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1. nautical A float moored in water to mark a location, warn of danger, or indicate a navigational channel.

2. A life-buoy.

3. A float moored in water to mark a location, warn of danger, or indicate a navigational channel.

4. A life buoy.

5. a large buoy on which a bell is mounted, to be rung by the motion of the waves.

6. a buoy attached to, or marking the position of, an anchor.

7. to let the anchor buoy fall by the ship's side into the water, before letting go the anchor.

8. a hollow buoy made of sheet or boiler iron, usually conical or pear-shaped.

9. a buoy large in the middle, and tapering nearly to a point at each end.

10. (Naut.) A float; esp. a floating object moored to the bottom, to mark a channel or to point out the position of something beneath the water, as an anchor, shoal, rock, etc.

11. a buoy fitted with a whistle that is blown by the action of the waves.

12. an empty cask employed to buoy up the cable in rocky anchorage.

13. a float intended to support persons who have fallen into the water, until a boat can be dispatched to save them.

14. bright-colored; a float attached by rope to the seabed to mark channels in a harbor or underwater hazards

15. A buoyant object designed to be thrown from a vessel to assist a person who has fallen into the water to keep himself afloat; a life-buoy.

16. A float fixed at a certain place to show the position of objects beneath the water, as shoals, rocks, etc., to mark out a channel, and the like

17. transitive To mark with a buoy.

18. transitive To support or maintain at a high level.

19. transitive To keep afloat or aloft.

20. float on the surface of water

21. keep afloat

22. mark with a buoy

23. Figuratively, to support or sustain in any sense; especially, to sustain mentally; keep from falling into despondency or discouragement: generally with up.

24. To fix buoys in as a direction to mariners: as, to buoy or to buoy off a channel.

25. To float; rise by reason of lightness.

26. To support by a buoy or as by a buoy; keep afloat in a fluid; bear up or keep from sinking in a fluid, as in water or air: generally with up.

27. To float; to rise like a buoy.

28. To hearten or inspire; uplift.

29. To mark with or as if with a buoy.

30. To maintain at a high level; support.

31. To keep afloat or aloft.

32. To keep from sinking in a fluid, as in water or air; to keep afloat; -- with up.

33. To support or sustain; to preserve from sinking into ruin or despondency.

34. To fix buoys to; to mark by a buoy or by buoys.


1. buoyed by his success he became more autocratic.

2. The couple are also buoyed by the outpouring of support they receive from their neighbours.

3. That news buoyed banks and insurers across the board.

4. Good news on the economy has buoyed investor confidence.

5. Prices are also being buoyed by a lack of properties.

6. Mining stocks were also buoyed by rising commodity prices.

7. Business was also buoyed by signs that access to credit is finally improving.

8. Commodities were buoyed by recovery hopes on both sides of the Atlantic.

9. They were also buoyed by the management's belief that prospects beyond next year appear more promising.

10. Stocks are also being buoyed by a wave of mergers, which has boosted sentiment.

11. buoyed by the success of their purchases, the twins have decided to make a business of it.

12. buoyed with the news of a lifetime of good luck, we set out on foot across the arid ochre.

13. The data buoyed hope that trade will not hamper economic growth as it did in last year's final quarter.

14. Always buoyed up by hope.

15. buoyed by her success with the two Afghan women, she vowed not to give up.

16. If economics were all that mattered, an embarrassment like this would have destroyed the party's hopes rather than buoyed them.

17. Traders were buoyed by a rise in US factory output and a jump in Chinese manufacturing.

18. buoyed by my success with the paintings, I decided to go along in person.

19. A buoy is tossed over the rail but the captain refuses to hard down the helm and send a boat to rescue.

20. A lot of times, it's a two-loop swim, and the turn buoy is only 300 yards away.

21. The flag of the first buoy is scarlet and the ball is under the flag.

22. You can see there is this buoy, which is basically kind of washed ashore.

23. The Bluewater Revolution - From the article: The buoy is the antenna, eyes, and brain of a sprawling apparatus suspended beneath the surface like a huge aquatic insect, its legs of thick steel chain tethered to the ocean floor.

24. Yes, that was the sound of the bell hung from within the cage-like framework surrounding the buoy, which is moored on the edge of the shoal skirting the fairway leading into Portsmouth Harbour.

25. Inside the buoy was a capsule marked 'Andree's Polar Expedition,' containing a slip of paper, on which was given the following: 'Drifting buoy No. 7.

26. Not till August 31st was there picked up in the Arctic zone a buoy, which is preserved in the Museum of Stockholm.

27. ‘At Carval Rock we tie off to a mooring buoy bolted into the reef at 15m.’

28. ‘Your July cover caption reflects that the Star Flyer is ‘gliding peacefully through the Aegean Sea’ when she actually rests at anchor, tied between two mooring buoys.’

29. ‘Nine fixed navigation aids and five buoys are scheduled to replace them by mid 2004.’

30. ‘The dive site is marked by mooring buoys in the bay before Cabo Cope.’

31. ‘First, two experienced divers armed with buoys marked the reef and the area which needed to be cleaned.’

32. ‘The association is in the planning stages of setting up mooring buoys at the more visited sites like Pantai Merah, Padar Island, and Cannibal Rock.’

33. ‘Permanent mooring buoys are provided at all diving sites, and these are colour-coded to denote whether they are for use by local dive schools or by private boats.’

34. ‘Modern, well-equipped dive boats leave every day for different sites, all 60 of which have mooring buoys.’

35. ‘It's encouraging to see that there are only two other dive boats on the wall and the mooring buoys are well spaced out.’

36. ‘Offshore, there are a host of marine navigation aids such as floating and fixed buoys and lighthouses - each with special icons so you can identify them easily.’

37. ‘According to the plan, white buoys would designate coral reefs and sea preservative areas.’

38. ‘The thief had apparently let the stern anchor go and had marked it with a buoy, giving the impression that the boat would be back shortly.’

39. ‘Newry and Mourne Council are providing necessary navigation buoys in the Clanrye River estuary from Narrow Water to the Victoria.’

40. ‘The mooring buoy grid itself will be safer and far more compact than the present anchoring arrangements and will leave plenty of space for other boats to anchor.’

41. ‘At the same time, a mooring buoy design competition, with cash awards, was held in the villages of the park.’

42. ‘Accumulations of zebra mussels clog municipal water systems, and have even been known to sink navigational buoys by their combined weight alone.’

43. ‘Two new navigation buoys will be provided in the channel and alterations are to be carried out on existing navigation lights.’

44. ‘The wreck is marked by a buoy attached to a big concrete mooring block off the stern.’

45. ‘To safely navigate a boat, one has to be able to see and identify day marks, buoys and the occasional sign for the restaurant we want to visit.’

46. ‘Having achieved this, the fishermen then returned to the marker buoy to retrieve the anchor.’

47. ‘It floated really well (I imagine all the hairs trap air and buoy it up), and was making what looked to be good progress by padding with all eight legs.’

48. ‘We suddenly noticed he was missing and ran around looking for him, before looking out to sea and seeing him floating, buoyed up by the air in his nappy.’

49. ‘Instead he presented them as wallowers, being buoyed up by water, feeding on soft marsh vegetation.’

50. ‘Inflatable dive jackets marked with Tom and Eileen's names were later washed ashore north of Port Douglas, along with their tanks - still buoyed up by a few remnants of air - and one of Eileen's fins.’

51. ‘They are then put on boats and rowed out on to the lake, anchored with rocks and buoyed up by plastic pop bottles, which act as floats.’

52. ‘Spaced almost evenly a foot or so from one another, dozens upon dozens of the three-inch-long frogs float with their legs extended, hind legs buoyed apart, and snouts above water.’

53. ‘Above me I could see the colorful silken envelopes, ballooning and buoyed upward by the hot air of the hundred fires that were continually stoked by the slaves of the formidable skyship.’

54. ‘Owls hooted in the trees as the tide on Boston Harbor buoyed a fleet of small rowboats toward Cambridge Shore.’

55. ‘They all watch in fear and fascination as Cal soars for a miraculous moment more, buoyed on the wind's strong shoulder.’

56. ‘Twenty-four hours ago, I was buoyed by the confidence of having three plates fiercely spinning.’

57. ‘Some described false confidence as the ultimate fair-weather friend, buoying you when times are good and deserting you when they're bad.’

58. ‘Despite the increased friction between the two sides, morale among IT staff remains high, with striking workers buoyed by messages of support from council colleagues and members of the public.’

59. ‘But then, for vast periods of this game, their opponents were irresistibly confident, buoyed by their clear superiority.’

60. ‘She thinks they must be restaurant reviews and this buoys her spirits since she imagines it must mean the food is good.’

61. ‘Reynaud himself seemed buoyed up with hope on hearing the proposal.’

62. ‘Peter swelled with pride at her assessment of his manners, buoyed up by the thought of her approval and happiness.’

63. ‘The United States won a significant victory and, buoyed up by a public opinion that seems to hear no evil and see no evil, looks determined to press on and try and score others.’

64. ‘Feeling part of a larger community of like-minded nonviolent protestors, I felt buoyed up by the possibility of triumph over injustice.’

65. ‘Grateful that I'd been allowed into this space, I finally moved on, returning to my mundane tasks of the day, but buoyed up by this close encounter.’

66. ‘They said they felt so buoyed up as they were such a great bunch of students.’

67. ‘It still took a last gasp goal to save Erin's Own, but the certainty is they'll return to the fray on Saturday all buoyed up.’

68. ‘We were flying and we came ashore jubilant and buoyed up.’

69. ‘Then, buoyed up by the thought that I had actually done something, I went out to do some gentle gardening, trimming the grassy edges along the back fence.’

70. ‘For today's leaders buoyed up by the passing cloud of rhetoric, its literary strength makes it likely its findings will be quoted for many years to come.’

71. ‘She is raring to go at the moment, buoyed up by her unexpected win in the Snack-a-Jacks sponsored competition, but admits that maintaining her interest could be a problem.’

72. ‘The tidal wave of marchers which swept through the streets in a never-ending flow, whistled, drummed and chanted its way around the city, buoyed up by a seemingly endless supply of good humour.’

73. ‘That said, he is in an exceptionally sweet mood today, buoyed up by Friday's release of his new film, Angela's Ashes, and, I'd say, not exactly dismayed by the controversy it has generated.’

74. ‘Jestine, who was a teacher herself long ago, was all buoyed up on seeing the kids.’

75. ‘But he warmed to his subject, and was clearly buoyed up by the crowd's enthusiasm.’

76. ‘A&L's share price anyway seems to have been buoyed up by the prospect of predators in the wings, when it becomes prey at the end of the month.’

77. ‘Shares in the bank have been buoyed up by the news, which has sparked speculation of a takeover.’

78. ‘When the economy began the descent into recession in the late 1980s, property prices continued to rise, buoyed by an interest rate cut designed to revive the economy in the wake of the 1987 stock market plunge.’

79. ‘Also buoying the market were strong gains in the heavyweight financial and oil sectors and by London's close the FTSE 100 had pulled past the 3900 level, up 47.0 points at 3936.9.’

80. ‘Heavyweights such as insurers, banks and telecoms had helped buoy the market.’

81. ‘The Shenzhen-based company, China's second biggest life insurer, said a rate increase in the mainland should in fact buoy its investment returns.’

82. ‘With equity withdrawal accounting for 50% of the growth in consumption, these flows have helped significantly to buoy the economy.’

83. ‘It claims that increased custom from the ‘once a week’ pub-goer - the largest group of pub patrons - would buoy profits.’

84. ‘It is a fact that Zambia has the potential to develop its tourism sector fully so that it can quickly buoy the economy because of the vast natural resources.’

85. ‘Some claim the government's transport policy is still in disarray and that this is also helping to buoy sales.’

86. ‘This obviously buoys the market in good times and smooths its falls in recessions.’

87. ‘Much of the bond rally now is built on exaggerated fears of deflation and unrealistic hopes that the Fed will buoy the market by buying bonds.’

88. ‘The ‘survivalists’ are certainly doing their share to buoy the gold market.’

89. ‘But the real estate market is always quite cyclical, and a catalyst will usually come along to buoy markets again.’

90. ‘On the one hand, a stock that is moving up can gather momentum, as ‘success breeds success’ and popularity buoys the stock higher.’

91. ‘Sales of new higher-margin models, including the $128,000 Turbo convertible and $93,000 Carrera 4S convertible, are buoying sales and profits.’

92. ‘Reports earlier this week showed jobless claims dropped and manufacturing rose, buoying the dollar.’

93. ‘A slightly revised model has just gone on sale, which should help to buoy sales as the year progresses.’

94. ‘Stocks spent most of the day in positive territory, buoyed in part by the University of Michigan's report showing consumer confidence rose in March to 95.8 from 94.4 in February.’

95. ‘Overseas, bull runs in Asia have buoyed foreign stock funds.’

96. ‘You'll never see more than one dive boat on any site and they're all buoyed.’

97. ‘The mine was towed some two miles off Methil and lowered to the sea bed and buoyed off.’

98. ‘One of the most striking scenes portrays various fishing vessels buoyed to the wharf in the harbor with the lighthouse in the background.’

99. ‘Skipper Dave dryly remarks that he isn't so sure about this one, as it lies on a flat sandy seabed close to a small reef and he doesn't have it buoyed.’

100. ‘The area was heavily netted, buoyed and mined and constantly being patrolled.’

101. ‘The harbour authority incurred expense in lighting and buoying the wreck which it sought to recover from the defendants.’

102. We saw a buoy in the sea

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