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Other users have misspelling obnoxious as:

pie chart
  1. obnoxtious 9.52%
  2. obnocshus 4.76%
  3. obnocshis 4.76%
  4. obnoxshis 4.76%
  5. Other 76.2%

Definitions of obnoxious


  1. causing disapproval or protest

Examples of obnoxious

  1. Damien writhed in anger as he stood penned in the bus shelter like an animal, with this herd of obnoxious Cockneys.
  2. By himself becoming a Hindu and a sannyasin, he has challenged the obnoxious caste system.
  3. Returning to her native city from Asia, she was driven home by a rude, obnoxious and deceitful driver.

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