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1. The first meal of the day, usually eaten in the morning.

2. by extension A meal consisting of food normally eaten in the morning, which may typically include eggs, sausages, toast, bacon, etc.

3. A meal after fasting, or food in general.

4. The first meal in the day, or that which is eaten at the first meal.

5. the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)

6. A meal or food in general.

7. The first meal in the day; the meal by which one breaks the fast lasting from the previous day; the food eaten at the first meal.

8. intransitive To eat the morning meal.

9. transitive To serve breakfast to.

10. provide breakfast for

11. eat an early morning meal

12. To eat the first meal in the day.

13. To eat breakfast.

14. To provide breakfast for.

15. To break one's fast in the morning; too eat the first meal in the day.

16. To furnish with breakfast.


1. The next morning at breakfast her mother appeared in the doorway tightly bound in a burgundy silk dressing gown.

2. They were in the kitchen, sitting at the breakfast table on a Saturday morning.

3. For the second day in a row Adam was the only guest at breakfast.

4. They drank it at breakfast out of bright blue glazed clay bowls.

5. I had eaten my breakfast; "" Yes, but Adam Clarke came _before breakfast_, "responded the merchant.

6. The best part of this breakfast is the small bread round that you cook alongside the egg.

7. I make what I call breakfast, deal with real life for a while — anything from splitting wood to sending emails — before the late afternoon when I head up the mountain.

8. During the week my breakfast is a couple of slices of bread in the toaster and a fermented milk drink, eaten every day by myself at far too early an hour.

9. "I don't know, sir," he said, "whether you're aware of it -- I presume you're a stranger, like myself -- but all they _allow_ for what they call breakfast in this hotel is tea or coffee, rolls, and butter; everything else is charged extra."

10. I can see my old cousin still in what she termed her breakfast room, dressed very handsomely, standing before a bare mahogany table on which a maid placed the considerable array of a silver salver without legs, which was set on a folded cloth and held the sugar-loaf and the sugar-cutter; and another salver with legs that bore various bowls and one beautiful silver sugar-box which was kept filled high for her husband's toddy.

11. Frenchman never eats what we call breakfast; that is, he never makes a really heavy meal, the first thing in the morning.

12. "Barrin 'the first foundation in the kitchen within," he replied; "for you must know that's what I call my breakfast, handsel of any kind didn't cross my palm this day."

13. Adjacent to the range wall, we designed a small pantry and what we call a breakfast bar.

14. ‘For the record, I personally have bacon and egg breakfasts quite often and eat enough sausages to make me a good German.’

15. ‘He lived with a couple called Mr and Mrs Birdikin above their shop and used to eat a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs every day.’

16. ‘When they arose late in the morning, two breakfasts of pancakes, eggs, bacon, jelly-covered toast, milk, and orange juice were already made for them to eat.’

17. ‘She is very fond of fruit, particularly bananas and eats a good breakfast and dinner every day.’

18. ‘Early morning breakfasts, and a delightfully varied lunch menu are now available six days a week.’

19. ‘Early morning breakfasts have not become the fashion.’

20. ‘Many people were put off their breakfasts on Friday morning by radio news bulletins about human and animal excrement in our drinking water.’

21. ‘To mark the departure we had a breakfast yesterday morning at Nikau just within my team.’

22. ‘All it was, it seems, was a bad pint of beer and not his breakfast on a Sunday morning.’

23. ‘Fourteen people were asked to eat a different breakfast on each of four mornings.’

24. ‘I went on to eat a light breakfast and to get my morning writing session done, then felt decidedly dozy.’

25. ‘Ellis also encourages his athletes to eat big breakfasts and light dinners.’

26. ‘The guy on duty that morning had prepared our breakfasts for us ‘take-away’, so we could have the food on the bus.’

27. ‘Luckily pseudonymous kid is a great city kid, though we had a couple of bad mornings where late breakfasts made everyone cranky and impatient.’

28. ‘After a traditional breakfast on Tuesday morning, we will set off again for Baikonur.’

29. ‘With breakfast and the pale morning sun finally starting to warm our frozen bodies, we hit the dusty track once more.’

30. ‘Many of us grew up with National Radio blaring while we had our breakfast in the mornings.’

31. ‘I was in Starbucks opposite the British Library this morning having my breakfast.’

32. ‘The two sows and piglets are are a bit annoyed this morning - their breakfast is late.’

33. ‘The shop was already open, though it was early in the morning and Höß was still eating his breakfast.’

34. ‘After the family breakfasted, a meal which I did not attend, Helda sought me out in the garden.’

35. ‘Only a few miles from where I'm writing this, children come to their ill-equipped schools having breakfasted on nothing but a cup of coffee.’

36. ‘We breakfasted on pastries and coffee from the hotel's Il Fornaio Panetteria and used a coupon we'd received at check-in to get free biscotti.’

37. ‘They breakfasted on dried venison, bread and cheese.’

38. ‘I said goodbye to the other breakfasting Mavi backpackers, feeling a bit bad that I was leaving them just so I could have a warmer room.’

39. ‘The sun was shining and it was not too windy, so we breakfasted alfresco style.’

40. ‘But not until I am bathed and breakfasted do I approach the first official happy hour of the day.’

41. ‘So, we had breakfasted by ten and were out wandering the city by eleven.’

42. ‘He was already breakfasted and curled up in a tight ball of sleep in his summer nest at the head of the bed.’

43. ‘According to research published in 2003, kids breakfasting on fizzy drinks and sugary snacks performed at the level of an average 70-year-old in tests of memory and attention.’

44. ‘Quickly, we settled into an unhurried routine of rising late, breakfasting on board, and then sailing from one island to the next, stopping along the way to dive the region's many reefs.’

45. ‘The shooters showed up while we were breakfasting on fatty kebab, naan, and yogurt.’

46. ‘I breakfasted there a week ago and naturally, a photocopy of the strip was tacked up above the register, front and center, just like hundreds of Zippy strips at hundreds of diners and lunch counters all across the country.’

47. We ate breakfast at seven

Other users have misspelling breakfast as:

1. breakfeast 6.01%

2. breakfas 4.77%

3. brkfst 4.24%

4. breackfast 4.24%

5. breakfest 3.89%

6. brakefast 3.71%

7. brecfast 3.53%

8. brekfest 3.36%

9. brekfast 3%

10. Other 63.25%

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