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Other users have misspelling bologna as:

pie chart
  1. bolonga 14.19%
  2. balegno 5.16%
  3. bolino 3.87%
  4. bulunya 3.87%
  5. bolona 3.87%
  6. belonia 2.58%
  7. bolna 1.94%
  8. Other 64.52%

Definitions of bologna


  1. large smooth-textured smoked sausage of beef and veal and pork

Examples of bologna

  1. The substitution of mortadella for the Vietnamese bologna/pork roll also worked, but their house-made terrine, which is nice on its own, lacked the wonderful funkiness of Vietnamese head cheese and pâté.
  2. Lightly pan-fry bologna slice (with rind) until it curls into a bowl shape.
  3. Before I leave his house today I'm using every single slice of bologna in the refrigerator to draw a gigantic round smiley face on his clean sheets.

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