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Other users have misspelling buoy as:

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  1. bwoy 3.03%
  2. Other 96.97%

Definitions of buoy


  1. bright-colored; a float attached by rope to the seabed to mark channels in a harbor or underwater hazards


  1. float on the surface of water
  2. keep afloat
  3. mark with a buoy

Examples of buoy

  1. Diving underweighted can lead to buoyant ascents at the end of the dive, so I am not advocating that everyone knocks a couple of kilos off the next time they dive.
  2. It's soundproof and completely dark, and I go in there for a couple of hours at a time, You don't realize how much stress you carry around in your muscles and tissue until you lie in this completely buoyant environment.
  3. Stocks spent most of the day in positive territory, buoyed in part by the University of Michigan's report showing consumer confidence rose in March to 95.8 from 94.4 in February.

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