Definition of 'accessories'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. Plural form of accessory.


1. And whichever town we were in he'd go scouting for shiny beads, to individualise his accessories.

2. They were an instant success and became fashionable accessories, at least for the better off.

3. But there is no question of that: I saw her face, and she had no accessories, she was quite simply dressed.

4. he got a purse at the accessories sale

Other users have misspelling accessories as:

1. accesories 26.15%

2. accessorize 11.09%

3. accesorios 9.83%

4. accessoires 5.02%

5. acessories 2.72%

6. accessoire 2.72%

7. accessorie 2.3%

8. accessors 1.26%

9. Other 38.91%

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