Definition of 'variety'


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1. A specific variation of something

2. A state of constant change

3. algebra The class of all algebraic structures of a given signature satisfying a given set of identities.

4. taxonomy A rank in a taxonomic classification, below species and subspecies.

5. cybernetics Logarithm of the base 2 of the total number of distinct states of a system.

6. cybernetics The total number of distinct states of a system.

7. linguistics a term used for a specific form of a language, neutral to whether that form is a dialect, accent, register, etc. and to its prestige level.

8. A number or collection of varied things, especially of a particular group; an assortment.

9. Something that is distinguished from others of the same kind by a specific characteristic or set of characteristics.

10. A variety show.

11. A form of a language that is used by a specific social group and differs from forms used by other social groups.

12. Biology A taxonomic subdivision of a species or subspecies consisting of a group of naturally occurring or selectively bred individuals that differ from other individuals of the species in certain minor characteristics.

13. The quality or condition of being various or varied; diversity.

14. (Biol.) a variety of any species which is coincident with a geographical region, and is usually dependent upon, or caused by, peculiarities of climate.

15. In inorganic nature, one of those forms in which a species may occur, which differ in minor characteristics of structure, color, purity of composition, etc.

16. The quality or state of being various; intermixture or succession of different things; diversity; multifariousness.

17. That which is various.

18. (Biol.) An individual, or group of individuals, of a species differing from the rest in some one or more of the characteristics typical of the species, and capable either of perpetuating itself for a period, or of being perpetuated by artificial means; hence, a subdivision, or peculiar form, of a species.

19. A number or collection of different things; a varied assortment.

20. (Biol.) a cross between two individuals of different varieties of the same species; a mongrel.

21. (Theaters), Cant Such entertainment as in given in variety shows; the production of, or performance in, variety shows.

22. Something varying or differing from others of the same general kind; one of a number of things that are akin; a sort.

23. a collection containing a variety of sorts of things

24. a difference that is usually pleasant

25. a show consisting of a series of short unrelated performances

26. (biology) a taxonomic category consisting of members of a species that differ from others of the same species in minor but heritable characteristics

27. a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality

28. noticeable heterogeneity

29. A collection of different things; a varied assortment.

30. In agriculture and horticulture, a group of cultivated plants which have the same characteristics. All plants which have been widely cultivated have given rise to many different forms and these are in general known as varieties. Illustrations are the varieties of strawberries, apples, corn, wheat, cotton, etc. ‘Variety,’ in this sense, is thus a generic word including races, strains, and clons. See race, 5 , strain, 1 , and clon.

31. Variation; deviation; change.

32. In petrography, in the quantitative classification of igneous rocks (see rock), a division of a mode which recognizes the presence of subordinate mineral components.

33. In biology, with special reference to classification: A subspecies; a subdivision of a species; an individual animal or plant which differs, or collectively those individuals which differ, from the rest of its or their species, in certain recognizable particulars which are transmissible, and constant to a degree, yet which are not specifically distinctive, since they intergrade with the characters of other members of the same species; a race, especially a climatic or geographical race which arises without man's interference. See species, 5.

34. Something differing from others of the same general kind; one of many things which agree in their general features; a sort; a kind: as, varieties of rock, of wood, of land, of soil; to prefer one variety of cloth to another.

35. The state or character of being varied or various; intermixture of different things, or of things different in form, or a succession of different things; diversity; multifariousness; absence of monotony or uniformity; dissimilitude.

36. Exhibition of different characteristics by one individual; many-sidedness; versatility.


1. These men brought a wide variety of styles and philosophies.

2. Plant these varieties now or in early spring.

3. Why not bring the outside in with varieties that are good as cut flowers indoors?

4. This variety is great for compact gardens and will grow in full sun or partial shade.

5. The same variety tastes different grown in different places.

6. In any case she took on a wider variety of parts than her sitcoms might have suggested.

7. The controls clearly show which speed is suitable for which task, with a great number and variety of options.

8. There are many varieties of change, and you're about to experience most of them.

9. They are recruited to work for British intelligence officers for a variety of reasons, including money and ideology.

10. The same situation can cause people to experience stress in a wide variety of ways.

11. What matters more is having a variety with good perfume.

12. Yet at the same time religions are typically practiced through an enormous variety of social forms.

13. The fifth best thing about this show is its variety.

14. There are many varieties of trees which take quite kindly to training and shaping.

15. It is a weakness in terms of entertainment value and variety.

16. There are hundreds of ivy varieties of different heights with varying shapes and sizes of leaves.

17. There is a number of varieties and finding the one that suits you is important.

18. Any that die over winter can be replaced or you can try another variety.

19. This is for a variety of reasons.

20. The family zoo was nearby and housed a great variety of animals in less than secure cages.

21. Knowing which varieties are the tastiest is a little bit harder.

22. Such allegations surface in a variety of ways and for a variety of positions.

23. They also improve air quality and host a variety of wildlife.

24. The show displays a variety of images from three sources.

25. It can also help with a wide variety of other conditions.

26. Some old-fashioned or historic varieties flower only once.

27. ‘The survey found that a lack of variety and poor nutritional quality of foods limits shoppers' ability to eat healthfully.’

28. ‘Digital radio promised lower costs, higher quality and more variety.’

29. ‘Unlike me, some people really do prefer uniformity to variety, regardless of cost.’

30. ‘Waterford City has become noted in recent years for the quality and variety of its new and renewed streetscapes.’

31. ‘Visitors said they wanted greater variety and better quality at a reasonable price.’

32. ‘A smaller pool of people can mean less diversity, less variety and less dynamism.’

33. ‘However, what the restaurant lacks in variety it more than makes up for in quality.’

34. ‘The exhibition is aimed at showing the public the quality and variety of Architectural work throughout Ireland.’

35. ‘But more importantly, it probably means we'll see an increase in the quantity, quality and variety of free online content.’

36. ‘Concentration of media power in too few hands not only can lead to higher prices for consumers but can hurt variety and quality of programming.’

37. ‘In Spain, there is now a robust supply of both Moroccan hashish and homegrown marijuana of increasing variety and quality.’

38. ‘Many attendees said they appreciated the quality and variety of exhibitors, lectures and seminars.’

39. ‘Customers are getting snobbier about their teas and are demanding better quality and wider variety.’

40. ‘A regular festival-goer, he still rates Glastonbury as the best UK festival for both variety and quality of food.’

41. ‘In recent years scientists have been struck by the diversity and variety of objects found in the solar system.’

42. ‘With improved packaging came improved quality and variety of meals.’

43. ‘The craving for variety rather than for quality is one of the chief causes of England's being Europe's gastronomic sump.’

44. ‘The diet has improved in quality and variety, with modern supermarkets offering imported foods.’

45. ‘This added yet more variety and nutritional diversity to the diet.’

46. ‘The Northern Mockingbird is known and loved for the quality and variety of its song.’

47. ‘Stallholders offered a variety of goods and a range of arts and crafts were on display.’

48. ‘His work draws upon a variety of influences ranging from travel to music and film.’

49. ‘However he has had a variety of different roles with a range of responsibilities.’

50. ‘Instead, there are a variety of different genes which appear to be linked to the disease.’

51. ‘She is a good teacher and varies the exercises we do so I have a variety of different things to tackle.’

52. ‘Individuals offered votive gifts on a variety of occasions and not only in times of crisis.’

53. ‘Record sales are down for a variety of reasons, and consumers are in open revolt.’

54. ‘We were hoping to open much sooner, but for a variety of reasons the opening has been delayed.’

55. ‘There is now a wide range of ethical and green funds operating in a variety of ways.’

56. ‘Sea temperatures are measured in a variety of ways and to varying degrees of accuracy.’

57. ‘It is five miles from St Andrews and a similar distance from a variety of beaches and scenic towns.’

58. ‘I now have to buy all my food from Tesco, when I'd rather choose from a variety of shops.’

59. ‘Most of us end up with a number of pensions accumulated over the years from a variety of employers.’

60. ‘Training days will be held during late April and May at a variety of places across the county.’

61. ‘The money raised from the carnival will be distributed to a variety of local good causes.’

62. ‘As soon as we had ordered, a young waiter whipped round and plied us with a variety of fresh bread.’

63. ‘The popular beauty spot is home to a variety of wildlife including birds and types of bats.’

64. ‘Human behavior is especially difficult to study because it can be influenced by a wide variety of factors.’

65. ‘The evidence comes, as I have said, from a variety of sources.’

66. ‘The panelists generally favored sites that offered the greatest variety of products.’

67. ‘Small firms generally come in two varieties: family-run or entrepreneur-led.’

68. ‘Municipal bonds come in two varieties: general obligation bonds and revenue bonds.’

69. ‘New varieties generally last only five to seven years before they are replaced.’

70. ‘The general results indicated native varieties were superior to the foreign ones.’

71. ‘Generally, white varieties of onion are chosen, purely for reasons of appearance.’

72. ‘Several rural and urban working-class varieties of Scots coexist with rural and urban middle class varieties.’

73. ‘Many people buy soup instead, now that supermarkets stock a wider and more adventurous range of fresh and canned varieties.’

74. ‘Our waitress came round with good fresh bread, three or four varieties, then two fresh shell on prawns each to nibble on.’

75. ‘Under the heading of Yorkshire Garden World Pies, with fresh herbs, two varieties were on offer.’

76. ‘Today a wide range of fresh varieties such as plum, cherry and vine tomatoes are readily available.’

77. ‘In general, more varieties may be grown in the milder climate of southern Missouri.’

78. ‘The apples must be of a variety approved by the appellation, freshly picked (which means no concentrates) and actually grown in the Pays d' Auge region.’

79. ‘As a cheaper alternative, the following wines are made by Burgundian winemakers using the traditional grape varieties already featured.’

80. ‘Merlot is Bordeaux's most planted black grape variety, and has been enjoying unaccustomed popularity elsewhere.’

81. ‘Early flowering varieties have been blooming for a few weeks and their later flowering relatives will gradually join them.’

82. ‘‘Mmm,’ I said, munching away at a small slice of the rhubarb pie I'd been obliged to buy in the absence of the apple variety.’

83. ‘Through it, thousands of Americans were introduced to dance, albeit of the music hall variety.’

84. ‘One of the world's oldest plants and a magnificent twisted tree are among nine varieties of exotic new plants at Sheffield's Winter Garden.’

85. ‘School children from across the region have helped Forestry Commission rangers to plant tree varieties including oak, holly and alder.’

86. ‘The many varieties of guitar that abound in the regional folk musics of Latin America are all adaptations of European models.’

87. ‘Simon Gross has worked extensively in theatre, television, cabaret and variety.’

88. ‘With a London debut in 1891, he quickly established a successful career in music-hall, variety, pantomime, revue, operetta, and musical comedy.’

89. ‘Of course, as a result of this I ended up singing on television variety shows along with Dinah Shore, Perry Como, Pat Boone, even Ethel Merman!’

90. ‘She was, therefore, forced to accept anything offered, tours, pantomimes, weeks with repertory companies and variety tours.’

91. ‘Stagecoach will mount a Christmas show of music, variety, poetry and comedy in Trinity Methodist Church in the week before Christmas.’

92. ‘The forties and fifties found her stealing the limelight in a series of successful West End revues in addition to entertaining the forces, appearing in variety and cabaret performances.’

93. ‘For anyone who loves a bit of traditional entertainment, in the form of a music hall or variety night, the return of a popular show will be welcome.’

94. ‘During the 1950s, I danced regularly on television variety shows.’

95. ‘Concert parties at the time improvised with available talent and material to provide variety revues involving light-hearted music and comedy.’

96. ‘They sing, they dance, they act in major variety shows and dramas and other TV specials as extras and sometimes as part of the main cast.’

97. ‘A standard radio studio of that era could be a very intimidating place, and a theatre would create a much better atmosphere for radio comedy, variety shows or quizzes.’

98. ‘Archie performs his moth-eaten variety act before dwindling audiences in dog-eared music hall theatres.’

99. ‘Music hall and variety were replaced in the public fancy by cinema after 1918.’

100. ‘She took him to variety theatre and they saw every Crazy Gang show there was.’

101. ‘Also on offer are variety entertainment, solo singing and dance.’

102. ‘Tony Charmoli, a pioneer and innovator during the days of variety television, received a Career Achievement Award.’

103. ‘But fashions changed and variety entertainment dwindled in popularity.’

104. ‘He appeared on stage in many variety concerts and was a wonderful MC.’

105. ‘The variety concert will include a host of artists and school brass bands.’

106. ‘The next variety concert will take place at the Lakeside Hotel on Wednesday, August 25.’

107. ‘Viola is represented by 25 species, two additional subspecies, and five varieties.’

108. ‘At least 66 individual species and varieties, representing 25 genera were identified.’

109. ‘Taxa recognized within this genus include sections, species, and varieties.’

110. ‘Martynova described 23 species and varieties of Cyrtospirifer from the Famennian of Kazakhstan.’

111. ‘The existence of such variation creates problems in distinguishing between taxa at the level of species and varieties.’

112. ‘Cultivars, or varieties bred from the vine, account for nearly all of the wine produced today.’

113. ‘Most of the bulbs we plant in our gardens are cultivated varieties, raised in nurseries in this country or in the Netherlands.’

114. ‘For farmers the focus was on some of the latest developments in producing hybrid varieties of vegetables and fruits.’

115. ‘Concerns about pesticide use have led breeders to develop broccoli varieties with natural resistance to downy mildew.’

116. ‘Cultivated varieties generally differ greatly from wild genotypes of the same closely related species.’

117. he had a variety of disorders

Other users have misspelling variety as:

1. varity 26.62%

2. veriety 7.19%

3. veriaty 4.46%

4. variet 2.73%

5. variaty 2.45%

6. varitity 1.87%

7. vrity 1.44%

8. vaiety 1.44%

9. varitety 1.44%

10. Other 50.36%

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