Definition of 'relevant'


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1. Directly related, connected, or pertinent to a topic.

2. Not out of date; current.

3. Meaningful or purposeful in current society or culture.

4. Having a bearing on or connection with the matter at hand.

5. Bearing upon, or properly applying to, the case in hand; pertinent; applicable.

6. rare Relieving; lending aid or support.

7. (Scots Law) Sufficient to support the cause.

8. having a bearing on or connection with the subject at issue


1. The union said complaints were always acted upon or passed to the relevant people.

2. Latin is a practical language and holds a lot of relevant information about the character of the plant within it.

3. Your girlfriend had expressed an interest in changing her tickets and then failed to say exactly what she wanted to do after getting the relevant information.

4. A powerful, still relevant tale.

5. Is this information relevant to the qualifications for this position?

6. We want to hear from relevant people.

7. They have to be relevant and direct attention and efforts where they should go.

8. You have to take the bits that are still relevant.

9. You have heard all the relevant facts.

10. He appealed for anyone with any relevant information to come forward.

11. We are trying to drum up support from the relevant people who we hope can help.

12. The fact that the song is still relevant.

13. The interaction between physical and emotional illness is particularly relevant with people in this age group.

14. Relief that his round was still relevant when it finally came to a close.

15. Can you make them relevant for people of today and the future?

16. Is it still relevant to a modern audience?

17. The aim is that the employer has all relevant information available when deciding whether to employ such a person.

18. My only complaint against this admirable book is that some important relevant topics are left out of the picture.

19. Make sure you have all relevant information to hand and are fully prepared to present your needs for funding.

20. Earnings growth driven by growing sales is far more relevant and important than earnings growth driven by cost savings.

21. What a shame that a public figure with so much relevant information to provide should be gagged in this way.

22. We treat the theory of gravity as solid because of the strong relationship it bears to large numbers of relevant facts.

23. The relevant facts are as follows.

24. The next generation of MPs needs more direct and relevant commercial experience.

25. There is no relevant " fact " beyond these observations about a person's behaviour.

26. The site gives you crossing times and months of operation, and you can click through to book direct with the relevant ferry company.

27. The advantage of having top-notch contributors is that they are able to explain complex theology in simple, direct and relevant way.

28. The only way he gets to remain "relevant" is for the "corporatists" he hates to remain in power, and he best acheives that goal by taking votes away from Democrats.

29. Needless to say, Chris is the most commercially successful and contemporarily totally a word relevant of the artists nominated, but when the award has gone to the younguns in the past, it's been more traditionally soulful artists like Alicia Keys, India Arie and D'Angelo rather than an explicit pop crossover artist like Young Breezy.

30. Radditz does not say who the many are and the only use of the term relevant to the current situation that I could find was

31. ‘If there is a failure to disclose all the relevant matters, amendment will be refused.’

32. ‘That is a relevant matter in considering whether or not the children had settled.’

33. ‘Did the Minister leave relevant matter out of account in deciding to make the Order?’

34. ‘This is partly based on grounds of public safety on the advice of the relevant authorities.’

35. ‘Those involved were people who worked closely with her during the relevant period.’

36. ‘You must therefore plan carefully to make sure you are covering relevant material.’

37. ‘It must be a matter for the defence to decide on what is relevant to the case it has to meet.’

38. ‘This is partly because this matter may go further and there are relevant facts to be found.’

39. ‘The next option is to attempt to rebrand himself as a culturally relevant force.’

40. ‘If not, please call me and explain and then maybe I can contact the relevant people.’

41. ‘It has been passed on to the relevant higher authorities who are treating it very seriously.’

42. ‘So I wanted the council to know what had happened to me because I thought it was relevant.’

43. ‘To make it even more relevant, audience members will have the chance to participate.’

44. ‘We must keep it going long-term and make it relevant to people here and over there.’

45. ‘The rules, however, are only relevant to the way the safety camera scheme is funded.’

46. ‘They in turn would identify the relevant vehicle and stop it at a safe place in order to speak to the driver.’

47. ‘In some cases, it takes up to two hours for council officials to access the relevant web page.’

48. ‘To achieve this it has had to make sure that all relevant facts are carefully considered.’

49. ‘How is the long, varied story of the town on the moors relevant to its modern inhabitants?’

50. ‘I wrote to the manager of the relevant trust asking if funds were available for the work.’

51. ‘We have to continue to ensure our conference stays relevant to today's teaching issues.’

52. ‘This reliance on contemporary artists is an important part of Tate Britain's strategy for staying relevant.’

53. ‘I just like to make records that I believe are conscious or socially relevant.’

54. ‘Like the novel itself, the film still feels as relevant and potent as ever.’

55. ‘The play is set in the 1970s, but almost 30 years later this story of society's need for scapegoats remains disturbingly relevant.’

56. ‘After breaking into the spotlight over 30 years ago, Neil Young has the distinction of still remaining relevant.’

57. ‘The issues discussed are topical and relevant.’

58. ‘The challenge was to make the classic relevant for today.’

59. ‘The original Rollerball is even more relevant for today, and a remake examining the dark side of current x-treme sports/reality tv/passive consumer culture would make for great viewing.’

60. ‘One of the aims is to make Shakespeare relevant to a modern day audience.’

61. the scientist corresponds with colleagues in order to learn about matters relevant to her own research

Other users have misspelling relevant as:

1. relevent 14.35%

2. relevante 10.8%

3. relavent 9.15%

4. relavant 7.41%

5. relevan 4.5%

6. relvant 2.05%

7. Other 51.74%

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