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1. Actual instance where a situation arises

2. Something that takes place; an event or incident.

3. The action, fact, or instance of occurring.

4. A coming or happening.

5. Any event or incident; esp., one which happens without being designed or expected.

6. an instance of something occurring

7. An incident or accidental event; that which happens without being designed or expected; an event; a happening: as, an unusual occurrence; such occurrences are not uncommon.

8. Happenings collectively; course of events.

9. The act of occurring; occasional presentation.

10. Eccles., the coincidence of two or more festivals on the same day. See occur, v. i., 5, and concurrence, n., 4.


1. While the public transport sprawl is a daily occurrence.

2. Such special moments used to be a regular occurrence.

3. While this may be a rare occurrence, it is easy to check and remedy.

4. Yet for many this experience may soon become a rare occurrence.

5. What we filmed is a regular occurrence.

6. They said that this was not a rare occurrence.

7. This is a weekly if not a daily occurrence.

8. Shark sightings and beach closures are a regular occurrence.

9. Jersey is an incredibly safe island and incidents of this nature are an extremely rare occurrence.

10. The statistical likelihood of that happening would make winning the lottery seem an almost daily occurrence.

11. Did you work overtime last week and is it a regular occurrence?

12. It does happen but it is a rare occurrence.

13. But it was probably accompanied by another rare occurrence.

14. In many general practices such demands are a daily occurrence.

15. It is also a frequent occurrence.

16. It has become a regular occurrence.

17. In my opinion this is of little importance 80 long as it is not a frequent occurrence.

18. So how long will he last if being second-best to City becomes a regular occurrence?

19. One reason I see for this occurrence is the libtards who want to ban guns and hunting have us running scared and the powers-that-be in the shooting community have developed this "cult of safety" (to show our "worthiness" to keep the hunting/shooting tradition) whereby every person that makes a mistake, no matter the degree, deserves excommunication from our church/religion.

20. Sometimes they took a back door into what she called occurrence and what Corey called the real world.

21. While neither occurrence is singly responsible for Washington's 1-2 record over the past seven days, they haven't helped either.

22. With the real-time media web a near-certain occurrence within 5 years or so, the Quixotic attempts of TimeWarner & others will only hasten their demise.

23. February 11th, 2010 at 7: 32 pm although my intuitive assumption would be that if an activity was subject to significant state action & social opprobrium its frequency in occurrence would drop.

24. But yes, as I said, you really just have to focus on writing the best book you can, because you could go crazy with wondering what random occurrence is going to affect your career.

25. A block distribution in a word's occurrence is usually suggestive of a term diffused by borrowing across neighboring societies.

26. She saw the infant Christ in the Christmas crèche, and when she went to work in the kitchen, she found that he had followed her there. 95 A similar occurrence is recorded as happening to Adelheit die Huterin, who served as cellaress at St. Katharinenthal.

27. Then he says the probability of its occurrence is 10 to the zillion, similar to the probability of a "CCC", so — SHAZAM — this thing couldn't have come about naturally.

28. ‘He saw that she showed no sign of being scared on account of the occurrence of a political incident.’

29. ‘A sentinel event is an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical injury.’

30. ‘The isochronous data pipe can be stopped and started on the occurrence of specific events.’

31. ‘There is nothing really unique about this incident since similar occurrences happen regularly.’

32. ‘I cannot imagine that these two occurrences are isolated incidents.’

33. ‘The operator confirms or discards the occurrence of a traffic incident based on the video screen review.’

34. ‘Career crisis is no longer a rare occurrence for Shanghainese in a society dominated by a market economy.’

35. ‘I sincerely hope this man will reflect on my response and consider his action in the event of a similar occurrence.’

36. ‘Conflicts between people are common, normal occurrences.’

37. ‘An unusual and rare occurrence happened at a golf tournament in Loughrea on last Saturday week.’

38. ‘For me to be at a loss for words is a very rare occurrence.’

39. ‘Councillor Art Rempel agreed, but wondered what can be done to prevent similar occurrences in future.’

40. ‘"I think the industry should consider possible solutions to prevent similar occurrences in future, " Li said.’

41. ‘The company apologised to the court and said it has now introduced procedures to prevent similar occurrences in the future.’

42. ‘Confrontations between Emperor Pedro I and local Brazilian aristocracy over the degree of centralization became common occurrences.’

43. ‘Second, we need to document unusual occurrences.’

44. ‘The discovery of new holes in Windows and Internet Explorer become an everyday occurrence.’

45. ‘Chance occurrence of an event is one in which no cause can be identified explaining its teleological or purposeful specificity.’

46. ‘The frequency of occurrence of conduits within different area classes decreases with increasing area.’

47. ‘Linguists and language teachers often take account of the frequency of occurrence of linguistic items and features.’

48. ‘Ranking of variables was done by the frequency of occurrence of each descriptor in all 140 models.’

49. ‘It's a fairly frequent occurrence that I'm the first into our office.’

50. ‘Hansen notes that the frequent occurrence of certain words suggests certain types of ‘discourse’.’

51. ‘As Justine's visions become a more frequent occurrence, Dawn admits acting out those powerful scenes can be quite a challenge.’

52. ‘This is a very frequent occurrence, especially with supermarket products.’

53. ‘This may contribute to the more frequent occurrence of severe epidemics there than in other countries.’

54. ‘So I get thinking, this is an abnormally high occurrence of cancer in a control group of youths.’

55. ‘However, many boys refuse because of the frequent occurrence of infection afterward.’

56. ‘As a result of the plundering of trees, floods have become a common occurrence.’

57. ‘Historical accounts dating back to 1865 have reported regular occurrences of landslides in the area around La Conchita.’

58. ‘The phenotypic adaptation in our study may help explain their frequent occurrence.’

59. ‘They also reduced the occurrence of life-threatening cardiac events.’

60. ‘Certain incidences described may only be rare occurrences that may already have been corrected.’

61. ‘Ireland has never had a case of Ring Rot and there are contingency plans in place in the event of an occurrence.’

62. ‘The sound of five harps playing in ensemble must be a rare occurrence in the concert world.’

63. ‘However, such occurrences are relatively rare and are normally foreshadowed by events such as threats or vandalism.’

64. ‘There's about a ten-year gap in terms of the occurrence and incidents of the disease.’

65. ‘The Indenture does not provide for any other rights on the occurrence of such an event of default.’

66. ‘These biozones are commonly of restricted or local occurrence.’

67. ‘Here, we shall confine our attention to discussing the conditions which must be satisfied if their occurrence is to be compulsory.’

68. ‘The conditions for the occurrence of oscillatory behaviour were explored and the responses described in detail.’

69. ‘I selected the species for analysis based on their frequency of occurrence in Massachusetts.’

70. ‘Each taxon name and authority is followed by the frequency of occurrence.’

71. ‘For the overstory, frequency of occurrence of a species was expressed as present or absent.’

72. a disease of frequent occurrence

Other users have misspelling occurrence as:

1. occurance 34.72%

2. occurence 20.43%

3. acarranza 5.61%

4. accurance 2.71%

5. l’occurrence 1.63%

6. occurrance 1.45%

7. Other 33.45%

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