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Other users have misspelling citizen as:

pie chart
  1. setzen 3.95%
  2. citzen 3.78%
  3. cytisine 3.62%
  4. sitesine 2.96%
  5. Other 85.69%

Definitions of citizen


  1. a native or naturalized member of a state or other political community

Examples of citizen

  1. We must remember that the prime motive for Housmann's boulevards and circuses was to ensure that a strategically placed cannon could fire down many streets, quelling the citizens who were periodically disposed to revolution.
  2. The prospectuses and programs of most American colleges and universities claim to educate for citizenry.
  3. Accompanying the exclusion from the labour market has been a policy of disenfranchising the underclass from full welfare citizenship.

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