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Other users have misspelling committee as:

pie chart
  1. committe 16.46%
  2. commitee 7.47%
  3. comitee 6.71%
  4. comittee 4.56%
  5. comida 3.16%
  6. commite 3.16%
  7. comite 2.28%
  8. comitte 2.28%
  9. Other 53.92%

Definitions of committee


  1. a self-constituted organization to promote something
  2. a special group delegated to consider some matter

Examples of committee

  1. The committee will publish their report on the health service in a few weeks.
  2. The term "strategic" came up again earlier this year, when Ontario's provincial government set up a committee to debate a proposed merger between London Stock Exchange Group PLC and TMX Group Inc., operator of Canada's flagship Toronto Stock Exchange.
  3. In the event, only a few of these reports were completed and circularized to the committee.

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