Definition of 'definitely'


Word Frequency
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1. In a definite manner; decisively.

2. Without question and beyond doubt.

3. In a definite manner; with precision; precisely; determinately.

4. In a definite manner.

5. Inadefinitemanner.


1. Those great memories we shared definitely helped me handle the pressure.

2. You can sense it in the city and you can most definitely feel it in the ground.

3. Those songs will definitely make sense when you hear them all as one album.

4. The restaurant is definitely trying to get you to go for this choice.

5. This is something that definitely cannot happen from my side.

6. The buildings themselves are definitely going up.

7. There was definitely stress about money but I think they protected us from the worst of it.

8. I've definitely heard of people eating and then making themselves sick.

9. What it is definitely not about any more is the skinny.

10. They were really inspiring people and that definitely helped me to finally win a gold medal.

11. There are definitely people more susceptible to disease and so it could be a combination of things.

12. He is definitely feeling better about himself than he has for a while.

13. The internet definitely makes exile a lot easier.

14. We would definitely not get back on a horse we thought was in any way injured.

15. When we get music from a new young artist it is definitely something that gets us buzzing.

16. We definitely want to trade but it will be with new conditions.

17. They are a good side and definitely going to be up there around the top four.

18. She would definitely think less of me.

19. We shall definitely be talking about adopting biological passports.

20. The discipline of the military has definitely helped me.

21. There are definitely more people out of work and fewer jobs.

22. We can definitely get out of trouble.

23. There was definitely something in there about loving him.

24. Looks like the fur is definitely going to fly.

25. There is definitely something romantic about them.

26. Religion definitely helps me to form my opinions and make choices.

27. The negative people are definitely in the minority.

28. But it definitely makes you bolder.

29. We feel it's definitely worth the cost.

30. I think this definitely gave me some protection.

31. He said: 'I am definitely stronger.

32. Amber says: 'I would definitely wear this.

33. Borderline cases, symptomatic of vagueness, are cases to which the predicate neither definitely applies nor definitely doesn't apply, where ˜definitely™ is now given a semantic analysis as opposed to an epistemic one.

34. But her name definitely has a better meaning than mine does.

35. The title definitely hurt Zack & Miri, which is a little ridiculous.

36. It is a cliche to say "groundbreaking" but it works on so many levels the term definitely applies.

37. The term definitely has religious overtones just google it.

38. Nowadays, the term definitely is either self mocking or derisive depending on who uses it.

39. The idea of playing with your food is always appealing and using something that has the word "rake" in the title definitely falls into that category.

40. Co-conference chair Jennifer Pahlka from TechWeb acknowledged that the title definitely seemed to get under people's skin.

41. This definitely is an "apples-and-oranges" comparison.

42. ‘He has no plans to move at the moment, but there is no doubt that both he and Ian are definitely in the wrong area.’

43. ‘Something was definitely wrong here and he was pretty sure he was going to hate it more than he was going to like it.’

44. ‘I knew that some of the correspondents were definitely heading to the wrong islands.’

45. ‘Johnny could tell by the sound of her voice that something was definitely wrong.’

46. ‘Celinda was quiet for a moment and Rain knew that there was definitely something wrong.’

47. ‘Yes, definitely, we started the game with a good tempo and created a number of chances.’

48. ‘Ten of his team are definitely travelling but there are doubts about the other two.’

49. ‘I made sure that they were definitely gone before stepping out from my hiding place.’

50. ‘Yes, my use of the name Dave is definitely something to do with me wanting to be an ordinary bloke.’

51. ‘There will be definitely be some kind of retaliation but I'm not sure what it will be yet.’

52. ‘It was definitely something to laugh about afterwards but certainly not at the time.’

53. ‘I can also play at left back or in midfield but right back is definitely my preferred position.’

54. ‘After all, it was pretty obvious to anyone that something was most definitely up.’

55. ‘Mrs Patell says she definitely needs treatment, but she is not sure what to choose.’

56. ‘There are certainly a lot of good things about the series and definitely some laughs.’

57. ‘It may be an age thing, but they definitely felt it improved their productivity.’

58. ‘Had they not won all the seats they did, with the same voting numbers, he'd definitely be out.’

59. ‘This revelation is most definitely not spin, leaked as part of a Machiavellian plot.’

60. ‘She added that an increased police presence had definitely deterred gangs of youths.’

61. ‘I've been showing it to customers and some of them definitely identified it as a canary.’

62. ‘Some of us had instructions to wake up our parents and some of us had instructions definitely not to wake them.’

63. ‘So little is known of the original inhabitants that they cannot be definitely classified.’

64. ‘The flow of the stream is not sufficiently strong to wear out a channel having definitely well-marked sides.’

65. ‘The powerful need to categorize human beings as definitely either male or female may necessitate surgery and hormonal treatment of the unfortunate individual who fits neither.’

66. ‘In consequence, I expect you both tomorrow, in order to settle that matter definitely.’

67. ‘The judge ruled that, once a citizen has been definitely classified as an enemy combatant, he or she can be held without charges and without legal representation.’

68. ‘Externally, the new genus Trigonostrophia differs from Rectotrophia principally in its more definitely triangular outline.’

69. ‘The procedure is pretty barbaric and is not to be described here more definitely.’

70. it was definitely too expensive

Other users have misspelling definitely as:

1. definetly 13.53%

2. definitly 7.79%

3. defenetly 3.68%

4. defently 3.11%

5. definetely 2.74%

6. defintely 2.37%

7. definatley 1.58%

8. deffinitly 1.53%

9. Other 63.67%

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