Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

Other users have misspelling enthusiasm as:

pie chart
  1. enthusiam 7.84%
  2. enthousiasme 3.59%
  3. enthusiasim 2.94%
  4. enthusiasum 1.96%
  5. enthuasism 1.96%
  6. entusiasm 1.96%
  7. Other 79.75%

Definitions of enthusiasm


  1. a lively interest
  2. a feeling of excitement
  3. overflowing with eager enjoyment or approval

Examples of enthusiasm

  1. I chatter with enthusiasm whilst knobs of butter slide off the fishes' backs and sizzle to blister bubbles.
  2. Oh, poof! You do not understand a little soldierly enthusiasm.
  3. Tranmere played with a good deal more enthusiasm as the evening wore on, suggesting that Aldridge had expressed - presumably in an indelicate fashion - his sense of displeasure during the recess.

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