Definition of 'buried'


Word Frequency
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1. Concealed, hidden.

2. Placed in a grave at a burial.

3. covered from view.

4. placed in a grave. Opposite of unburied.

5. Simple past tense and past participle of bury.


1. His Citroën crawled through the heavy snow, back through the dark villages buried in silence.

2. Whenever I'm in a car and not behind the wheel, I've got my feet buried in the floorboards.

3. Each chair had a McKinnon name etched on the back, and the owner of the name buried underneath.

4. Most authors, even well-known ones, have some title buried in their back-catalogue which deserves better recognition.

5. Most authors, even well-known ones, have some title buried in their back-catalogue which deserves ...

6. Rushdale, having passed the crisis of his disorder, fell into a deep sleep; a gentle dew moistened his burning frame, and he awoke refreshed, restored to reason, and so much better, as to remove from the mind of the countess the horror of being what she called buried alive — remaining at Torrington Castle with no other company than the perfect lady

7. This time — you know, we laid the last track down in November, and it’s just been one thing after another, some snafu at the label buried the Christmas release, and then there was — oh man, I can’t even talk about that, but it was supposed to hit the shelves in February but now, you know, we just don’t know.

8. No child that was once buried is still underground.

9. Related question: How long does rabies persist on/in buried bones?

10. But for a lot of us who are used to the plain buried six feet under or the basic cremation, these burials are far from normal.

11. And their voice is again buried within themselves as they were afraid that they would be abandoned by their husbands and society.

12. the hastily buried corpses

Other users have misspelling buried as:

1. bord 24.03%

2. burried 17.05%

3. buryed 3.49%

4. Other 55.43%

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