Definition of 'obviously'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. In a obvious manner; clearly apparent.


1. She obviously feels that it was important enough to make a stand.

2. That gap would obviously make the league that little bit more exciting for a lot of people.

3. Also it is obviously something our bodies are designed to do.

4. obviously he wants to earn money but for me life is not about that.

5. We obviously cannot go down that road.

6. They will always complain about that, obviously.

7. I know that obviously he has been singing a lot.

8. obviously his concern about retiring after the summer Euros debacle would have been that he was bowing out on such a low note.

9. With the last two having the advantage, obviously, seeing as they were a team.

10. So it obviously just gets harder you get older.

11. The little creature was obviously feeling a bit prickly.

12. This would obviously require a much more flexible national curriculum.

13. obviously it makes today really awkward and quite dramatic.

14. We obviously have to see out the game better.

15. It gives an intensely dark look without being obviously made up.

16. obviously you need to do something about this.

17. Try to see her and her husband as the friends they so obviously want to be.

18. We are obviously going to follow up on that.

19. She obviously knows a thing or two about keeping in shape.

20. obviously people care about the man who made a lot of money.

21. obviously when you get a call from somebody like that you do listen.

22. He obviously feels it is the right time to go.

23. The lure of a free watch was obviously too much.

24. It obviously makes our task a bit easier but it is always a competitive race.

25. She is scoring massive points already but now obviously comes the test of stepping up to the seniors.

26. Equally the 'Hell' in the title obviously comes form the German word for larger Helles.

27. "The win obviously is important to me," he said, "but the one thing I wanted to do was win while my parents were still here to see it."

28. McCain obviously is looking for the Hillary vote since apparently he thinks women need no other criteria than a set of ovaries to mark their ballot, right?

29. Sara Palin obviously is being coached by some of the finest minds in the Tea Party movement.

30. There is an angularity about Dan Zelaya that begs a question of heritage—Native American, maybe, or Middle Eastern—his name obviously Hispanic; white hair that defies classification except as elderly human being, aging along a final common pathway.

31. McCain obviously is pushing the conservative republican status quo of US so called security and his so called war record to once again grease his way through.

32. ‘Everyone knows how special a World Cup is and it obviously means so much to this town.’

33. ‘They were obviously going off duty but they stopped to help me up and investigate.’

34. ‘She's also dead by the start of the novel, which is obviously no more than she deserves.’

35. ‘There was a big roar from behind, which obviously meant that Annika had won her match.’

36. ‘Janette and Drew obviously trusted the gas supplier to keep them safe, as we all do.’

37. the answer is obviously wrong

Other users have misspelling obviously as:

1. oviously 6.76%

2. obviosly 6.53%

3. abviously 4.95%

4. obviousl 4.73%

5. obvioulsy 4.28%

6. obiviously 4.05%

7. obiously 2.7%

8. obviuosly 2.25%

9. obvisly 2.03%

10. obvioulsly 1.58%

11. Other 60.14%

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