Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling interesting as:

pie chart
  1. intresting 42.26%
  2. intersting 13.71%
  3. intesting 2.07%
  4. intristing 1.71%
  5. interseting 1.36%
  6. intereting 1.18%
  7. interresting 1.06%
  8. Other 36.65%
  9. boring, dull 0%

Definitions of interesting


  1. arousing or holding the attention

Examples of interesting

  1. She has certainly branched out into more interesting work in recent years.
  2. Such football titbits always float to the surface on third-round day which remains the best, most hectic, interesting and fun day of the season - and this one was even more frenetic than usual.
  3. The premise kinda sounds interesting and it has a good cast, but it also sounds a bit too overdramatic and emo …

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