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1. a smoked, seasoned Italian sausage made from beef, pork or veal

2. A large sausage of finely ground pork or other meat, usually served as a cold cut.

3. (Min.) radiated barite, or barium sulphate, found in roundish masses composed of radiating fibers, first discovered near Bologna. It is phosphorescent when calcined.

4. A Bologna sausage; also informally called baloney.

5. a vial of unannealed glass which will fly into pieces when its surface is scratched by a hard body, as by dropping into it a fragment of flint; whereas a bullet may be dropped into it without injury.

6. a large sausage made of bacon or ham, beef, veal, and pork, cooked and smoked, chopped fine and inclosed in a skin.

7. A city of Italy which has given its name to various objects.

8. the capital of Emilia-Romagna; located in northern Italy to the east of the Apennines

9. large smooth-textured smoked sausage of beef and veal and pork


1. His “double standard” bologna is just crap and proves how stupid he is!!

2. Call it bullshit, call it bologna, call it mind trickery or group hysteria, just don't call me crying when a freezing cold vapor-mist tries to push you out of a fourth story window in the Alexandria Hotel.

3. * Plain white rice and bologna is a perfect late night snack

4. (aka sphagetti bolognese more or less). they call bologna il rosso (the red) b / c of all the red brick houses. it really becomes noticeable when you're on top of the city's tower looking down. btw, there's also a leaning tower here. molto cool! bologna also has another nickname: il grasso (the fat one) b / c of all the great food invented here. hopefully tonight i'll be able to experience it!

5. I smelled something cooking and, following my nose, I found Jo and Meloux in the kitchen eating fried bologna sandwiches—the Ojibwe often call bologna “Indian steak”—leftover Jell-O salad, and chips.

6. : A variation on German bologna, which is nitrite/nitrate free and has less than 1% salt.

7. ‘These include sausage, bologna, salami and hot dogs.’

8. ‘In other words, opt for roast turkey, beef and ham over heavily processed, high-fat, high-calorie meats like salami and bologna.’

9. ‘Limit intake of salty, processed, or smoked meats and fish, such as bologna, ham, sausage, lunch meats, anchovies, caviar, or smoked salmon.’

10. ‘That's when hunters from Maine to the Carolinas make the pilgrimage to the store to have their kill turned into ham, sausage, and bologna.’

11. ‘Julian shook himself mentally and gratefully took the sandwich, salami and bologna with a little bit of mustard, and chips.’

12. ‘When we read ‘meat meal’ on pet food labels we might assume that it's similar to ingredients found in bologna, hot dogs or sausage.’

13. ‘When we want her to look really excited we'll put another dog with her so there's competition for the bologna.’

14. ‘My step-father will get tired of sharing his bologna and convince my mother to throw us out into the street.’

15. ‘She lifted the white bread off of her sandwich and looked at the bologna and the slice of American cheese.’

16. ‘The hot dog was skinny and tasted like warm bologna.’

17. ‘It consisted of a slab of bologna smeared with Hellman's mayonnaise, rolled into a thin cigar shape, and eaten out of hand.’

18. ‘She throws the bologna at me, sending the package flying several inches past my left ear.’

19. ‘I don't like bologna or hot dogs, but I seriously doubt I'd have to worry about that here.’

20. ‘All the kids would sneak back into the kitchen after the adults were asleep and make crazy sandwiches like peanut butter and bologna.’

21. ‘I may know that a person will choose steak over bologna though I in no way influenced their choice.’

22. ‘For most people, that's about two ounces of lunch meats, or two slices of ordinary bologna.’

23. ‘Absentmindedly rolling a piece of bologna into a tube before biting into it, I hoped dejectedly that that wasn't what my dealing with Andrew was coming to.’

24. ‘Residents have complained that the coyotes are getting too close for comfort, possibly attracted by a few neighbors setting out bologna to feed the animals.’

25. ‘Peter was busily mixing bologna and Fritos in his sandwich when he scanned the area, finally raising his eyebrows and shaking his head at something behind me.’

26. ‘Before I leave his house today I'm using every single slice of bologna in the refrigerator to draw a gigantic round smiley face on his clean sheets.’

27. they ate bologna for dinner

Other users have misspelling bologna as:

1. bolonga 14.19%

2. balegno 5.16%

3. bolino 3.87%

4. bulunya 3.87%

5. bolona 3.87%

6. belonia 2.58%

7. bolna 1.94%

8. Other 64.52%

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