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1. A spear-shape of ice.

2. Informal An aloof or emotionally unresponsive person.

3. A tapering spike of ice formed by the freezing of dripping or falling water.

4. A pendent, and usually conical, mass of ice, formed by freezing of dripping water.

5. ice resembling a pendent spear, formed by the freezing of dripping water

6. In heraldry, same as goutte or drop, but reversed, with the point downward. Compare gutté reversed, under gutté.

7. A pendent mass of ice tapering downward to a point, formed by the freezing of drops of water or other liquid flowing down from the place of attachment.


1. Hanu-man took an icicle - a cylinder of water frozen around a wooden stick - and he rubbed it up and down over Danlo's back.

2. From the icicle above the porch a steady chain of drips began to fall onto the step.

3. 4 Driven by thirst, I eyed a fine icicle outside the window, within hand's reach.

4. Come January, they were selling off what they call icicle lights, but we call fairy lights, for about 50 cents each.

5. Everyone knows what an icicle is and what it looks like, so this research is very accessible.

6. Her hilarious and demented crafts projects -- like the meat helmet, the everybody in icicle lights campaign, and the stink-beetle cross stitch -- never cease to amaze me.

7. SHAPIRO: Was there ever a moment that you were crafting a tune and you thought: If only he had used the word icicle instead of snowflake, this would be so much easier, or if only this were the chorus instead of that?

8. Sheikha dazzles east London in fur boots with 'icicle' heels on tour of Olympic stadium

9. When there is nothing left of the winter snow but these ridges behind the stone walls, and a dingy drift here and there in a hollow, or in the woods, Winter has virtually resigned the icicle which is his sceptre.

10. Where you see white blare, like a loud trumpet, in real life is all lacy "icicle" lights.

11. And when they wanted to write down _tung_ "a beam," instead of "icicle," they put the obvious indicator 木 "wood," thus 棟.

12. ‘Then, on location for 1993's The Age of Innocence in Troy, New York, Scorsese ran across an 1896 photo of a burned-out building, hauntingly dripping with icicles.’

13. ‘Anastas and his friends endure the cold water, watching icicles form on the brims of their neoprene hoods, to get some of the best surfing of the year.’

14. ‘I drank three coffees and forced myself out for a brisk walk to photograph the dripping icicles before they melt.’

15. ‘Water dripped from icicles outside my window as the temperature rose above freezing for the first time in a long while in the heat of mid-afternoon.’

16. ‘Within the cave is an icicle of natural ice formed in the shape of the ‘Lingam’.’

17. ‘They loved making snow angels and licking icicles as though they were popsicles.’

18. ‘Here, where the branches of my beautiful weeping white birch tree will soon be laden with frozen snow and long icicles, replacing the bright golden leaves that now grace them.’

19. ‘We had three feet of snow, icicles everywhere on trees and buildings, and we skittered from fire to fire, knowing we were in the midst of something historic in literature.’

20. ‘He's lured to her snow castle, a version of Wolfgang's inn as covered in snow and icicles.’

21. ‘Christmas has a certain magical quality for children: snowball fights, snowmen, icicles hanging from rooftops, frozen ponds and icy - slidey pavements.’

22. ‘Giant icicles glistened against the 185 ft drop, as multiple rainbows added to the perfect postcard outside my 27th floor window.’

23. ‘Somewhere inside, most of us are still trained to think of a seasonal cycle, part of which involves snowy landscapes, frost-crusted woods, icicles, frozen ponds.’

24. ‘He sent ABC Gippsland a great collection of photos from that trip and this photo showing Mt Hotham's wintery icicles is perfect for the Winter Photo Comp!’

25. ‘Eventually he was forced to land after 2ft long icicles threatened to puncture the balloon which was cruising at an average height of around 14,000 feet.’

26. ‘It is mainly locals who experience it as icicles, since visiting Stehekin over winter is even more problematic - thanks to harsh weather that can sweep in over the space of just a few hours.’

27. ‘The other photograph shows a picturesque frozen cascade formed by icicles clinging to the rock face of Old Town Quarry, Harwood, in 1963.’

28. ‘Like most newcomers, all he wanted to do was slag the winter, unable to see the merits of this funny little town for the icicles and subzero temperatures.’

29. ‘The water coming over my bow froze the control lines in place and icicles formed off the trailing edge of the mast, frozen horizontal by the wind flow.’

30. ‘It is so cold that icicles hang from Joe's sodden coat.’

31. ‘Meanwhile dangerous icicles hanging from a railway bridge in Harrogate caused concern and were reported to Railtrack to be removed.’

32. icicles formed on our house during the snowy winter

Other users have misspelling icicle as:

1. icicl 23.53%

2. ossicle 5.88%

3. icycle 5.88%

4. iceicool 5.88%

5. Other 58.83%

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