Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling yeah as:

pie chart
  1. yeh 29.72%
  2. yah 18.57%
  3. yeahh 17.44%
  4. yh 2.9%
  5. ueah 1.46%
  6. yeaah 0.86%
  7. Other 29.05%

Definitions of yeah


  1. not only so, but

Examples of yeah

  1. Yeah, the adverb problem has bitten me in impolite places a hundred times and they’re usually the first to go when the story gets passed around my friends.
  2. Yeah, it's August, but someone's really phoning it in at the Guardian.
  3. Daniel - yeah, now suffering post-wedgy issues - let's just say get them to do a full harness check instead of a "quicky" becuase you an in a chair. oh that sounded rude too

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