Definition of 'interesting'


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1. Arousing or holding the attention or interest of someone.

2. Arousing or holding the attention; absorbing.

3. Engaging the attention; exciting, or adapted to excite, interest, curiosity, or emotion

4. arousing or holding the attention

5. Present participle of interest.

6. Exciting or adapted to excite interest; engaging the attention or curiosity: as, an interesting story.


1. interesting stuff but not stuff that demands my attention.

2. interesting new projects could bring financial gains but remember to read all the small print before signing.

3. interesting new faces add glamour to your life.

4. interesting to see where she turns up next.

5. interesting to see if this one comes off.

6. interesting to see how he deals with the recent uprisings.

7. interesting stuff, with the bonus of a massive goodbye party afterwards.

8. interesting to note that our little jet has used as much fuel as a holiday jumbo would burn simply getting off the ground.

9. interesting stuff, but it was the feel of the landscape and the islands themselves that gripped us.

10. interesting to see that one of their best-known editors has chosen to quit now to write a book.

11. interesting stuff - and there's a delicious lasagne recipe to boot.

12. interesting to see how he copes in the Ryder Cup cauldron.

13. The main purpose which I have had in view in writing this book has been to present an account of Greek philosophy which, within strict limits of brevity, shall be at once authentic and interesting -- _authentic_, as being based on the original works themselves, and not on any secondary sources; _interesting_, as presenting to the ordinary English reader, in language freed as far as possible from technicality and abstruseness, the great thoughts of the greatest men of antiquity on questions of permanent significance and value.

14. I think she’s done a great job leveraging interesting content over her good looks to create a show that is actually _interesting_ to watch, and isn’t just another blond chick using her beauty to attract viewers.

15. Not only are they likely to give me crap about my clothes or something equally as important they will use the word interesting to describe what Im wearing, and we all know that to most people, interesting is not a compliment, but I dont especially want to watch Jay with his hands practically up Amys shirt right there on the front lawn.

16. Probably what most people think about when the term interesting bark is mentioned, the row of riverbirches along the wooden fence near the house has entered its peeling stage.

17. The term interesting traffic means that when traffic meeting a pre-determined type or load is seen by the router, it knows that an ISDN call is warranted to pass that traffic to its destination.

18. Book value of the company is $23.05 per share and of course I say that's somewhat, I think I used the term interesting, but also somewhat frustrating to us given where we're currently trading.

19. ‘We are trying to set up a programme which will be interesting and exciting for them.’

20. ‘People are very nice to you and you get a chance to live a very interesting and exciting life.’

21. ‘He does give some practical advice on how to spot a liar though which might prove interesting.’

22. ‘My husband said an interesting thing about his thoughts while being carried along.’

23. ‘It will, though, be interesting to see what kind of squad Sven picks to play the Danes.’

24. ‘The downside of this is that it makes the parts with the action not as interesting.’

25. ‘The even more interesting statistic though can be seen in the results so far this season.’

26. ‘He's a pretty interesting guy, if only he had the social skills to make that obvious.’

27. ‘We have managed to use all of the box this week and make some pretty interesting meals.’

28. ‘One of the more interesting Olympic events from Athens looks likely to be the Shot Put.’

29. ‘There surely must be an interesting use for this, once my mundane chores are over.’

30. ‘The guide has also got some very interesting other facts on commonly muddled words.’

31. ‘It makes it a lot more interesting as runs come fast and everything seems more exciting.’

32. ‘The pictures were of an amusing as well as of a highly interesting and educational nature.’

33. ‘In the absence of other interesting properties, that may well be all we care about.’

34. ‘If you want to listen to an entertaining, hopeful and interesting album this is for you.’

35. ‘What is interesting to me is that this style of language was pretty universal only a few years ago.’

36. ‘The play is particularly interesting for the light it throws on London life of the time.’

37. ‘This is an interesting volume full of ideas, but only part of the research agenda is here.’

38. ‘I am sure it will be a very interesting event and I plan to see at least a few games live.’

39. the book was very interesting to read

Other users have misspelling interesting as:

1. intresting 42.26%

2. intersting 13.71%

3. intesting 2.07%

4. intristing 1.71%

5. interseting 1.36%

6. intereting 1.18%

7. interresting 1.06%

8. Other 36.65%

9. boring, dull 0%

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