Definition of 'parentheses'


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1. Plural form of parenthesis.


1. She wore it loose, a set of dark parentheses around her heart-shaped face.

2. She would plunge into a vast series of parentheses and never come out.

3. According to the ongoing, unscientific-but-probative 2010 TSE Poll, asked to select their top five reasons for applying to a creative writing program from a list of fifteen possibilities, only three reasons appeared on even half of respondents 'lists (the number in parentheses is the percentage of respondents who ranked that program feature among their top five considerations):

4. Anything in parentheses is the kid sister of the rest of the sentence.

5. Georgia, The answer is yes, but with your "maybe" in parentheses just as you have it in your post.

6. Results Sunday from the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach for the Indy Racing League IndyCar Series, listing starting position in parentheses, driver, laps completed, and reason out if not running at the finish. (all cars Dallara-Honda) 1.

7. The years in parentheses indicate when the Barber Half portions of these respective collections were auctioned.

8. The number in parentheses refers to the percentage frequency with which certain colors burrow their persistent way into this complete repertoire of “Pavlova” color references.

9. Results Saturday from the Subway Fresh Fit 500 race for NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series at Phoenix International Raceway, listing starting position in parentheses, driver, car, reason out if not running at the finish, laps completed, driver rating, points and money won:

10. Here's what I got along with some notes in parentheses:

11. Some notes I jotted down during the interview (my own thoughts in parentheses): confirmation bias -- not taking seriously what you don't see, taking too seriously what you see.

12. He wrote the references within parentheses

Other users have misspelling parentheses as:

1. parantheses 13.95%

2. parentesi 4.65%

3. Other 81.4%

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