Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling resume as:

pie chart
  1. resumo 19.67%
  2. resum 3.9%
  3. resmi 3.64%
  4. rsm 3.21%
  5. resumir 2.6%
  6. Other 66.98%

Definitions of resume


  1. short descriptive summary (of events)
  2. a summary of your academic and work history


  1. assume anew
  2. give a summary (of)
  3. take up or begin anew
  4. return to a previous location or condition

Examples of resume

  1. Within five years, a unified currency in 1933 the "central" issue of "legal tender" currency has been relatively stable, so Donglai Bank has to resume business.
  2. And if from this conjunction a baby was born, the infernal rite was resumed, all around a little jar of wine, which they called the keg, and they became drunk and would cut the baby to pieces, and pour its blood into the goblet, and they threw babies on the fire, still alive, and they mixed the baby's ashes and his blood, and drank!
  3. Still Life with Action Figure," a particularly realist exercise, actually occurs in suburbia, where an artist son visits his artist father, who has resumed painting despite suffering from parkinsonism.

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