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1. A chronometer on a ship.

2. Any of the periods of time, usually four hours, into which the day aboard ship is divided and during which a part of the crew is assigned to duty.

3. A person or group of people serving, especially at night, to guard or protect.

4. A period of close observation, often in order to discover something.

5. A period of wakefulness, especially one observed as a religious vigil.

6. The members of a ship's crew on duty during a specific watch.

7. A funeral wake.

8. A flock of nightingales.

9. The post or period of duty of a guard, sentinel, or watcher.

10. A small portable timepiece, especially one worn on the wrist or carried in the pocket.

11. Any of the periods into which the night is divided; a part of the night.

12. The act of observing closely or the condition of being closely observed; surveillance.

13. The act or process of keeping awake or mentally alert, especially for the purpose of guarding.

14. A keeping awake for the purpose of attending, guarding, or preserving; attendance with out sleep; preservative or preventive vigilance; vigil.

15. Close, constant, observation; vigilant attention; careful, continued notice; supervision; vigilance; outlook: as, to be on the watch.

16. A wake. See wake, n., 2.

17. A person, or number of persons, whose duty it is to watch over the persons, property, or interests of others; a watchman, or body of watchmen; a sentinel; a sentry; guard.

18. The state of being awake; wake-fulness.

19. The period of time during which one person or body of persons watch or stand sentinel, or the time from one relief of sentinels to another; hence, a division of the night, when the precautionary setting of a watch is most generally necessary; period of time; hour.

20. Tolookfor;waitfor.

21. Toassigntoawatch.

22. To pay close attention to or be careful about, especially with regard to propriety.

23. To look and wait expectantly or in anticipation.

24. To stay alert as a devotional or religious exercise; keep vigil.

25. To observe the course of mentally; keep up on or informed about.

26. To guard, keep surveillance on, or spy on.

27. To tend or take care of (a flock or children, for example). synonym: tend.

28. To look at steadily; observe carefully or continuously.

29. To look or observe attentively or carefully; be closely observant.

30. To stay awake at night while serving as a guard, sentinel, or watcher.

31. To act as a spectator; look on.

32. (watch it) To be careful.

33. (watch (one's) step) To act or proceed with care and caution.

34. (watch (one's) step) To behave as is demanded, required, or appropriate.


1. Just with a few thousand more people watching him each night.

2. There were people there to watch me.

3. You have to keep watching the skies.

4. The bidding process is being watched closely in the oil industry.

5. Who has time to watch telly during the week?

6. Fund managers will be watching carefully for hints of what is to come next.

7. Any band activity would supposedly disturb his equilibrium so he is forbidden to leave the house and is watched round the clock.

8. It looks interesting, but who wants to watch something like it on a computer?

9. In months when it does get dark early, it is too cold to want to watch cricket at night.

10. Apply a few drops to skin morning and night and watch the years peel away.

11. When did we all stop wearing watches?

12. It is safest to buy watches and clocks from reputable dealers or auction houses.

13. Why would you want to watch other people eating failed food?

14. Stunned gallery visitors watched as guards grabbed him until cops arrived to arrest him.

15. This film she watches sets something off for her.

16. We have to be mindful of that and watch it closely.

17. The show spends a long time watching him find himself.

18. watch it carefully as it will burn easily.

19. They are staying at a hotel with police keeping a close watch.

20. Not surprisingly business schools are keeping a careful watch.

21. We used to have watch towers to keep an eye out for fire.

22. Wears a serious watch or no watch at all.

23. What you do with your life will make a difference to people watching you.

24. He had a guard standing watch outside.

25. There is something wonderful about watching a play under the stars.

26. The rest of the industry will be watching closely.

27. Is there a reasonably priced hotel that we could book for one night to watch the display in comfort?

28. Jennings watched attentively and turned to Steel.

29. It is small, on the inside of her wrist, hidden beneath her watch strap and upside down.

30. You and I were supposed to watch with rapt attention, having had our bath and changed into our dressing gown and slippers.

31. In a man-of-war, and in some merchantmen, this alternation of watches is kept up throughout the twenty-four hours; but our ship, like most merchantmen, had “all hands” from twelve o’clock till dark, except in bad weather, when we had “watch and watch.

32. If a watch, it can be said, "Your friends are growing a little suspicious of you, and, after due deliberation, they have determined to a place _a watch_ upon you."

33. When a spy was sent from Ghadames to watch the Shânbah and their approaches round the country, on the eve of my departure from that place, people went up a ruined tower, situated on a high ground, and apparently built specially for the purpose, _to watch_ the return of the spy.

34. ~ where got real ... already said its fictional, how can be real. haben watch and dun intend to watch~ its NOT as great as its hyped while it can be some sort of a transition fun if theres nothing much else keen to go for at the moment or simply out of personal interest

35. -- _A Narrative, etc. _, by W. Bligh, 1790, pp. 23, 24.] {100} [121] [ "[As] our lodgings were very miserable and confined, I had only in my power to remedy the latter defect, by putting ourselves _at watch and watch_; so that _one half_ always sat up, while the other half

36. Other friend, seeing the watch for the first time, sans time display: "* knocks on watch*

37. It is probable that the term watch was given to each of these divisions, from the practice of placing sentinels around the camp in time of war, or in cities, to watch or guard the camp or city, and that they were at first relieved three times in the night, but under the Romans four times.

38. If you dont know the term watch the movie speechless.

39. Do you really think that simply being in possession of this watch is the reason they are at Guantanamo?

40. In the Lost world, a watch is almost useless, and the calendar strictly a suggestion.

41. ‘For a brief moment all the fighting stopped as everyone watched one of the infantry barracks go up in a great ball of fire.’

42. ‘As soon as they reached a safe place to stand, everyone stopped and watched her.’

43. ‘In that 13-second time span, people just watched to see which one will become victorious.’

44. ‘People just watched all the things I was taking out of my basket.’

45. ‘Ian and Craig just watched in horror, unable to comprehend what was going on.’

46. ‘Greg moved back, watching intently to see what could happen.’

47. ‘She was intently watching the television with a broad grin spread across her lively face.’

48. ‘We all watched helplessly as the beast flew above us.’

49. ‘The crowd then watched in amazement as he freed himself in six and a half minutes.’

50. ‘He dodged, and then watched in amazement as it bounced off a tree but did not shatter.’

51. ‘The match was watched by a crowd of 5,090 and an Oldham player was sent off in the second half.’

52. ‘Serena and I both pulled back, startled, and then watched in awe as they both started laughing.’

53. ‘They were sitting side by side on her couch watching reruns of an old show.’

54. ‘Lying on the couch watching television, Denise's cordless phone began to ring.’

55. ‘My dad and I used to watch the sunrise everyday.’

56. ‘He watched in fascination as Nero, broken and bandaged, did the same.’

57. ‘Flowers and wooden curios were thrown onto bonfires as their owners watched in disbelief.’

58. ‘I watch with thinly veiled amusement as he insistently taps her on the shoulder.’

59. ‘As they watched in silence, a pillow suddenly hit Chasity in the face.’

60. ‘The red haired boy was watching in amused silence, and I poked him.’

61. ‘All the inmates had to be protected and watched over, and any problems that arose would have to be sorted out at once.’

62. ‘I know they were there for my own protection, but I was sick of being watched over.’

63. ‘She felt she knew him, knew him intimately, that he personally protected her and watched over her.’

64. ‘Bicycles are parked in special areas which are watched over by attendants, so your bike doesn't get nicked.’

65. ‘The large swimming pool on the podium roof is watched over by attendants who anticipate your every whim.’

66. ‘The box, which appeared to be designed for air freight, was also watched over by a uniformed guard.’

67. ‘In her youth, Elizabeth had been watched over by her tyrannical father.’

68. ‘Lydia has taken over the bed and is watched over by Eleanor and Libbie.’

69. ‘Infants are watched over constantly by their parents, who often take them to the tasks in which they are engaged.’

70. ‘But this was a public Internet bar that is possibly watched over by Internet security officers.’

71. ‘They were watched over by several hundred police officers, but no incidents were reported.’

72. ‘The staff did their job down to the final detail, as their supervisor watched over them like a warden on an inmate.’

73. ‘You will probably be assisted on your trip around Libya by a guide and/or a driver and possibly watched over by a man from security.’

74. ‘Richard, the owner, is on patrol duty and he watches the women protectively.’

75. ‘I watched over her during the long hours of silence in the day, as she lay in bed, moving only when the pain made her seek a fresh position to attempt to relieve it.’

76. ‘A third robber, carrying a firearm, watched over him while the others continued the raid.’

77. ‘Members of the anti-war movement should be watching these developments closely.’

78. ‘A spokesman said it was watching developments with interest.’

79. ‘Big food firms are watching developments with keen interest.’

80. ‘The South African government is watching developments in Zimbabwe closely.’

81. ‘The developments in Germany are closely watched by experts in the Netherlands.’

82. ‘It's going to be interesting to watch her development this summer in Golden.’

83. ‘We'll be watching that report and watching that decision as closely as we can, reading through it.’

84. ‘Quebec First Nation leaders were watching the court decision closely, as were leaders across the country.’

85. ‘Personally, I'm not terribly shocked by any of this yet, but I'll be watching the fall-out with interest.’

86. ‘Of course, no one watching the process closely ever expected anything different.’

87. ‘Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, is watching events with particular interest.’

88. ‘No doubt other schools will be watching the results with interest.’

89. ‘Party leaders should realize that people are closely watching the politicians.’

90. ‘We will be watching them very closely as we value our green open land and believe this could be phase two of the development.’

91. ‘So news of his consultations with the Chinese leadership was closely watched.’

92. ‘As such, the inflationary situation needs to be watched closely and there could be no room for complacency on this count.’

93. ‘People all over the world are closely watching what is happening.’

94. ‘So they will be watching very closely what the United States and other parties do.’

95. ‘And I'm watching very closely to see if that's a real worry.’

96. ‘No Broadway or Hollywood actor, singer, or dancer worth watching escaped his pen.’

97. ‘There aren't many people who have extra weight that workout/exercise regularly and watch their intake.’

98. ‘If you start watching your diet along with exercising, you're sure to see changes in your figure.’

99. ‘She kept her body slim and healthy with regular exercise and watching the amount of food she ate.’

100. ‘Nancy at times, when he got a little hefty would watch his diet.’

101. ‘You need to watch the diet and, he says wryly, this is one publican that only rarely gets a chance to have a few pints.’

102. ‘Health and physical energy is good but you need to take frequent breaks and watch your diet and fitness routines.’

103. ‘Despite good health, you need to take frequent breaks at work and watch your diet and fitness routines.’

104. ‘I have been drinking it ever since, in addition to watching my diet and cutting out shellfish.’

105. ‘When I first moved out here I lost a bunch of weight by biking to work and watching my diet.’

106. ‘He stays away from heavy weights - typically, 35 pounds per arm is his max - watches his diet and is in the gym nearly every day.’

107. ‘Your mom is skinny like you and you always complain how she watches her diet so she doesn't gain weight.’

108. ‘She says she also watched her diet and took milk thistle, and that she continues those practices today.’

109. ‘Although I watched my diet and ate healthfully, I never deprived myself of any foods.’

110. ‘This means you must really watch your diet and you must also train weights so that you look lean and cut as much as possible.’

111. ‘The athletes were instructed to watch their diet and abstain from the debilitations of sex.’

112. ‘They have begun to watch their diet by restricting the amount of fat they eat.’

113. ‘In the end, I didn't want to spend the rest of my life watching my diet, taking supplements, having tests.’

114. ‘She also provides advice for patients with medical conditions who have to watch their diet.’

115. ‘Be sure to watch your diet, the following nutrition tips might help reduce the problems.’

116. ‘The journey would take me many days, perhaps weeks, and I would have to be careful to watch my timing.’

117. ‘Her function at the time would be to watch for the target and alert her master when he arrived.’

118. ‘Driver fatigue can occur on short trips too so be alert and watch for signs of tiredness.’

119. ‘I'd wait patiently, watching for a movement that would allow me to get it in my binoculars.’

120. ‘Patrick spun around twice, three times, waiting, watching for the next attack.’

121. ‘I can't wait to burn it up, and then watch for a decline in the planetary temperature.’

122. ‘Counselors should be watching for changes in behavior or increased irritability.’

123. ‘We will continue to do what we have been doing for the last 12 years, which is watching for missiles and tracking objects in orbit.’

124. ‘Desperate to attract talent, they will be watching for a surge in would-be spies.’

125. ‘We are watching for the colder air to come over the warmer waters of the Great Lakes.’

126. ‘Good housekeeping is a phrase Michael uses when he talks about watching for fire hazards in the home.’

127. ‘Her medical condition means she has to swim with an observer on the poolside, watching for the first sign of any fit or seizure.’

128. ‘His mother often sat upon the shore of the ocean and stared out across the sea, watching for a sign.’

129. ‘I carried on walking, watching for people who showed signs of pulling up on my double yellow lines.’

130. ‘His hens are also locked indoors and he is watching for signs of the virulent disease.’

131. ‘He warily watches for signs of excessive consumption and hasn't had to crack down too hard yet.’

132. ‘They have to watch out and be really careful.’

133. ‘But he warned pranksters to watch out as the fire service was taking action to cut figures by a further five per cent each year.’

134. ‘During one such meeting, the residents are warned that their house servants may be spies and to watch out.’

135. ‘Those doing sedentary jobs watch out - you are eating more calories than you expend during the day.’

136. ‘Fans of the cards are being warned to watch out after two York youngsters bought cards on a trip to the seaside which turned out to be fakes.’

137. ‘We see him speaking with Budd, trying to convince him to watch out.’

138. ‘I should watch out though, after a few days of nerves I'm suddenly filled with a good feeling.’

139. ‘We'd suggest Lisa checks her locks and tells her friends to watch out.’

140. ‘Which are two things we usually tend to do both of, so we'll have to watch out.’

141. ‘Retailers in Kingston selling fireworks to underage youths in the run up to Guy Fawkes night had better watch out.’

142. ‘So to all other bloggers out there: next time you're in a service station, watch out!’

143. ‘Digital alarm clocks and watches operate weirdly and are often indecipherable.’

144. ‘Today we calibrate our watches with atomic clocks, but back then there was no timepiece more reliable than the rotating Earth itself.’

145. ‘Later, though, they curse me for being delayed in clocking out when the watches on their wrists clearly show it is time to go.’

146. ‘They stole necklaces from around the necks of women, watches from around their wrists, money and mobile phones from their bags.’

147. ‘He has two watches on his left wrist, one looks expensive and keeps normal time, the other is digital and keeps training time.’

148. ‘He used his phone and his watch as an alarm clock, and he slept on an air mattress.’

149. ‘Figuring things could go only one way from there, they immediately stopped their watches.’

150. ‘One cannot tell how long it takes him to calm down; the watches and clocks have stopped too.’

151. ‘Is it coincidence that our generation is infatuated with digital watches and clocks?’

152. ‘I looked at my watch on my wrist and screamed when I saw the time.’

153. ‘He strapped on his watch, so he'd take note of the time all day, and finally reached for his cell phone.’

154. ‘I have stopped wearing watches because time is really painful when you don't have your loved ones with you.’

155. ‘He felt around the side table for his watch and strapped it to his arm again before pressing a button on the side.’

156. ‘However, clocks and watches suffered from a lack of precision in both operation and standardization.’

157. ‘He pulled his left arm away from her and checked the gleaming silver watch on his wrist.’

158. ‘A safe was forced open and a very large quantity of antique gold watches were stolen.’

159. ‘She pointed to the gold watch on her wrist.’

160. ‘Trent's digital watch beeped moments later, just after the two had finished their breakfasts.’

161. ‘I bought a digital watch for the first time in years because I was so struck with the phenomenon.’

162. ‘Me, I still wear my digital watch every day.’

163. ‘I want to raise one or two other things just as examples to assure the House that I have been keeping a close watch on its concerns.’

164. ‘The international community will be keeping a close watch on the results.’

165. ‘He must know that the police are keeping a close watch on the area.’

166. ‘The Ottoman court in Istanbul was clearly keeping a close watch on developments in the western Atlantic.’

167. ‘In this case the cargo must be vented twice daily for thirty minutes each period with a careful watch kept on the delivery temperature.’

168. ‘Instruction has been given to keep a close watch on the patient and to take necessary preventive measures if necessary.’

169. ‘Medical staff are maintaining a close watch on the patient and his family are keeping a constant presence at his bedside.’

170. ‘They kept a vigilant watch at the back but had to be on guard against the counter.’

171. ‘As always he kept a careful watch on David as he poked around the store, Craig had little trust in him.’

172. ‘This is one of two or three seats we hope to keep a careful watch on, when we hit the ground running next week!’

173. ‘My husband and I both keep quite a careful watch over what we will have to live on when we retire.’

174. ‘I keep a vigilant watch but did not see any crimes being committed or miscreants around the premises.’

175. ‘He still kept a vigilant watch on him throughout the entire evening.’

176. ‘He kept a careful watch on her, knowing it was him who taught her everything she knows.’

177. ‘Umpires must keep a careful watch as to the position of the runners every time an outfielder makes a throw.’

178. ‘Some medicines can be used during pregnancy if the doctor keeps a careful watch on the mother.’

179. ‘And families will need to keep a close watch on youngsters taking such drugs.’

180. ‘Their 24-hour watch and the strict limits imposed on our activities weighed heavily on us.’

181. ‘The site is heavily contaminated and a 24-hour watch is required to prevent fly tipping.’

182. ‘So preoccupied were the bears that they paid no attention to us for the whole duration of our 1,5 hour watch.’

183. ‘He blinked, his foggy vision slowly clearing, and stood, realizing that the last watch of the night was over, and the king was awake.’

184. ‘During the first watch of the night he acquired the power to look back through his previous existences, recalling them in full detail.’

185. ‘Both of them would take a watch during the night, and would report anything strange to her at once.’

186. ‘Another of the Scarlet mages who slew the Azure ones is camped very close to me, and had the dawn watch.’

187. ‘Ascending to the quarterdeck, he checked in with the man assigned the afternoon watch.’

188. ‘It was an old trick that he had learnt in the jungles of South America from sentries on the midday watch.’

189. ‘He glanced at his wrist chrono and saw that it was already about an hour into the next watch.’

190. ‘Firefighters of blue watch at Sheffield Central fire station line up in front of one of their fire appliances.’

191. ‘This film is a demanding watch, with a run time of just over two hours.’

192. ‘The two earlier titles are a better watch than that film and Hours has its own not-too-stylish dark charm.’

193. ‘In the end, the strength of the performances sustains interest sufficiently to make it a worthwhile watch.’

194. ‘Much like the deleted scenes, this feature is actually pretty funny and a worthwhile watch.’

195. ‘On its own terms, it's a reasonable watch, though long at two hours and 20 minutes.’

196. ‘Still, there is some explanation of why the cast was chosen, so it makes for an interesting watch.’

197. ‘The winner of this year's Sundance Festival is edgy and no easy watch.’

198. ‘For a film that carries so much brutality and pain this is a surprisingly easy watch.’

199. ‘A habitat for a watch of nightingales could be created in Essex.’

200. watch a basketball game

Other users have misspelling watch as:

1. wach 20.98%

2. woch 7.21%

3. watc 6.48%

4. wacth 6.19%

5. wtc 4.95%

6. whach 4.01%

7. whatch 3.28%

8. watche 2.4%

9. waatch 1.6%

10. Other 42.9%

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