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1. A person that is a legally recognized resident of a city or town.

2. A resident of any particular place to which the subject feels to belong.

3. A person that is legally recognized as a member of a state, with associated rights and obligations.

4. dated A member of a state that is not a monarchy; used as antonym to subject.

5. A civilian, as opposed to a soldier, police officer etc.

6. A native, inhabitant, or denizen of a particular place.

7. A resident of a city or town, especially one entitled to vote and enjoy other privileges there.

8. A person owing loyalty to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of a state or nation.

9. A civilian.

10. A person, native or naturalized, of either sex, who owes allegiance to a government, and is entitled to reciprocal protection from it.

11. One who enjoys the freedom and privileges of a city; a freeman of a city, as distinguished from a foreigner, or one not entitled to its franchises.

12. One who is domiciled in a country, and who is a citizen, though neither native nor naturalized, in such a sense that he takes his legal status from such country.

13. An inhabitant of a city; a townsman.

14. a native or naturalized member of a state or other political community

15. In a restricted sense, a person engaged in trade, as opposed to a person of birth and breeding.

16. A member of the state or nation; one bound to the state by the reciprocal obligation of allegiance on the one hand and protection on the other.

17. A private person, as opposed to a civil official or a soldier: as, a police officer in citizen's dress.

18. A native of a city or town, or one who enjoys the freedom and privileges of the city or town in which he resides; a freeman of a city or town, as distinguished from a foreigner or one not entitled to its franchises.

19. Any inhabitant of a city or town, as opposed to an inhabitant of a rural district; a townsman.

20. obsolete Of or pertaining to the inhabitants of a city; characteristic of citizens; effeminate; luxurious.

21. Having the condition or qualities of a citizen, or of citizens.

22. Having the qualities of a citizen; town-bred; effeminate.


1. The country regularly lashes citizens for minor crimes.

2. British citizens are bottom of the pile.

3. British citizens could not be deported.

4. At present only those who become British citizens do so.

5. It treats people as second-class citizens.

6. As American citizens they are eligible to vote but they have been overlooked by campaigns because they have tended not to turn out.

7. Under the law then in force he became a citizen of Jamaica but not a British citizen.

8. The idea that we would compromise our own position and limit the movement of EU citizens within the country is not grounded in any reality.

9. You are a peaceful citizen all your life and then this happens.

10. But the responsibility for defending this country lies with the citizens of this country.

11. Pupils were encouraged to dress as senior citizens or people of the opposite gender.

12. And we are also citizens of our country.

13. Politicians and business leaders need to be having a conversation with people as citizens of this country.

14. In some areas mature citizens account for the majority of Asbos.

15. We have recent passports and are both British citizens.

16. They claim that they want to avoid disruption for the city 's citizens.

17. At least one Pakistani citizen lost his life in the course of this operation.

18. This has got to be a matter of concern to all British citizens.

19. In no way will the constitutional rights or civil liberties of any American citizen be infringed.

20. First, citizens in all areas of the country need to have a more central role in preparing for emergencies.

21. Much like the citizen soldiers of the world wars, they are asked to serve a higher cause and defend the place they love.

22. Millions of their citizens live in Britain and Europe.

23. The regime didn't allow media organisations to enter; the situation forced us to become citizen journalists.

24. A further potential measure flagged up in the review is the idea of reserving more jobs purely for national citizens, for example in the civil service.

25. A new generation of citizen journalists has emerged across the Arab world, exchanging information between countries in real time.

26. Last month, I had the honor of welcoming a group of our service members as citizens for the very first time.

27. The court say that, "to be a citizen it is necessary that he should be entitled to the enjoyment of these privileges and immunities, upon the same terms upon which they are conferred upon other citizens; and unless he is so entitled, _he cannot, in the proper sense of the term, be a citizen_."

28. This decision of the Supreme Court on the plea in abatement that the plaintiff (a Negro, Dred Scott) was not a citizen in the sense of the word in Article iii, Sec. 2 of the Constitution, was based upon an erroneous idea respecting the location of the word _citizen_ in the instrument.

29. In 1865 the legislature discriminated against women by the passage of a very long act, prescribing the manner in which enumerations of _white male citizens_ shall be made; thus implying that a _white male citizen_ is an honorable and important person, whose existence is to be noted with due care; with a care that distinguishes him equally above the _white female_ and the _black male_ citizen, and in effect places these two unenumerated divisions of human beings into one class.

30. The term "citizen journalism" has gained much attention since Twitter went live in 2006.

31. As Jeff says, the term citizen journalism has created an artificial divide that has hampered collaboration between traditional journalists and the public.

32. “If you go to NowPublic, you will never ever see the term citizen journalism mentioned,” said Brody.

33. "The term citizen is a legal one," Herbert pointed out.

34. The Americans do not plume themselves on the title citizen, but they work; they dispute little about words, but clear their lands; they do not talk of exterminating anybody, but they cover the sea with their ships, they construct immense canals, roads and steamers without jabbering at every stroke of the spade about the rights of man.

35. Similar references might be made to an indefinite extent, but enough has been said to show that the term citizen, in the language of Mr. Justice

36. "There is not, it is believed, to be found in the theories of writers on government, or in any actual experiment heretofore tried, an exposition of the term citizen, which has not been considered as conferring the actual possession and enjoyment of the perfect right of acquisition and enjoyment of an entire equality of privileges, civil and political."

37. ‘Every citizen of the nation enjoys the cultural legacy afforded by song.’

38. ‘It is a display of loyalty and passion of a nation's citizens in its uniting icon: the flag.’

39. ‘One of the key points is that we have to respond as citizens rather than consumers.’

40. ‘The vast majority of people have been and continue to be not citizens, but subjects.’

41. ‘The government has the responsibility of protecting the lives of its citizens.’

42. ‘Most people would rather be active independent citizens than recipients of benefits.’

43. ‘We have to work in partnership with our security services to protect our fellow British citizens.’

44. ‘There is a sense of outrage among law abiding, taxpaying citizens of this country.’

45. ‘"Our women are bona fide citizens who are also protected by the state constitution.’

46. ‘Many of our most educated citizens don't have a clue what is happening in their own country.’

47. ‘How should concerned citizens of the world think about these terrible events?’

48. ‘The inaction of the police in this case has irked many concerned citizens of the State.’

49. ‘Speaking on the occasion, he urged the future citizens of the nation to " dream big".’

50. ‘Some states and municipalities have allowed foreign citizens living in the United States to vote.’

51. ‘The applicants are citizens of the Czech Republic.’

52. ‘For instance, suppose two people who are citizens of different states sue each other in state court.’

53. ‘The first purpose, citizen participation in governance, falls into the sovereign realms.’

54. ‘And, sadly, the citizens of this nation do not believe in him.’

55. ‘There is no way for a citizen of a republic to abdicate his responsibilities.’

56. ‘A citizen's constitutional right must be responded to by the state in full.’

57. ‘The management would like to point out that not all citizens of the fair city of Liverpool look like this.’

58. ‘What is the point of overriding a planning department in the council, and the citizens of the city?’

59. ‘A city was represented in other cities by one or more citizens of those cities.’

60. ‘What is clear is that the burden of the crisis will fall on the ordinary citizens of the city.’

61. ‘Evenings were the only time the city felt like it belonged to the citizens of York.’

62. ‘We invite the citizens of Harburg, and visitors to the town, to add their names here to ours.’

63. ‘That may not quite cut the mustard when he faces the citizens of Liverpool.’

64. ‘A building of this high quality should be restored and given back to the citizens of Manchester.’

65. ‘We had a lot of support from the citizens of York as well when we were out on the streets of the city fund-raising.’

66. ‘I'm not sure what this says about the good citizens of Biggleswade, but it made me laugh.’

67. ‘The Council will give in and the loser, as always, will be the citizens of Bradford.’

68. ‘Obviously, the big mob of kids was rather too prominent for the citizens of Lincoln.’

69. ‘Such a contract could be putting a millstone round the neck of the citizens of this borough.’

70. ‘The citizens of Coventry might have a thing or two to say on that particular subject.’

71. ‘He called on the citizens of his two dioceses to declare their support for Mary.’

72. ‘Clearly there are things which cities and citizens can do to make such places safer.’

73. ‘Any major business could be voted on by the whole town at a town meeting which all citizens could attend.’

74. ‘The organisers hope to attract citizens to parts of the city they have never visited before.’

75. ‘Perhaps someone should warn the citizens of that city?’

76. ‘Plus, he'll be a model citizen in the community.’

77. citizens have rights

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