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1. Worthy of worship; holy.

2. Having divine aid, or protection, or other blessing.

3. In Catholicism, a title indicating the beatification of a person, thus allowing public veneration of those who have lived in sanctity or died as martyrs.

4. Held in veneration; revered.

5. informal An intensifier; damned.

6. Roman Catholic Church Used as a title before the name of one who has been beatified.

7. Bringing happiness, pleasure, or contentment.

8. (R. C. Ch.) Beatified.

9. Used euphemistically, ironically, or intensively.

10. Hallowed; consecrated; worthy of blessing or adoration; heavenly; holy.

11. Enjoying, or pertaining to, spiritual happiness, or heavenly felicity.

12. Enjoying happiness or bliss; favored with blessings; happy; highly favored.

13. Imparting happiness or bliss; fraught with happiness; blissful; joyful.

14. characterized by happiness and good fortune

15. enjoying the bliss of heaven

16. Roman Catholic; proclaimed one of the blessed and thus worthy of veneration

17. worthy of worship

18. Simple past tense and past participle of bless.

19. Worthy of adoration: as, the blessed Trinity.

20. Bringing happiness; pleasurable; joyful: as, a most blessed time; “a blessed sight to see,”

21. Endowed with or possessing healing virtues.

22. Specifically Enjoying spiritual blessings and the favor of God; enjoying heavenly felicity; beatified.

23. Enjoying supreme happiness or felicity; favored with blessings; highly favored; happy; fortunate: as, “England's blessed shore,”

24. Consecrated; holy: as, the blessed sacrament.

25. Fraught with or imparting blessings; bestowing happiness, health, or prosperity.

26. By euphemism: Cursed; damned; confounded: a term of mitigated objurgation, and often merely emphatic without objurgation: as, the blessed thing gave way; our blessed system of caucusing; he lost every blessed cent he had.


1. It turned out to be a blessed decision; I was going to need the car that day.

2. Señor Ryle, are you suggesting that the Peter Mourne I knew became -- Well, I'm blessed !

3. His precious remains rest quietly in the fresh made grave; his immortal spirit has winged its flight to the mansions of the blessed, for “blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, for they rest from their labors, and their works do follow them.

4. The highest conception we can form of heaven is the reversal of all the evil of earth, and the completion of its incomplete good: the sinless purity -- the blessed presence of God -- the fulfilment of all desires -- the service which is _blessed_, not toil -- the changelessness which is progress, not stagnation.

5. Surprise, and caused him to break forth as he did, "I have blessed him, yea and he shall be blessed," would never have permitted or impowered _Isaac_, to have _blessed Esau_, in an _effectual_ manner beyond his Brother: Or if a mere Pronouncing of Words, when uttered as a Blessing from the Heads of Families, was in itself an

6. No one can doubt that she is a lamb of the Saviour's fold, and if he is about to gather her into his bosom -- "She paused, overcome by emotion, then added in a tremulous tone," It will be a sad thing to _us_, no doubt, but to her -- dear little one -- a blessed, _blessed_ change. "

7. But though it be easy to defme the term blessed, when applied to the Deity, jet it is not so easy to form clear and just conceptions of the blessed - ness, or happiness of a being, who is all mind, or a pure immaterial spirit.

8. Police say the toddler's stepfather admitted to inserting what he called the blessed needles in a series of bizarre rituals.

9. There were some 100 claims of different miracles, but they're presenting this one as the official one to make him what they call blessed and then they'll need another miracle in order to make him a saint.

10. So we treat our traditions, so we hail the demand of Ireland for what I call a blessed oblivion of the past.

11. "Oh!" said Jack, "I was only a considering what they calls the blessed aspect of the sky, and it seems to me there is a sort of kind of look about things as says that there won't be no marriage at all to-day."

12. At age 36, Leyva found herself pregnant with what she calls her "blessed surprise," daughter Alexandria.

13. ‘Then the blessed Holy Spirit himself, and He, alone, will dominate, motivate, and control your life.’

14. ‘It is an example that has connotations of sacredness associated with the blessed tree.’

15. ‘Let us look next at the sinless life of the blessed Son of God.’

16. ‘Even the birthday of the Holy Prophet, which was the most happy day for the whole mankind, was never celebrated by the Holy Prophet himself, nor by his blessed companions.’

17. ‘Those who wash their robes are blessed and may enter the holy city via the gates; but ‘outside’ are the polluted and polluting.’

18. ‘Another priceless advantage is that a large section of the community is thus enabled to devote itself to nightly worship in the blessed month of Ramadhân.’

19. ‘A study of the seven-fold occurrence of ‘I am’ in John's Gospel will underline the deity of our blessed Lord.’

20. ‘Gradually the call to preach ‘the glorious gospel of the blessed God, the gospel of the good news to lost sinners’, had been developing in Richard.’

21. ‘Amid all the shrines, the libations and the blessed food, it was time to take my leave from the Venkateswara Temple in Helensburgh, New South Wales.’

22. ‘His death is the divine judgment on me and my sins which he, the blessed Lamb of God, took instead of me.’

23. ‘Upon hearing that I wanted to know more about Islam and to possibly convert, Mohamad invited me to a men's group where they talked about the Qur'an and the blessed prophet.’

24. ‘It is a blessed place for our worship, but worship is addressed to God alone.’

25. ‘Through you, O blessed one, worthy mediator, may we complete the sacrifice!’

26. ‘Such imitation in itself is a sin; performing it in a blessed night like the Night of Bara'ah makes it worse.’

27. ‘During the service they prayed for God's blessings on their work and had their hands anointed with blessed oil.’

28. ‘Almighty God, from the moment of our creation, we were blessed to be your chosen servants.’

29. ‘Is this the marriage that is blessed or the marriage that is on the brink of destruction?’

30. ‘Surely, it immediately seems ironic they should want to marry, when it is a religious ceremony, being blessed under God.’

31. ‘May all Am Yisrael be blessed in the merit of the great deeds you are doing.’

32. ‘All the families of the earth will be blessed because of Abraham's Seed, the Lord Jesus Christ.’

33. ‘One example of this truth is blessed Damien de Vesteur.’

34. ‘The saintly qualities of Fr. Solanus compare with those of blessed Mother Teresa, according to Fr. Benedict Groeschel.’

35. ‘Mahatma Gandhi and blessed Mother Teresa, great Indians of the last century, greatly contributed to build solidarity and freedom among Indian people.’

36. ‘We, religious people, are blessed in many ways because much is provided just in the name of following Jesus.’

37. ‘Those men who are absorbed in devotion for Vishnu are blessed in the world.’

38. ‘Regardless of these differences: I pray you will be blessed in your practise.’

39. ‘She didn't want to be reminded of how blessed her Father's marriage was.’

40. ‘But I need to read more about how this concept can serve people who are in danger and are truly deprived of the basics which I am blessed to have.’

41. ‘I was infinitely blessed to get it all, but that leaves me in my present predicament - yamless, on my toes, spinning as fast as I possibly can.’

42. ‘I, for one, am grateful - grateful that we have an army to safeguard our borders, and grateful that we are blessed to have so many heroes among us.’

43. ‘May you be eternally blessed as a member of our people.’

44. ‘Fortunately, I was blessed to become a part of the great humanistic conversation at Princeton University.’

45. ‘We are blessed at Harvard in not having some imported windbag sound off to us in the Commencement exercises in the morning.’

46. ‘As I said, we are blessed in ways but hardship in other ways, so.’

47. ‘My sister is eight years younger than me, and did not have the Jewish education I was blessed to have had.’

48. ‘We at CHAD were truly blessed to have had her in our lives, she was truly an inspiration to us.’

49. ‘Though we know we shall die, we are blessed to be ignorant of when or how we shall die.’

50. ‘The Miles Davis rhythm section were busy men and Pepper was blessed to have such stellar players available for the one day, because the final product is excellent.’

51. ‘The good news for Gators fans is that the team is blessed at line-backer, with stalwarts such as Byron Hardmon, Mike Nattiel and Matt Farrior.’

52. ‘Our church communities are blessed by the rich diversity of people that God has created as the body of Christ.’

53. ‘I've also been blessed to be part of a church that nurtures faithful stewards.’

54. ‘Steve led an exciting, blessed life among famous people, all of whom held him in the highest regard.’

55. ‘I cannot think of another artist whose canvases convey so clearly quite what a blessed existence the painter believes he leads.’

56. ‘Here at the launch site they were just a few dozen engineers and laborers in the deep wilderness, every blessed thing brought in piece by piece on balsa wood rafts.’

57. ‘My father is in a hospital in Florida out of his mind on pain-killers while awaiting surgery and there's not a blessed thing I can do except wait for the phone to ring.’

58. ‘There was not a blessed thing I would change except the stop in Laughlin/Bullhead City.’

59. ‘And there's not a blessed thing wrong with that.’

60. ‘My poor dog just kept looking at them and barking her blessed head off.’

61. a blessed time

Other users have misspelling blessed as:

1. blessd 27.97%

2. blesssed 6.78%

3. blessded 5.08%

4. bleesed 4.24%

5. blisset 3.39%

6. bless’ed 3.39%

7. Other 49.15%

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