Definition of 'drought'


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1. by extension, informal A longer than expected term without success, particularly in sport.

2. A period of below average rain fall, longer and more severe than a dry spell

3. A long period of abnormally low rainfall, especially one that adversely affects growing or living conditions.

4. A prolonged dearth or shortage.

5. Scarcity; lack.

6. Thirst; want of drink.

7. Dryness; want of rain or of water; especially, such dryness of the weather as affects the earth, and prevents the growth of plants; aridity.

8. A dialectal form of draft, draught.

9. Dryness.

10. Dry weather; want of rain or of moisture; such a continuance of dry weather as injuriously affects vegetation; aridness.

11. Figuratively, scarcity; lack.


1. But they may be banned after the biggest snow and rain drought in the region for 135 years.

2. That phenomenal spell of weather was called the Great Heat and came after a stifling hot summer and long drought.

3. It provides a good opportunity to end a trophy drought.

4. The choir is just now coming out of a prolonged drought.

5. Military activity coupled with prolonged drought will undoubtedly have had an adverse effect on its survival.

6. The liquidity drought was one of the principal reasons the crisis was quite as bad as it was.

7. Western parts of Queensland recently got drenched in muchneeded rain following a long drought.

8. The supply of food has changed much, despite all the recent droughts and floods.

9. Overall the situation is almost as bad as the drought of 1976 in which farmland was ruined.

10. India and China are already seeing heavier monsoon rains and longer drought periods.

11. This long drought is partly being driven by a lurch in temperature in the seas around Australia.

12. This is the simplest definition of drought, one that at least intuitively we all have held.

13. The consultancy is also alarmed by signs that the credit crunch is set to wreak further serious damage through a prolonged lending drought.

14. Agriculture was dependent on the vagaries of the weather and Zimbabwe suffered from some long droughts.

15. There are two big causes, and drought is not one of them.

16. West Country apple growers are warning of a cider drought after floods damaged or destroyed thousands of trees.

17. It is predicted that Britain would suffer longer drier summers and extreme weather ranging from droughts to floods and intense storms.

18. The Gunners keeper is convinced they are firmly on course to end their nine-year trophy drought.

19. Australia, at the mercy of the worst drought in a century, is praying for divine intervention.

20. But rain was a very welcome sight in the parched grain belt of southern Australia, after years of drought.

21. MORE than 2,000 people have been reported by their neighbours for flouting hosepipe bans amid fears of the worst drought in a century.

22. It could fill them with confidence for the run-in and be the catalyst for the Gunners to end their trophy drought.

23. It is one of the options being looked at as the South East faces the possibility of its worst drought in a century.

24. THIS year there has been less rain and higher temperatures in the last two months than in those that led up to the 1976 drought.

25. Australia, still recovering from its worst drought in a century, will be hit again if the rains fail to nourish its wheat belt.

26. When you use the word drought you become a hostage to fortune.

27. The Gunners were expected to end their title drought in February, only for Obafemi Martins' 89th-minute goal to win the trophy for Birmingham.

28. The title drought is 40% longer than any other major professional sports team.

29. "I cannot accept it's a total failure the title drought because actually we have been incredibly consistent over a long period of time - along with Manchester United and Real Madrid, the most consistent of clubs in Europe," Gazidis said.

30. Tiger Woods' hopes of ending his title drought ended in a playoff as

31. Meanwhile, Venus Williams, the sixth seed, declared herself ready to break her title drought after clawing her way back from a set down against Schiavone.

32. Beng Hee is in the same half as top seed Ramy Ashour of Egypt and faces a tall order to end his title drought on tour having last won at the Malaysian Open in July 2008.

33. ‘Chinese officials say cloud seeding has helped to relieve severe droughts and water shortages in cities.’

34. ‘During climate extremes, whether droughts or flooding rains, those on the land feel it most.’

35. ‘In fact, tropical storms or hurricanes have ended many droughts in Texas, and other parts of the world.’

36. ‘Others have argued that these periods of droughts are not abnormal.’

37. ‘Floods, storms, heatwaves and droughts have created headlines in the UK over recent years.’

38. ‘In many places, including the southern USA, hurricanes or tropical storms sometimes end droughts.’

39. ‘Earth is set to warm further in the decades ahead, bringing more and bigger fires, mudslides, heat waves, droughts, and powerful hurricanes.’

40. ‘Tree rings can tell stories of fire history, seasons, droughts, and rainfall.’

41. ‘A high degree of soil exposure also results in high surface evaporation resulting in years of low rainfall becoming severe droughts.’

42. ‘At the same time, large chunks of peninsular India receive less than normal rainfall, leading to droughts.’

43. ‘That shows that we're having many more severe storms, floods, droughts, and heat waves.’

44. ‘It may be necessary to provide water for high-value trees and shrubs during dry periods or droughts to promote vigorous growth.’

45. ‘We worked hard through droughts and downpours and no longer walked down to the far hayfield to dream.’

46. ‘The water hit me cool and refreshingly; like a rain storm after a prolonged drought.’

47. ‘From hurricane to droughts, weird weather can shake up the economy.’

48. ‘The drought began to break in mid-December when heavy general rain fell in Victoria, with more after Christmas.’

49. ‘The trip is made possible as after four years of drought, recent rainfall means crops may now grow.’

50. ‘World temperatures are continuing to rise and extreme weather conditions, such as droughts, floods and heatwaves, are becoming alarmingly common.’

51. ‘Across the world, extreme weather events such as droughts, floods and hurricanes are becoming more frequent and more intense.’

52. ‘An increase in floods, droughts, tropical cyclones, and sea levels are also expected to bring a host of health problems in their wake.’

53. ‘One can only hope that, after the relative goal drought of two years ago in Mali, they and the other 15 nations put on a more exciting spectacle.’

54. ‘Robbie Blake curled a trademark free kick just wide and then slipped at the crucial moment when he seemed certain to end his worrying goal drought.’

55. ‘Dennis Wise's glancing header ended the team's goal drought - spanning 588 minutes.’

56. ‘This has been despite a well documented two year goal drought.’

57. ‘Sam must be seriously concerned at a goal drought that threatens to drag us into a relegation struggle.’

58. ‘I am going through a bit of a goal drought at the moment and it would be nice to get a goal or even a few before the end of the season.’

59. ‘And the tourism drought hits the Midwest less hard than other parts of the country.’

60. ‘The Tallaght man needs to get his act together and tomorrow night would be the perfect time to end his recent goal drought.’

61. ‘The same happened to him two years ago, when after a goal drought he was about to be farmed out to the lower leagues.’

62. ‘The Hatters were truly woeful and rarely looked set to end their goal drought.’

63. ‘Bron wants to solve the current armed forces recruitment drought.’

64. ‘Manchester United's championship drought is over and the fences with the manager have been mended.’

65. ‘So England's men's championship drought continues beyond its 68th year or whatever!’

66. ‘After a long playoff drought, Blackhawks fans starving for success got, well, nothing.’

67. ‘All of Philadelphia is hoping to end that poor town's championship drought.’

68. ‘Ferrari endured a 16-year drought before regaining their title touch.’

69. ‘Ward broke a 13-game scoring drought at Wimbledon and believes that could be the springboard for a goal burst of his own.’

70. ‘Davies' victory in Sydney ended a 13-month title drought for the Coventry-born player.’

71. ‘Is the West in any position to withstand another oil drought?’

72. ‘On the rostrum, it became clear just how much winning meant to him after an 11-month drought.’

73. when England defeated Pakistan it ended a ten-year drought

Other users have misspelling drought as:

1. drugt 6.67%

2. droght 2.67%

3. Other 90.66%

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