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1. UK An adverse discrepancy or variation in a cumulative process, usually in make up leeway.

2. The drift of a ship or airplane in a leeward direction.

3. A varying degree or amount of freedom or flexibility; margin, latitude, elbowroom.

4. The drift of a ship or aircraft to leeward of the course being steered.

5. A margin of freedom or variation, as of activity, time, or expenditure; latitude. synonym: room.

6. (Naut.) The lateral movement of a ship to the leeward of her course; drift.

7. (of a ship or plane) sideways drift

8. The lateral movement of a ship to the leeward of her course, or the angle formed between the line of the ship's keel and the line which she actually describes through the water; the deviation from her true course which a vessel makes by drifting to leeward.

9. Hence Loss of progress in general; a falling behind; retrogression: as, to be making leeway financially.


1. This means they have little leeway to maintain payments should profits suddenly nosedive.

2. And there is little leeway for women.

3. You have to give the guys a little bit of leeway.

4. He hoped that there would be common sense in the policing of the laws and leeway given.

5. Quite how much leeway he gives his sons only they will know.

6. We simply could not afford to allow them this leeway if we were going to beat them.

7. It still gives companies too much leeway.

8. Though he allows leeway for entertaining stories about colleagues.

9. There is a little more leeway with earlier toys and anything particularly rare and choice.

10. Consumers have been given too much leeway with credit relative to their incomes.

11. That allows little leeway if extra time is needed to make up for any rain delays.

12. Some players have gifts that need a little leeway.

13. Retired chiefs of the defence staff have customarily been allowed more leeway than retired civil servants.

14. Perhaps a little leeway in terminology should be allowed.

15. But giving key men just a little leeway seems reasonable.

16. It is my job to give him as much opportunity and leeway to go ahead and express himself.

17. It gives couples the leeway to be able to look after an elderly relative and to balance family life more effectively.

18. This year, the scent of riches meant little leeway would be given.

19. Additionally, employees with a disability that may cloud their judgment should be given extra leeway.

20. The retreat of the text gives White too much leeway in the centre.

21. In fighter squadrons, that allowed considerable leeway.

22. On that I feel you have to give such men leeway.

23. At least a bit of leeway is given in the UK.

24. This leaves civil servants charged with administering this system much leeway; an invitation to the sort of corruption that has already plagued the immigration service.

25. After the banking crisis of 2008-09, the right course would have been for countries with enough fiscal leeway to boost borrowing and spending.

26. Up here in the still vastness there is no margin for error, no wiggle room, no leeway between getting it right and dying.

27. It does help to know that period of leeway is built in; it helps me to let go of that polished draft for the first time.

28. Where I am allowed considerable leeway is in expanding situations and characters.

29. • Despite official promises that higher limits would be more strictly enforced, we're getting more leeway from the police, who all but ignore speeders 10 to 15 mph over the limit.

30. Firstly, that while we have certain leeway in selecting the tasks for our troops within the alliance, we have not full licence to dictate the type of weapons our troops are to use in carrying out these commitments.

31. That the US or other place stays mum and gives leeway is another issue entirely.

32. ‘Because of it she had been given more freedom and leeway then other daughters of kings.’

33. ‘Our readers have a fair amount of leeway in choosing where they earn those frequent-traveler points.’

34. ‘And I think the press is at least giving them leeway now to make those moves.’

35. ‘Speaking to the Sligo Weekender, Mayor Devins said the Minister had given the Council a certain amount of leeway.’

36. ‘Certainly, the government deserves a significant amount of leeway when it comes to endorsing the current administration.’

37. ‘But the market's freedom gives veterinarians leeway in pricing, which some pet owners find objectionable.’

38. ‘Typically, I provide independent films an amount of leeway when it comes to video and audio quality, but this movie needs no such special consideration.’

39. ‘Given great leeway in implementing welfare reform, the states were as insatiable as the federal government in crafting rules designed to cut welfare caseloads.’

40. ‘The deal is also expected to further erode job classifications and shop floor protections, and grant the auto companies substantial leeway in moving workers from job to job and plant to plant.’

41. ‘Elsewhere, however, or in fur and jewelry boutiques that lease space in department stores, salespeople working on commission are often allowed leeway to move merchandise, he said.’

42. ‘A landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision last month giving judges more leeway in deciding federal prison terms could be good news for computer intruders who don't fit the classic criminal mold, legal experts say.’

43. ‘Only last autumn, the new 12A category was introduced to give parents more leeway and say in their children's cinema viewing.’

44. ‘We did allow some leeway, some flexibility, if experience overrode not having a high school diploma.’

45. ‘A common (but not universal) view in Asia of how aid should be managed is to allow benefactor nations leeway to implement their own reforms.’

46. ‘The incident outraged the international press and eventually forced Soviet officials to give leeway to the independent artists.’

47. ‘Losing some staff who have been convicted for serious offences is a good thing but there seems to be no leeway.’

48. ‘The justices refused to backtrack from a 5-4 decision that struck down a state sentencing system because it gave judges too much leeway in sentencing.’

49. ‘Though there is more duty on importing cars, the government has given leeway to people intending to invest in vehicle assembly plants, so that instead of importing vehicles they can be obtained locally.’

50. ‘‘Besides, the hectic academic schedule does not provide them any leeway,’ he says.’

51. ‘It is not clear what leeway the Court will grant Congress to interpret and enforce constitutional rights.’

52. ‘Up here in the still vastness there is no margin for error, no wiggle room, no leeway between getting it right and dying.’

53. they gave him some leeway so he could decide what he wanted to do

Other users have misspelling leeway as:

1. liway 5.49%

2. lee-way 4.4%

3. Other 90.11%

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