Definition of 'yeah'


Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words


1. not only so, but

2. Expressing joy, celebration, glee, etc.


1. But there could be something coming, yeah.

2. Make sure nobody sees them like this, yeah?

3. Conservatives or something like that, yeah.

4. So yeah it's going well.

5. So yeah, something like that.

6. So yeah, just go out and enjoy it, take it all in.

7. We were like 'Hell yeah!

8. Oh yeah, like that's going to happen.

9. But then the others go,'Oh yeah.

10. I think we said yeah!

11. I say yeah, it cost me an arm and a leg '.

12. I'll go out with the guys from the team, yeah.

13. I'd love to give it a go, yeah!

14. I was writing big messages on my arms and looking at them and thinking: yeah, be strong.

15. ‘So yeah, I don't have a problem with Sean and he has no reason to have a problem with me.’

16. ‘So yeah, it appears I have many a good music tale to tell during my exploits over the years.’

17. ‘I have no clue how our idiotic principal got that idea but yeah, okay, if he says so.’

18. ‘Then they come on and sing and you just think, yeah, nice song, they can sing okay, so what?’

19. ‘Well, yeah, obviously him, but who will he get to do the press conferences in Arabic?’

20. ‘yeah yeah yeah. You're gonna say why didn't I get some food as well while I was at it.’

21. ‘I really had made a concious effort to speak more and stuff, so yeah, I am still a little miffed.’

22. ‘He doesn't apologise, just tacitly admits that yeah, maybe it is all these things.’

23. ‘yeah, yeah, I mean our couple of advisors told us many stories of romance in the department.’

24. ‘Mostly, he kills time with multitudinous yeahs and all right nows, which is merely tedious.’

25. ‘A great shame, because he was very innovative, but yeah, we think he's lost it now.’

26. ‘Oh, Ok, I didn't have a bloody clue where I was, but I found my way home in the end, yeah?’

27. ‘We need to have righteous indignation on our side. We need to fight evil, yeah!’

28. ‘yeah yeah, I know, self promotion and all that, but I still really like this version.’

29. ‘It seemed a bit weird having a festival in the middle of town, but I'm looking forward to this, yeah.’

30. ‘yeah, it's smelly, yeah, it screws up the atmosphere, yeah, people die because of it.’

31. ‘Oh yeah, and Catherine Deneuve, who's wonderful in pretty much everything she does.’

32. ‘So yeah, I think my initial outrage during that monologue was just my inner geek showing through.’

33. ‘Or do we meet it head-on, admit that, yeah, we have a chance and not hide away from it?’

34. ‘So, yeah, what I mean is that I don't care how I perform but I want that medal round my neck.’

35. ‘So, yeah, the Manics gig was cancelled at the last minute because JDB has the flu.’

36. ‘The response was a bunch of yeahs, sures, OKs, and yeses.’

37. yeah, I saw it and I will respond

Other users have misspelling yeah as:

1. yeh 29.72%

2. yah 18.57%

3. yeahh 17.44%

4. yh 2.9%

5. ueah 1.46%

6. yeaah 0.86%

7. Other 29.05%

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