Definition of 'knowledgeable'


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1. having knowledge, especially of a particular subject

2. intelligent and perceptive

3. educated and well informed

4. Possessing or showing knowledge or intelligence; perceptive and well-informed.

5. highly educated; having information or understanding.

6. fully informed.

7. thoroughly acquainted with and skilled in something through study or experience. Opposite of unversed, unacquainted, and unfamiliar.

8. alert and fully informed

9. Knowing; intelligent; possessing knowledge or mental capacity.

10. Cognizable; intelligible.


1. The brilliantly knowledgeable staff are very helpful.

2. Your most knowledgeable friend is lucky for you.

3. The real mystery is how so many knowledgeable people came to doubt it.

4. My recent experiences suggest there remains a baffling variability in how knowledgeable and helpful staff are.

5. You can make or win money when you link up with your most knowledgeable friend.

6. He has also been smart enough to surround himself with a strong and knowledgeable support staff.

7. All benefit from access to knowledgeable staff and a wide range of books and other resources.

8. And one of my friends is very knowledgeable in foraging and has shown me how to find food for free.

9. Service was friendly and knowledgeable, and the wine pairings imaginative.

10. If you are not a car expert, take a knowledgeable friend along with you.

11. We need to remind people about the Joy of browsing and knowledgeable staff.

12. Staff were very knowledgeable, and also incredibly warm and gracious.

13. I found him a knowledgeable, friendly and approachable captain.

14. If you buy from a reputable breeder, you will then have a knowledgeable person on the end of the phone if you need any support.

15. The service, though knowledgeable and friendly, was too slow.

16. The service was charming, friendly and knowledgeable and the cheque was big, though not a surprise.

17. Retailers with friendly, knowledgeable staff and fast service were ranked most highly by the 3,500 people polled.

18. Throw in friendly and knowledgeable staff and the gorgeous riverside terrace (serving only a bar menu) for a great dining experience.

19. A knowledgeable sound person, which we had, can counter environmental drawbacks.

20. In other words, Canada, unencumbered and knowledgeable, is about to enter its era of great cities.

21. He said the defence relies on nothing more than the fact that Manners had pictures of ammunition in his cellphone, once drew a picture of a gun and was described as knowledgeable about firearms.

22. "It was a tough decision for me" to seek a replacement arbitrator, the commissioner said, wanting to move on with negotiations and disappointed with losing someone he called knowledgeable, professional and "a class act."

23. Yonhap reported citing an unidentified source it described as knowledgeable about the situation at the North Korean investment agency.

24. Lee said in a post on a Chinese microblog service that cited information from a source he described as a knowledgeable friend.

25. ‘What this goes to show is how very little most people, even intelligent and knowledgable people, know about language.’

26. ‘If you need help with your resumé we have friendly knowledgeable staff available to assist.’

27. ‘All in all, this was a meal to savour, and one delivered by efficient and knowledgeable waiting staff.’

28. ‘Her talk was much appreciated and she was both knowledgeable and informative.’

29. ‘He was plainly a knowledgeable and experienced witness, with a broad background in the railway industry.’

30. ‘The main problem with the exchange of information is that there's a tendency for people to become knowledgable without ever having experienced anything.’

31. ‘And the staff are all book lovers themselves and very knowledgable.’

32. ‘I'm not knowledgable enough about the subject to discuss it intelligently or usefully.’

33. ‘Their salespeople are always knowledgable about the stock and the prices are reasonable.’

34. ‘So we sought out opinions from York's most knowledgeable musical minds.’

35. ‘I miss my friends a lot, and the fact that everyone in Toronto is so knowledgeable about the music.’

36. ‘Our knowledgeable panel of speakers will introduce you to the many aspects of living in Tokyo.’

37. ‘Thomas says consumers are more knowledgeable about design now than in the past.’

38. ‘I have to confess that I am not very knowledgeable about modern rock music.’

39. ‘Having read the book I do feel more knowledgeable about my own generation.’

40. ‘The fans are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Grand Prix racing.’

41. ‘Perhaps there is a knowledgeable local person who might undertake this task for you.’

42. ‘The former miner was a very knowledgeable man who loved to read and could discuss any topic.’

43. ‘For one thing Rolf Harris is quite knowledgeable on the subject, and art is something he has a passion for.’

44. ‘Our bartender was really knowledgeable about the menu and helpful in answering all my questions.’

45. surprisingly knowledgeable about what was going on

Other users have misspelling knowledgeable as:

1. knowledgable 48.43%

2. knowlegable 5.08%

3. knowledgible 4.12%

4. knowledgeble 2.91%

5. knowlegeable 1.94%

6. knowledable 1.45%

7. knowlegeble 1.21%

8. knowledeable 1.21%

9. Other 33.65%

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