure that we made the most of our stay.

26. Only the regulator can ensure cabs are safe and rooms not a health risk, they contend.

27. To ensure yours is protected, search the sites using the address of your flat.

28. This is the best way to ensure the safe future of the animals involved as well as staff whose employment relies on the sport.

29. Our responsibility is to ensure that the direction we're going in conforms to Scripture.

30. Reminding me for all the world of wooden-faced commissars delivering set speeches to "the masses," who from time to time were expected to break out in "prolonged, stormy applause," city officials tried to ensure from the start that no real dialogue would take place.

31. Civil discourse and outreach work in ensure these communities do no feel alienated and disenfranchised.

32. What it does ensure is that the oil companies make more money.

33. What we need the most of they ensure is always in the shortest supply!

34. All that will ensure is that the 401 will be as crowded as ever this afternoon between Toronto and Windsor.

35. What people like Rick Santorum want to ensure is that OUR kids REMAIN in unmarried homes.

36. What we have to ensure is that Canada is on the vanguard of this revolution and not one of its victims.

37. On the eve of the birth of NAFTA, the first thing to ensure is also a true Canadian internal market, an additional parallel between our two countries.

38. What we have to ensure is that Canadian federalism is flexible and supple enough to accommodate Quebec and the special characteristics of other regions also.

39. ‘Dog owners must by law ensure their pet wears a collar and tag with their name and address on it.’

40. ‘We must now ensure that ending sexism is addressed as part of the debates about the future.’

41. ‘True enough, yet it also ensures any accurate commentary can be posted as well.’

42. ‘Use of an electronic device ensures collection of accurate, rapidly accessible spirometric data.’

43. ‘This guarantee ensures the full value is repayable should any structural issues arise.’

44. ‘To establish balance within ourselves ensures our own welfare and the welfare of society.’

45. ‘It recommends that leaders should consider ensuring their place in history in other ways.’

46. ‘So exfoliate and moisturise to ensure an even application and an accurate skin tone.’

47. ‘He is responsible for ensuring the thousands of results are recorded correctly.’

48. ‘If you must do something, try ensuring the quality of company information improves instead.’

49. ‘The software also ensures each site has ecommerce hosting and a secure server for credit card transactions.’

50. ‘Due to annual visits to all member establishments, quality control was ensured.’

51. ‘They must also take action to ensure the system is not used for money laundering.’

52. ‘He checks the dustbins behind his shops to ensure fresh produce is not being discarded.’

53. ‘Is it ethical to end life when we are not sure that this will help to ensure the safety of our society?’

54. ‘As with any new event it will be important to ensure the pace notes are accurate.’

55. ‘Their small size ensures a level of intimacy not found in larger establishments.’

56. ‘One of the many checks we do is to ensure mail is coming from actual registered domains.’

57. ‘He is credited with ensuring that government funding for education was not siphoned off for other purposes.’

58. ‘He did not wish to elaborate on the forensic breakthrough but said he remained focused on ensuring justice was done.’

59. ‘Legislation has been passed in many countries geared to ensuring gender balance.’

60. ‘He must ensure their safety and welfare and will act as a contact in forced marriage cases.’

61. ‘The incident has prompted police to warn parents to ensure the safety of children in cars.’

62. ‘It is our goal to establish a lasting relationship with you, ensuring a home that always lives up to your ideal.’

63. ‘Coaches tell players to make sure they land on their stomachs to ensure a speedy play on the ball.’

64. ‘John's focus was ensuring the stability and future success of the brewing premises.’

65. ‘To be so selective is to go some way towards ensuring the self-fulfilment of his prophecy.’

66. ‘Ushering harmony in society is the first step towards ensuring peace in the entire country.’

67. ‘Such a measure would help in ensuring participation of everyone in the drive, they added.’

68. ‘Decentralisation of power is the key to ensuring smooth conduct of examinations.’

69. ‘Commercial relationships should be continually monitored to ensure against inappropriate exploitation of the organization's name or reputation and undue interference or influence of commercial interests.’

70. ‘It was therefore up to them to ensure against a collapse and they did so convincingly.’

71. ‘The oath that voters are required to sign is enough to ensure against fraudulent voting.’

72. ‘This is an organisation where there is opportunity to enjoy your leisure, learn a new skill, enjoy an old one and pass on your valuable experience of life to others and, in so doing, ensure against loneliness and boredom.’

73. ‘However, it has set out ten modifications to the proposed scheme, which include design amendments to the proposed road surface to ensure against flooding.’

74. ‘If affordable, car owners should have their own officially licensed emission test devices to ensure against possible police accusations of unsatisfactory results.’

75. ‘Under this piece of legislation employers (as owners or occupiers) have a general duty to ensure against the outbreak of fire in their premises.’

76. ‘One of the ways to ensure against endangering your children in cold weather is to know whether it's too cold to go out, or if your child is dressed adequately.’

77. ‘And, to ensure against dummy candidates, the touts entertained only students with valid admission cards.’

78. ‘I don't know if there is a direct corelation between the results of the health check and the joining fee, but it would be a good way to ensure against death on the treadmill.’

79. ‘The studios test, poll, cajole, advertise, and inveigh in an effort to ensure against failure.’

80. ‘Second, there are literally trillions of dollars of credit guarantees that have been created in this melee of reckless credit creation, supposedly ensuring against investor losses.’

81. ‘The primary responsibility for ensuring against abuse must rest with faculty peers, and must begin with rigorous hiring practices.’

82. ‘Only the engine driver who had this permit could travel the track, thus ensuring against meeting another train coming in the opposite direction.’

83. ‘The provision ensures against impugning acquisition in these circumstances.’

84. ‘With tire levers, a tube and a mini-pump, you're ensured against most road- or trail-side breakdowns.’

85. ‘The object of the contract is to ensure against accidental death and injuries, and the contract must not be construed so as to defeat that object, nor so as to render it practically illusory.’

86. ‘The estimate is said to create a liability distinct from the underlying actual liability to remit amounts, and it is combined with provisions, including subsection of that section, that ensure against double payment.’

87. ‘Each hive was allowed at least 30 min to cool between trials, and the ‘hot’ section was staggered between trials to ensure against an undetected preference for a given hive location.’

88. ‘Keeping customers' data confidential involves using tools that ensure against data leakage but, just as importantly, it calls for employee awareness and other non-technical measures, he says.’

89. This nest egg will ensure a nice retirement for us

Other users have misspelling ensure as:

1. ensur 13.3%

2. ensrue 2.22%

3. Other 84.48%

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