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Other users have misspelling through as:

pie chart
  1. throug 8.67%
  2. thorugh 6.44%
  3. thrugh 3.96%
  4. throgh 2.68%
  5. Other 78.25%

Definitions of through


  1. throughout the entire extent
  2. in diameter
  3. to completion
  4. from beginning to end
  5. over the whole distance


  1. having finished or arrived at completion
  2. (of a route or journey etc.) continuing without requiring stops or changes

Examples of through

  1. When the moment finally comes, one look through his cataract lenses is all it takes.
  2. Academic excellence was matched with extra-curricular activities of every description - from drama through sport to foreign travel.
  3. He hoped the roots would harbor the fungi and spread them throughout the compost, but the fungi didn't spread well enough.

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