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Other users have misspelling definitely as:

pie chart
  1. definetly 13.53%
  2. definitly 7.79%
  3. defenetly 3.68%
  4. defently 3.11%
  5. definetely 2.74%
  6. defintely 2.37%
  7. definatley 1.58%
  8. deffinitly 1.53%
  9. Other 63.67%

Definitions of definitely


  1. without question and beyond doubt

Examples of definitely

  1. It will definitely take a lot more tweaking to get me completely happy with it.
  2. And I think the resort is about 25% overpriced, considering the worn-down state of the place and the fact you can get a two-night package at the definitely more upmarket Avillion in Port Dickson (also not really PD, but a dozen kilometres south) from about RM800 as well.
  3. The human was definitely looking at her.

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