Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling occurrence as:

pie chart
  1. occurance 34.72%
  2. occurence 20.43%
  3. acarranza 5.61%
  4. accurance 2.71%
  5. l’occurrence 1.63%
  6. occurrance 1.45%
  7. Other 33.45%

Definitions of occurrence


  1. an instance of something occurring
  2. an event that happens

Examples of occurrence

  1. These sometimes spectacular occurrences, called calving events, are a key step in the process by which climate change drives sea level rise.
  2. There are a great many Rook and pawn endgames, reflecting their common occurrence in tournament practice.
  3. The primary outcome was the occurrence of severe clinical events, defined as death or hospital admission irrespective of the cause.

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