Definition of 'ornery'


Word Frequency
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1. humorous, southern US Mischievous, prankish, teasing, disagreeable but in a good way.

2. Appalachian Cantankerous, stubborn, disagreeable.

3. obsolete Commonplace, inferior.

4. Mean-spirited, disagreeable, and contrary in disposition; cantankerous.

5. having a difficult and contrary disposition


1. She was a good woman, but Lord help me, she was ornery as a tree stump.

2. He especially liked the way it called the ornery cloud Fatso.

3. Lady Macbeth says: Wouldst thou have that Which thou call the ornery of life, and live a coward in thine own esteem,

4. She says the word "ornery" more than it should be used, and when she tells her dog to get down off the couch, the word "down" has a strong, country twang to it.

5. He turns out to be Finn Killian someone she'd met and thought "old and kind of ornery" at 21 but now finds mesmerizing.

6. They are kind of ornery and independent up there, too.

7. Gelb, lead singer of the band Giant Sand, and Oldham, from Palace Brothers, are the kind of ornery characters that country music never seems to know what to do with.

8. And I have two cats and they ` re kind of ornery, and they ` re able to open the back door, so ...

9. But he also struck me a the kind of chap who didn't suffer fools gladly - what the Americans would call an 'ornery' and 'cussed' type.

10. ‘Ryo was carrying a worn-out Chava on his back, and Zaila too looked tired and ornery.’

11. ‘Most afternoons, it's the two older players who bicker the most, like ornery retirees on a park bench.’

12. ‘Growling softly at the guard, pretending to be my usual, ornery self and blaming him for the shortness of chain.’

13. ‘From other interviews I'd seen, I knew Jim could make things difficult for me if he was in one of his ornery moods.’

14. ‘Just to be ornery, Mike tooted again and the old man shook a fist.’

15. ‘Sure, she was an ornery old witch, and maybe I wanted to kill her myself, but I wouldn't have the nerve to actually do it.’

16. ‘Hernandez lets us see the stubborn and ornery side of this difficult character, rather than making him into some sort of saint.’

17. ‘Who doesn't love the image of the ornery old man shouting, ‘You kids stay out of my yard!’’

18. ‘During his last lesson of the day, Jerry was finally able to calm down after dealing with an ornery horse buyer who still thinks smoking in a barn is a safe idea.’

19. ‘I noticed an ornery three year old testing his mother's patience with slaps to the face, and amazingly, bites to the shoulder and arm.’

20. ‘Hyperactive, troublesome, ornery and just plain prolific… here comes Ryan again and he still means business.’

21. ‘He's swimming twice a day in his usual morning and evening swim, playing a little golf and going to the office regularly and just being his usual, ornery self.’

22. ‘Together, Greg, Jerwon, and Dana helped Zet tackle the ornery Woolyford, which was a difficult thing to do since the ram had the strength of a bear.’

23. ‘The gas counter was run by an ornery, old-west character who got his nickname from the vodka cases he stored in a hidden cave across the highway from his filling station.’

24. ‘While Spike Lee favourite Davis's deadpan performance as JFK is great, Campbell's portrayal of the ornery old Elvis steals the film.’

25. ‘No word on how officials dealt with this ornery little critter, but judging by the general good temper of both voters and officials, my guess is that they simply made it stand in the corner for the rest of the evening.’

26. ‘This's essential when writing of an artist who has recorded at least three times as much material as he's released and comes across as the most contradictory, ornery, old cuss imaginable.’

27. ‘‘Aw, come on now, you ornery old sonuvabitch, just one sarsparilla and I'll be out of all your ways,’ Sean laughed and reached for a nearly full glass on the bar.’

28. ‘But however difficult, however ornery, however discontent with mere beauty the book becomes, it is impossible to resist the unironic joy with which Grossman performs the work of poetry.’

29. ‘However, Therese was getting ornery in her old age, and had never done anything according to plan, so it figured that instead of being indifferent, she would want to make her daughter's wedding as much a living hell as possible.’

30. it is unpleasant to be around an ornery man

Other users have misspelling ornery as:

1. oneri 11.11%

2. Other 88.89%

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