Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling knowledgeable as:

pie chart
  1. knowledgable 48.43%
  2. knowlegable 5.08%
  3. knowledgible 4.12%
  4. knowledgeble 2.91%
  5. knowlegeable 1.94%
  6. knowledable 1.45%
  7. knowlegeble 1.21%
  8. knowledeable 1.21%
  9. Other 33.65%

Definitions of knowledgeable


  1. highly educated; having extensive information or understanding
  2. alert and fully informed
  3. thoroughly acquainted through study or experience

Examples of knowledgeable

  1. Most doulas are knowledgeable about resources such as lactation consultants and support groups.
  2. Each yacht carries knowledgeable skippers and crew members.
  3. Throw in friendly and knowledgeable staff and the gorgeous riverside terrace (serving only a bar menu) for a great dining experience.

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