Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling obsession as:

pie chart
  1. obsetion 5%
  2. obession 3%
  3. ovsession 3%
  4. obessesion 2%
  5. obsestion 2%
  6. Other 85%

Definitions of obsession


  1. an unhealthy and compulsive preoccupation with something or someone
  2. an irrational motive for performing trivial or repetitive actions, even against your will

Examples of obsession

  1. Hopefully, North Norfolk will soon shake off this surreal obsession with the Lib Dems and embrace their NE Cambs neighbour's decent Tory stance.
  2. His desire to realize Henry VIII's plan to subdue French influence in Scotland and achieve the union of the Crowns became an obsession.
  3. They can sometimes recognize that their obsessions and compulsions are unrealistic.

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