Definition of 'enthusiasm'


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1. Possession by a god; divine inspiration or frenzy.

2. Intensity of feeling; excited interest or eagerness.

3. Religious fanaticism.

4. Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause.

5. Ecstasy arising from supposed possession by a god.

6. A source or cause of great excitement or interest.

7. A state of impassioned emotion; transport; elevation of fancy; exaltation of soul.

8. Inspiration as if by a divine or superhuman power; ecstasy; hence, a conceit of divine possession and revelation, or of being directly subject to some divine impulse.

9. Enkindled and kindling fervor of soul; strong excitement of feeling on behalf of a cause or a subject; ardent and imaginative zeal or interest.

10. Lively manifestation of joy or zeal.

11. a lively interest

12. a feeling of excitement

13. Synonyms Earnestness, Zeal, etc. (see eagerness); warmth, ardor, passion, devotion.

14. In general, a natural tendency toward extravagant admiration and devotion; specifically, absorbing or controlling possession of the mind by any interest, study, or pursuit; ardent zeal in pursuit of some object, inspiring energetic endeavor with strong hope and confidence of success.

15. An ecstasy of mind, as if from inspiration or possession by a spiritual influence; hence, a belief or conceit of being divinely inspired or commissioned.

16. An experience or a manifestation of exalted appreciation or devotion; an expression or a feeling of exalted admiration, imagination, or the like: in this sense with a plural: as, his enthusiasms were now all extinguished; the enthusiasm of impassioned oratory.


1. Equally foreign to these parts are his sideline antics and infectious enthusiasm.

2. There may be a lack of enthusiasm on your part which your girlfriend is picking up on.

3. Since then the polls have shown a lack of enthusiasm for a vote.

4. His enthusiasm is utterly infectious.

5. Studying sciences To succeed, students need interest and enthusiasm.

6. Before any clearer idea of where Saga is heading, it is hard to summon up too much enthusiasm.

7. It's good the enthusiasm is infectious as the overly polished, shallow action misses the point and rings hollow.

8. Others meet it with a great deal of enthusiasm.

9. The young actors were full of enthusiasm and energy.

10. There is little enthusiasm for the opposition.

11. These all flourish as a result of his infectious enthusiasm.

12. Younger players showing too much enthusiasm were mocked by older ones for being too keen.

13. He expected all about him to share his interests and enthusiasm.

14. Really it was a test of her enthusiasm and skills.

15. My suspicion is my table hosts may not share my enthusiasm on the subject.

16. He stood out as a young man of stature and great enthusiasm.

17. But youthful enthusiasm gave us energy and determination and we set off at a cracking pace.

18. Campaigners agreed that there was little enthusiasm on the doorstep.

19. His own generous book has an enthusiasm equally infectious.

20. He has so much enthusiasm and running power.

21. As a player before his move he always showed skill and enthusiasm.

22. His enthusiasm for the subject is boundless.

23. He shows great enthusiasm all the time.

24. We hope it means he will listen in regard to their lack of enthusiasm for the whole deal.

25. The fact that my body was inactive was making me feel lacking in energy and enthusiasm for things.

26. Is there a current wave of enthusiasm for dot-com businesses?

27. Practice was a sullen affair, conducted with an almost funereal lack of enthusiasm.

28. Pleasure boating was still in its infancy, and there was none of the current enthusiasm for leisure.

29. Of course, examination results do matter, but as important is enthusiasm for the subject.

30. The bands have limited musical abilities, but what's important is an enthusiasm for the books and a love of music.

31. ‘It was always hard then to create much interest or enthusiasm for it here in London.’

32. ‘At the time, the parish councillors expressed enthusiasm for the idea.’

33. ‘Many have expressed enthusiasm for the kind of farming that the Limestone Country project will support.’

34. ‘It's a display of loyalty and enthusiasm for a brand that is seen as fun, friendly and different.’

35. ‘They chose teaching as a career because they loved their subject and wanted to share their enthusiasm with others.’

36. ‘In the course of her discussion she expressed her enthusiasm for taking this business.’

37. ‘However, full awareness of this has not curbed people's enthusiasm for car purchases.’

38. ‘It also describes his great enthusiasm for everything his company made or did.’

39. ‘She has been successful in large part because her enthusiasm for the hobby is contagious.’

40. ‘Chen's enthusiasm for film came from the numerous movies she had seen in her childhood.’

41. ‘He said he had great personal enthusiasm for the project and praised the hard work that had gone into it.’

42. ‘Her obvious enthusiasm for her subject certainly increased our afternoon's enjoyment.’

43. ‘Young people showed little interest in past media and much enthusiasm for contemporary media.’

44. ‘Can the party get out of its enthusiasm for the single currency if the public mood swings against it?’

45. ‘Throw in the referendum and this adds to people's confusion and lack of enthusiasm for the vote.’

46. ‘All that boundless enthusiasm for a linear existence made me feel nauseous.’

47. ‘However, there is no doubting his enthusiasm for this little-known genre.’

48. ‘The teaching staff had shown great enthusiasm for the project, and this added to that of the students.’

49. ‘Already it has commented on this newspaper's enthusiasm for the idea, and the endorsement of local MPs.’

50. ‘He tries as hard as he can on the course, but given his lack of enthusiasm for the competition, that is not enough to produce his best golf.’

51. ‘And the best compilations give you a direct line into somebody's head - their enthusiasms and obsessions.’

52. ‘Whether or not she actually buys women's magazines, she can't escape their sexual anxieties, enthusiasms, and obsessions.’

53. ‘Not always very quickly - there is merit in taking one's time to build up a picture of usage and so avoid being misled by temporary enthusiasms and short-lived fashion.’

54. ‘As Ross described her various enthusiasms, the conversation of the surrounding diners provided a counterpoint of urban dismay and aspiration.’

55. ‘Jack had a way of romanticizing his enthusiasms.’

56. ‘Walking through this massive show, we see his enthusiasms feed into his art and gradually begin to understand how Van Gogh assimilates, using old masters to realise new ideas.’

57. ‘Economist, writer, diplomat and public servant, he was also a collector with wide-ranging enthusiasms.’

58. ‘It may be a special case of this, because it does not promote simply fringe enthusiasms like mid-winter surfing or steam railways.’

59. ‘With the advent of rock and subsequent popular-music enthusiasms, the big bands were greatly reduced in number.’

60. ‘The town is another of his enthusiasms, but what is there to do there at night other than drinking, dining, gambling or checking over your ski gear?’

61. ‘He chose movie scripts profligately, appearing in lousy films just to earn money for his expensive enthusiasms.’

62. ‘Over the years there have been many enthusiasms.’

63. ‘She was the daughter of a Protestant Italian liberal exile who loathed the Papacy as much as he loved Dante and mixed both enthusiasms in his view of Italian history.’

64. ‘Do such pop culture enthusiasms as horror movies and fries seem unlikely for a globe-trotting chef?’

65. ‘Other various enthusiasms have included - fishing, badminton, cycling and going to the gym.’

66. ‘Mass enthusiasms of one kind or another are a given in any society, but why football and why this kind of football?’

67. ‘His other enthusiasms as a reader include John Steinbeck, James Baldwin and Somerset Maugham.’

68. ‘Not all my enthusiasms have stood the test of time as thoroughly as O'Hara has.’

69. ‘It's very satisfying to be able to deal with the earliest of your enthusiasms, and Bix was a hero of mine from a very early age.’

70. ‘Railways, psychical research, and the combing of graveyards were other enthusiasms.’

71. enthusiasm for his program is growing

Other users have misspelling enthusiasm as:

1. enthusiam 7.84%

2. enthousiasme 3.59%

3. enthusiasim 2.94%

4. enthusiasum 1.96%

5. enthuasism 1.96%

6. entusiasm 1.96%

7. Other 79.75%

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