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1. Of events, the appearance of a meaningful connection when there is none.

2. Of objects, the property of being coincident; occurring at the same time or place.

3. analysis A coincidence point.

4. The state or fact of occupying the same relative position or area in space.

5. A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged.

6. The condition of occupying the same place in space

7. Exact correspondence in nature, character, result, circumstances, etc.; concurrence; agreement.

8. The condition or fact of happening at the same time.

9. the quality of occupying the same position or area in space

10. Hence Concurrence; agreement in circumstance, character, etc.; more or less exact correspondence generally, or an instance of exact correspondence; especially, accidental or incidental concurrence; accidental agreement: as, the coincidence of two or more opinions.

11. A happening at the same time or existence during the same period; contemporaneousness.

12. The fact of being coincident, or of occupying the same place in space or the same position in a scale or series; exact correspondence in position: as, the coincidence of equal triangles.


1. It must be a happy coincidence.

2. Also, one ex is bad luck, two is a coincidence.

3. The fact that she was an old friend was such an amazing coincidence.

4. The coincidence of these two buildings being selected for this architectural prize is significant.

5. The programme should provide some fireworks but its timing is no coincidence.

6. It was at this point that a curious coincidence occurred.

7. Two lonely souls brought together by happy coincidence?

8. That he got there at all was the result of either an amazing coincidence or foul play.

9. One new museum in a city is a happy incident and two a coincidence.

10. Of course the timing is no coincidence.

11. It is said that two is a coincidence and three is a trend.

12. He added that he did not think that this timing was a coincidence.

13. And this is no happy coincidence.

14. It's a coincidence far too elegant to be entirely arbitrary.

15. He composed using chance, coincidence and idiosyncratic connections.

16. He's worried it was just a coincidence the first time.

17. And the amazing coincidences didn't end there.

18. The enormity of what he was about to do had struck home, surely reinforced by two coincidences.

19. It said the timing was a coincidence, but those who stayed loyal now want to cash in.

20. It is one of those happy coincidences that it happened to occur at the same time as the global rediscovery of what they call burlesque.

21. Her career is a thread of happy coincidences and social networking, before that became something people did alone and online.

22. The timing is no coincidence.

23. A coincidence too far, we think.

24. By one of those amazing coincidences, the England rugby union team also won a match the other day.

25. As I understand it, we have the most amazing series of coincidences to thank for our existence.

26. The first thing I think when I hear the word coincidence is synchronicity, and then I think, clear as day, that those things happened on the same day because of what the stars said would happen.

27. The word coincidence exists in order to stop people from seeing meaning where none exists.

28. Also a coincidence is the moving of devolution-friendly Huw Irranca from the Welsh Office to DEFRA.

29. Not a coincidence is my guess, but no one should confuse causation and correlation.

30. It really is a fantasy sub-genre all its own, though you don't see it in comics very often... come to think of it, the last comics-type entry in the genre I recall was also called Stardust, though that one was nothing like this one apart from the title coincidence and the bare fact of its our-world-meets-fairytale-world premise.

31. Belatedly the teacher realized the problem of the name coincidence; she assured the class that there was nothing wrong with playing with dolls, that it teaches both girls and boys how to become parents when they grow up.

32. ‘By coincidence I was trailing two unsuspecting girls also apparently going to the show.’

33. ‘By coincidence, the factory closed down in 1912, the year the Titanic went down at sea with such a huge loss of life.’

34. ‘By coincidence, my friend Nat Gertler was at the same performance last night of The Producers.’

35. ‘By coincidence, I got there a few minutes before Bob Hager, who had an appointment.’

36. ‘By coincidence, he lived in my same building where I had just bought an apartment but I still hadn't moved in yet.’

37. ‘By coincidence, both of October's plays were other people's ideas.’

38. ‘By coincidence, a few hours earlier one of White's many underworld contacts had phoned offering information.’

39. ‘We can even make sense of such a coincidence in the case of events such as battles and headaches.’

40. ‘‘It is hard to believe that so many events and coincidences occurred in just 12 months,’ he writes.’

41. ‘Identical twins are about to marry a pair of lookalike sisters in a double ceremony next month to cap 25 years of remarkable coincidences.’

42. ‘We would share stories of mistaken identity, confused publicists and editors, odd coincidences and connections.’

43. ‘By one of the most remarkable coincidences in all sport, that very same year saw the publication for the first time of the laws of cricket.’

44. ‘The win was a remarkable coincidence for Hazel, who worked as a domestic cleaner for one of the Turnbull family more than ten years ago.’

45. ‘In a remarkable coincidence, the front of his home was demolished in a freak car accident for the second time - by the same man.’

46. ‘Especially toward the end, these coincidences and connections between the characters become almost comical.’

47. ‘And the bizarre events and coincidences pile up more and more as the story proceeds.’

48. ‘It beggars belief to think that these concurrent developments are mere coincidences.’

49. ‘His theory explains what appears to be a remarkable coincidence.’

50. ‘It is a remarkable coincidence that the elections were held on the eleventh anniversary of these dramatic events.’

51. ‘The Pennine Acute Trust said the timing of the letter was a coincidence and not connected to the Observer story.’

52. ‘For most of the time, this coincidence of interest was recognized.’

53. ‘There is little coincidence of interest between the consumer and a state-owned utility.’

54. ‘This surprising degree of coincidence of territory and national identity has been achieved in two ways.’

55. ‘Several coincidences between genes encoding for enzymes of N metabolism and QTLs for the traits studied were observed.’

56. ‘In their estimation, nothing could explain the coincidences except the momentary passing of a gravitational wave.’

57. ‘When the beams were in phase, they detected five times as many coincidences as when they were out of phase.’

58. ‘One of the most famous anthropic coincidences was discovered by the English physicist Sir Fred Hoyle in 1954.’

59. By coincidence, I saw my friend on the street yesterday

Other users have misspelling coincidence as:

1. concidine 3.02%

2. coincedence 3.02%

3. coinsidence 3.02%

4. conincidence 1.51%

5. coinsedence 1.51%

6. Other 87.92%

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