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1. A journey made on such a path or route.

2. A series of competitions held in different places.

3. A closed path followed or capable of being followed by an electric current.

4. The area covered by such a course, especially by the judge or judges of a court.

5. A configuration of electrically or electromagnetically connected components or devices.

6. A regular or accustomed course from place to place; a round.

7. A group of nightclubs, show halls, or resorts at which entertainers appear in turn.

8. The region enclosed by such a line.

9. A closed, usually circular line that goes around an object or area. synonym: circumference.

10. The act of following such a path or route.

11. A path or route the complete traversal of which without local change of direction requires returning to the starting point.

12. An association of theaters in which plays, acts, or films move from theater to theater for presentation.

13. The circumference of, or distance round, any space; the measure of a line round an area.

14. A regular or appointed journeying from place to place in the exercise of one's calling, as of a judge, or a preacher.

15. That which encircles anything, as a ring or crown.

16. The space inclosed within a circle, or within limits.

17. (Law) A certain division of a state or country, established by law for a judge or judges to visit, for the administration of justice.

18. (Law) a longer course of proceedings than is necessary to attain the object in view.

19. obsolete Circumlocution.

20. (Methodist Church) A district in which an itinerant preacher labors.

21. (Law) a court which sits successively in different places in its circuit (see Circuit, 6). In the United States, the federal circuit courts are commonly presided over by a judge of the supreme court, or a special circuit judge, together with the judge of the district court. They have jurisdiction within statutory limits, both in law and equity, in matters of federal cognizance. Some of the individual States also have circuit courts, which have general statutory jurisdiction of the same class, in matters of State cognizance.

22. The act of moving or revolving around, or as in a circle or orbit; a revolution.

23. The name given by foreigners in China to a subdivision of a province, containing two or more fû or prefectures, under the control of an official styled a Tao-tai.

24. Specifically The district or portion of country in which the same judge or judges hold courts for the trial of questions of fact.

25. In the Meth. Ch., to go the rounds of a circuit as an itinerant preacher.

26. A roundabout argument or statement; circumlocution.

27. In mathematics, a closed path on a surface.

28. Hence A circuit court (see below).

29. A boundary-line encompassing any object; the distance round any space, whether circular or of other form; circumference; limit; compass.

30. A number of theaters controlled by one manager.

31. That which encircles; a ring or circlet.

32. In the Meth. Ch., the district assigned to an itinerant preacher.

33. The act of moving or passing around; a circular movement, progress, or journey; a revolution.

34. The space inclosed in a circle or within certain limits.

35. In logic, the extension of a term. See extension.

36. The arrangement by which a current of electricity is kept up between the two poles of an electrical machine or of a voltaic battery; the path of an electric current.

37. The journey of a judge or other person from one place to another for the purpose of holding court or performing other stated duties.

38. The district or territory in which any business involving periodical journeys from place to place is carried on; the places visited.

39. To revolve about or go around in.

40. To move in a circle or circuit; go around.

41. obsolete To move in a circle; to go round; to circulate.

42. obsolete To travel around.

43. To make a circuit or circuit of.


1. Another option would be to join the international political circuit.

2. The two men complete the circuit and prepare to go home.

3. He has become friends with a lot of people on the track circuit.

4. The nature of the circuit also makes it one of the most tiring tracks we race at.

5. After one circuit rest for one minute.

6. The lightning had struck outdoor cables and blown the entire house electrical circuit.

7. One good with wires and rubber and circuit boards and mirrors.

8. These works catapulted him onto the international touring circuit.

9. That is almost twice the annual salary of a circuit judge.

10. Or will it be the lecture circuit?

11. The jockeys set out to complete three circuits of the cobbled surround.

12. It uses the skin as a conductor to complete an electrical circuit.

13. At the moment computer chips have to be wired together into a circuit board.

14. The snag is that the international cricket circuit rolls on ceaselessly.

15. He is more talkative on the lucrative lecture circuit.

16. It is used for systems such as electrical circuits.

17. The ambience is already great before you get to the circuit and the track itself is just phenomenal.

18. The chairman of the body charged with appointing judges feels unfairly under fire over a shortage of circuit judges.

19. And that's given the slower motors on the circuit the chance to catch up.

20. It's simply a matter of pulling out one printed circuit board and inserting another by hand.

21. The twisting street circuit makes it like no other track, with the lowest average top speed of the year.

22. It is like the ones that you get on aircraft, only with a small circuit board over one eye.

23. That race is over a single circuit of this course but it's not impossible that he will last this longer distance.

24. Make your own model aircraft or ride on the miniature train as it circuits its 100ft track at this exhibition of engines and aircraft.

25. Races will be held on the motor racing circuit and on surrounding roads - see map, right.

26. The circuit of a complete pair of cords and plugs with their associated apparatus is called a _cord circuit_.

27. The circuit containing the battery, transmitter, and primary winding of the induction coil is called the _local circuit_.

28. The advantages of putting the transmitter and the battery which supplies it with current in a local circuit with the primary of an induction coil, and placing the secondary of the induction coil in the line, have already been pointed out but may be briefly summarized as follows: When the transmitter is placed directly in the _line circuit_ and the line is of considerable length, the current which passes through the transmitter is necessarily rather small unless a battery of high potential is used; and, furthermore, the total change in resistance which the transmitter is capable of producing is but a small proportion of the total resistance of the line, and, therefore, the current changes produced by the transmitter are relatively small.

29. But his book elides the question of whether this circuit is also the source of IQ differences.

30. But that person, who was behind a desk, noticed that the student was wearing what she described as a circuit board.

31. My comrade, having the brand of an old offender, was executed; the young offender was spared, having obtained a reprieve, but lay starving a long while in prison, till at last she got her name into what they call a circuit pardon, and so came off.

32. His arraignment in circuit court is scheduled for Oct. 8.

33. However, if the circuit is closed the energy will be quickly released.

34. As for it being a “bad” idea to cite foreign state cases in circuit courts … the answer is “it depends.”

35. ‘The circuit was almost finished, and I was second.’

36. ‘He finished a circuit around the main square.’

37. ‘Grunting, he picked up one sack, bearing it with him as he finished the circuit of the booths.’

38. ‘I finished my circuit of the town, now also wanting to buy an antiquarian book.’

39. ‘At present, long haul international freighters are losing capacity because of the need to carry extra fuel to fly circuits around Perth in case the weather is poor.’

40. ‘The planes end up flying circuits around Perth to burn up fuel or to dump fuel on arrival.’

41. ‘The walk route is a 1km circuit around the park, so you can do as many laps as you like.’

42. ‘She had just finished her circuit of the room, when she realized that nothing else had caught her eye.’

43. ‘We have a witness who was driving a circuit route around this part of the Island.’

44. ‘The helicopter flew a final circuit and then the show was over.’

45. ‘On your fourth flight you fly solo and by then you're pretty confident in flying circuits.’

46. ‘Since 1995, the flight circuits have been directed to the north, north-west and south of the base.’

47. ‘The race finishes with a circuit race in the centre of Dublin next Sunday.’

48. ‘It sticks doggedly to its line through numerous fast circuits round large roundabouts.’

49. ‘In the real tour, 11 circuits of the Champs Elysees are expected to climax in a mass sprint for what has become one of the most prestigious victories in professional cycling.’

50. ‘Little buggies do circuits round the island as golfers try to discover what's going on.’

51. ‘Blood flows in a circuit between the heart and the lungs.’

52. ‘They'd make a few circuits of the church so we all got a good look.’

53. ‘We boarded the Moorsbus at Cropton, leaving the village buzzing with a group of 30 or more ramblers off to do a local circuit.’

54. ‘The direction of travel around a circuit is decided by the instructor.’

55. ‘Talladega is still the fastest track on the circuit.’

56. ‘Imola is a nice track and a special circuit to open this part of the calendar.’

57. ‘After the first two days of testing, the official drivers swapped circuits.’

58. ‘I like the Hungaroring, as it's quite a different track from the rest of the Formula One circuits.’

59. ‘It is also a circuit designed for Formula One cars as it is very smooth.’

60. ‘My goal here is to learn the circuit as fast as I can and obviously try to finish the race.’

61. ‘The track actually consists of 5 separate circuits, including a 2.5km oval and a 1.2km drag strip.’

62. ‘There used to be a kart circuit opposite the market and that was the only place I raced for the first three years.’

63. ‘The crowd then briskly moves to the trackside to watch the start and follow the colours of their jockey around the circuit to the finish line.’

64. ‘Bardon flew around the circuit in an impressive time of 29.84.’

65. ‘Powering his way around the circuit he finished with three and a half lengths to spare.’

66. ‘I am very pleased to have crossed the finish line on my home circuit in front of all the celebrating mechanics.’

67. ‘On the circuit, 600 meters from the finish line, there was a cobblestone section that we passed over every loop we made.’

68. ‘The winner and their guest will be flown to the circuit by helicopter, where they will be able to watch the race from the best seats in the house.’

69. ‘The runners had a six-kilometre circuit, within which Mosley finished in 20 minutes, 27 seconds.’

70. ‘With me in the passenger seat, Mark took me around four laps of the circuit.’

71. ‘Hislop couldn't afford to take his family to the tour's race circuits with him to cultivate their interest.’

72. ‘Road racing was popular on the continent but in Britain it was banned, leading to the development of closed circuits on private land.’

73. ‘Having raced bikes for the past 22 years, this vastly experienced rider made short work of the circuit and fellow riders.’

74. ‘He had never raced at the circuit before and his performance was excellent.’

75. ‘A growing theatre company is developing its circuit of rural venues by bringing a piece of contemporary dynamite to local stages.’

76. ‘She secured the coveted title of Sports Personality of the Year based on her outstanding performances on the international circuit last year.’

77. ‘The comedian has been a regular performer at major venues on the national circuit.’

78. ‘Ever since Tiger Woods entered the golf circuit, the sport hasn't been the same.’

79. ‘In addition to her fairground business, she sells smuggled liquor to the inns and public houses on her circuit.’

80. ‘Cliff diving is an international sport with a world circuit contested by competitors from as far afield as Iceland and Brazil.’

81. ‘He studied literature and drama before working the cabaret circuit.’

82. ‘Her brief career has been dotted with some creditable performances in the domestic circuit.’

83. ‘The youngster has become firmly established on the showbiz circuit in the past year.’

84. ‘He said: ‘We've spent years getting the circuit ready for this event, proving we could run it’.’

85. ‘The Rotherham-born actress started work on the cabaret circuit as a singer touring the north of England.’

86. ‘The race accompanies the Berlin Marathon, a major event on the running circuit.’

87. ‘It was one of the biggest shows to tour the country music circuit; the line up was impressive.’

88. ‘As for the live circuit, nothing beats getting yourself out to a comedy club and checking out new talent first hand.’

89. ‘No strangers to the tour circuit, these boys have been doing the rounds for several years.’

90. ‘The films will be introduced by the acclaimed Italian director, whose movies have done the rounds in international film circuits.’

91. ‘There are actual tour circuits where, twice a month, people will host a show in their homes.’

92. ‘Since then, she has toured the European circuit.’

93. ‘He wouldn't want his name to be slandered on the party circuit for being a closed-minded homophobe.’

94. ‘From Sundance to Venice, each film has trodden the path of the festival circuit.’

95. ‘If your hotel has a fitness center, this is the day to add a light circuit of resistance training to work all your muscles.’

96. ‘There will also be a five-week circuit training course beginning on January 12.’

97. ‘Performing a circuit workout once or twice a week will at least keep you in the habit of training.’

98. ‘The program involved eight exercises, performed in a circuit manner with a short rest between each station.’

99. ‘Perform the following four exercises as a circuit for each arm, doing all moves for one arm before switching.’

100. ‘For variety, moving quickly through a circuit of several weightlifting exercises also can do the trick.’

101. ‘Complete one or two circuits two or three days a week.’

102. ‘You team up with a partner and after the warm-up, you do two circuits of 15 different exercises.’

103. ‘Training consisted of daily sessions of rigorous circuits and sparring to fine-tune skills and fitness for the approaching battle.’

104. ‘A range of programmes such as aerobics, dance classes and circuit training will be offered to cater for all age groups and various levels of fitness.’

105. ‘To perform this workout as a circuit, move from exercise to exercise without rest until you complete one set of each.’

106. ‘Nearly every day the swimmers complete a circuit of hand weights and stretch cords.’

107. ‘This workout uses a circuit format, which means you don't rest between exercises.’

108. ‘For maximum definition and toning of your entire body, perform 10 cardio/strength circuits.’

109. ‘Your circuit training could include kickboxing and weight training techniques.’

110. ‘Do this workout as a circuit twice a week in conjunction with your regular training.’

111. ‘Included in the hour long session is a 30-minute exercise circuit, which could prove the ideal way to shed those pounds for Christmas.’

112. ‘Abdominal muscle tone is important for stability, so a circuit along the following lines should help his performance and reduce the risk of injury.’

113. ‘To complete the first cycle in the circuit, after you have finished your barbell rows, immediately begin your bent knee sit-ups; perform 30 reps.’

114. ‘This will include professional tennis coaching, co-ordination circuits and fun team sports and competitions.’

115. ‘The circuit court judge who heard the case at trial directed the jury to find for the plaintiff.’

116. ‘A neighbours' squabble over late-night noise ended in court before a circuit judge, 12 jurors and two barristers.’

117. ‘It was the kind of decision that the liberal judges on the circuit normally ask the court to rehear.’

118. ‘He cited a case where a circuit court judge made a ruling on a point of law which disadvantaged the prosecution.’

119. ‘The junior minister urged district and circuit court judges to start using the new law immediately.’

120. ‘The circuit court judge decided the litigants didn't have a right to sue.’

121. ‘It is my hope that all appeals will be listed for hearing by circuit judges.’

122. ‘He returned to the legal profession, becoming a circuit court judge in Gadsden.’

123. ‘The responsibility is greatest when the circuit judge is asked to issue a search warrant.’

124. ‘Judicial councils are composed of circuit judges, and they proceed under the direction of the senior circuit judge.’

125. ‘At 30, Joe McCarthy was the youngest man ever elected a circuit judge in Wisconsin.’

126. ‘The presiding circuit judge might not have known all the laws relevant to the case.’

127. ‘When the judge refused, she appealed her decision to a circuit court.’

128. ‘After the report, a tribunal of Maryland circuit court judges reduced the homicide charge to manslaughter.’

129. ‘Outside the capital, most divorce cases are heard in circuit courts that do not sit year round.’

130. ‘To see junior barristers in action, visits to district or circuit courts are a good idea.’

131. ‘As one of two family law judges on the circuit, she was one of the first to deal with divorce cases.’

132. ‘The Assize courts were presided over by High Court judges out on circuit.’

133. ‘The circuit judges' ruling left things as they are for the moment.’

134. ‘Members attended bi-weekly court sessions, wherein their progress was individually appraised by a resident circuit judge.’

135. ‘The country was divided by Henry II into six judicial circuits for the purpose of bringing royal justice to all regions.’

136. ‘Six tourism circuits will be identified for development to international standards during 2002-03.’

137. ‘The commissioners were major lay and ecclesiastical lords with only small landholdings in the shires of the circuit.’

138. ‘There are other churches on the Methodist circuit in Accrington so there might be other people in other churches prepared to help.’

139. ‘The cathedral is set to be packed for the service, with all tickets already distributed through deaneries and Methodist circuits.’

140. ‘There are currently around 11 Methodist churches in the Keighley circuit.’

141. ‘In 1863 he took charge of the Ramer circuit in south Montgomery County, Alabama.’

142. ‘In more than 20 years of studying the Odeon cinema circuit, he had seen this kind of scenario enacted many times.’

143. ‘He had learned that an inductance coil was a closed circuit with no current of its own.’

144. ‘When the charges connect, effectively closing a circuit, electric energy flows along that jagged path.’

145. ‘When air is brought into contact with the second electrode, current flows through any circuit linking the two electrodes.’

146. ‘If a fuse is in the supply circuit, it will do its job and blow out, opening the circuit and stopping the current flow.’

147. ‘Increasingly, aluminium circuits were restricting the flow of electrical current, creating signal delay between the millions of transistors inside a chip.’

148. ‘With the exception of sound, electricity is the only other kinesis that requires a circuit or path to get to a destination.’

149. ‘In every circuit, voltage, current and resistance are exactly proportional, mathematically speaking.’

150. ‘When there is a path that goes from the negative to the positive terminal, you have a circuit, and electrons can flow through the wire.’

151. ‘Follow the path of the circuits back a bit to see where they connect up to solder points.’

152. ‘Lithography tools are used to draw the lines of a circuit on to a semiconductor wafer.’

153. ‘The very small particles stream through wires and circuits creating currents of electricity.’

154. ‘When you pick up a handset it generates a loop current in the circuit.’

155. ‘The battery forces electrons to flow through the circuit from one terminal to the other.’

156. ‘In the ordinary telephone system, each time we make a call, we have to establish a circuit between our phone and the phone of the person we would like to talk with.’

157. ‘She cannot list the major components in an electrical circuit even though they were described in the chapter.’

158. ‘Power electronics technology uses electronic circuits to convert and control electric energy with optimum efficiency.’

159. ‘The components of the circuit are checked against specific parameters.’

160. ‘Applied as very thin films, they create a fabric of nanotube ropes that can conduct electricity in circuits.’

161. ‘Basically, LEDs are just tiny light bulbs that fit easily into an electrical circuit.’

162. ‘The electron from the hydrogen goes through the electrical circuit to the cathode to make water.’

163. ‘The control circuits take mere nanoseconds to decide how the laser light must be modulated.’

164. ‘A control circuit is coupled to the sensors and receives the signals.’

165. ‘Mauchly's interests were in electrical engineering and he looked for ways to develop electrical circuits for computation.’

166. ‘The local phone company lost one of its major switching centres, with some 200,000 lines and three million circuits.’

167. ‘They claim that the company owes other telecoms operators about £1.25 million in fines for the late delivery of telecoms circuits and leased lines.’

168. ‘Thanks to wireless integration, roughly 20 more lighting circuits became programmable for use in lighting scenes and pathways.’

169. ‘In the accident identification system, there are circuits to determine when there is an abnormal movement that indicates an accident.’

170. ‘The heating element includes heating segments connected together in an electric circuit.’

171. ‘Engineers added the new circuits for the electric air conditioning.’

172. ‘For electric circuits on a nanoscale, further components are needed in addition to tiny wires.’

173. ‘A battery is only one source for an electric circuit.’

174. ‘The chips would be made from silicon or plastic, using microscopic machinery which can fit electric circuits on to objects too small to be seen by the naked eye.’

175. ‘My grandfather had died in 1913 installing electric circuits when he, my father, was a baby.’

176. ‘In an electrical circuit, the number of electrons that are moving is called the amperage or the current, and it is measured in amps.’

177. ‘You will accompany me as we backtrack through art's history, before circuiting the globe in pursuit of art's diverse manifestations.’

178. ‘There is a railway with model trains circuiting the room.’

179. ‘An American couple, circuiting the perimeter, had just visited HMS Britannia.’

180. ‘Very deliberately, like discoursing philosophers, we circuited the diamond.’

181. ‘Drake's expedition was the second to circuit the globe and also led to his claiming California for Elizabeth.’

182. ‘Pull up a pillion seat and spend the next hour breezily circuiting the Rock while your driver tells its tale.’

183. ‘After eight of our orbits Venus has circuited the Sun 13 times, and returns to more or less the same position relative to us.’

184. ‘Most of those are in the main belt, where some millions of asteroids larger than 1 km in size are thought to circuit the Sun.’

185. ‘This nine-mile walk circuited through the local forestry.’

186. a ten-day coach circuit of the island

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