Word Frequency
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Other users have misspelling coincidence as:

pie chart
  1. concidine 3.02%
  2. coincedence 3.02%
  3. coinsidence 3.02%
  4. conincidence 1.51%
  5. coinsedence 1.51%
  6. Other 87.92%

Definitions of coincidence


  1. an event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental
  2. the quality of occupying the same position or area in space
  3. the temporal property of two things happening at the same time

Examples of coincidence

  1. It's no coincidence that we're in a similar political landscape at the moment.
  2. The similarity between their names is due to coincidence and European mispronunciation -- "Mahican" comes from the word Muheconneok, "from Drag to Playlist
  3. Not a coincidence is my guess, but no one should confuse causation and correlation.

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