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Other users have misspelling breakfast as:

pie chart
  1. breakfeast 6.01%
  2. breakfas 4.77%
  3. brkfst 4.24%
  4. breackfast 4.24%
  5. breakfest 3.89%
  6. brakefast 3.71%
  7. brecfast 3.53%
  8. brekfest 3.36%
  9. brekfast 3%
  10. Other 63.25%

Definitions of breakfast


  1. the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)


  1. provide breakfast for
  2. eat an early morning meal

Examples of breakfast

  1. “And now, Sir John de Walton,” he said, “methinks you are a little churlish in not ordering me some breakfast, after I have been all night engaged in your affairs; and a cup of muscadel would, I think, be no bad induction to a full consideration of this perplexed matter.”
  2. Gervinho might prove to be another classic Arsène Wenger bargain, an athletic and pacy ball player raring to step up a level, spirited over from France for a fee that doesn't make a certain manager with a well-documented devotion to cautious housekeeping choke as if he was asked to fix the Greek economy before breakfast.
  3. A leisurely breakfast - even the motel manager was moaning about the way the Italians "hogged" the muffins this morning and drank cups of milk instead of putting it on their bran flakes!

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