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Other users have misspelling blessed as:

pie chart
  1. blessd 27.97%
  2. blesssed 6.78%
  3. blessded 5.08%
  4. bleesed 4.24%
  5. blisset 3.39%
  6. bless’ed 3.39%
  7. Other 49.15%

Definitions of blessed


  1. worthy of worship

Examples of blessed

  1. But the settlements prevailed, delusory shortcuts to a palpable proof that the Jewish people were truly blessed by God.
  2. He did in these extremities, as I conceive, most humbly recommend the direction of his judicial proceedings to the upright judge of judges, God Almighty; did submit himself to the conduct and guideship of the blessed Spirit in the hazard and perplexity of the definitive sentence, and, by this aleatory lot, did as it were implore and explore the divine decree of his goodwill and pleasure, instead of that which we call the final judgment of a court.
  3. But surely, I say, there are some people blessed with sunny dispositions - it doesn't necessarily mean they're valiantly trying to stop themselves from sliding into despair.

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