Definition of 'emphasize'


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1. transitive To stress, give emphasis or extra weight to (something).

2. To bring out clearly or distinctly; make more obvious or more positive; give a stronger perception of.

3. To utter or pronounce with emphasis; render emphatic; lay stress upon: as, to emphasize a syllable, word, or declaration; to emphasize a passage in reading.

4. To give emphasis to; stress.

5. To utter or pronounce with a particular stress of voice; to make emphatic.


1. The commentary provided particularly emphasizes the first two of these questions.

2. We also want to emphasize the restoration of relationship after sin.

3. The groups emphasize the need for a good mental approach assisted by physical fitness.

4. It also emphasizes the need for further research.

5. Need one emphasize that all this is the purest fiction?

6. The key difference between this approach and the others is that the supervisor emphasizes the role of helper.

7. Examples such as support for improvement and repair costs and agency services could be broadened to emphasize the need for consumer protection.

8. If a high priority is placed on control, personnel officers will emphasize their role as watchdogs.

9. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of your own natural defence mechanism in fighting off illness.

10. Theories that emphasize the role of education in reproducing existing societal norms and values may overlook its important role as a force for changing them.

11. They also emphasize the strength of their case and its righteousness as well as the impossibility of any movement from the position they are declaring.

12. What Shahzad means to emphasize is that suffering doesn't matter to him; he is unaffected no matter what the court would throw at him.

13. And that the hard-left pinko (who's, as we again need to emphasize, is the sitting Senator from Wyoming, of all places) would use outing a guy out of a closet as a threat.

14. In closing, we the Leadership of the One True Party, want to again emphasize the immediate importance of this issue.

15. The only reason to note this is to again emphasize that Indians were a special case created by the peculiar history of the United States.

16. Immediately following the excerpt that you chose to emphasize is this: the traditional armed forces represented by the Wehrmacht committed and ordered (e.g. the Commissar Order) war crimes of their own, particularly during the invasion of Poland in 1939 [5] and later in the war against the Soviet Union.

17. What I wanted to emphasize is that in practice the communist planning was never really implemented based on models as those imagined by Barone or Bauer.

18. What I must continue to emphasize is how much The Dark Knight accelerates past the limits of typical expectations for summer superhero blockbusters yet achieves an amazing level of brilliance that most movies in general don't even come close to anyway.

19. What Rick doesn't emphasize is that the Obama camp is doing everything possible to have a smooth convention and to minimize the hurt feelings of Clinton delegates on her loss.

20. ‘Yet it is important to emphasize that liberalism did not disappear.’

21. ‘It is important to emphasize that dementia is a syndrome and not a disease.’

22. ‘Each speaker emphasized that business, government and the media all must learn how to function in crisis mode.’

23. ‘He also emphasized that architecture should harmonize with nature.’

24. ‘It was emphasized that - just as in the earlier age of globalization - there are winners and losers.’

25. ‘Yet many people emphasized that training alone did not make a good worker.’

26. ‘It also emphasized that groundwater contamination had become a critical problem.’

27. ‘From the very beginning, it was emphasized that European integration should be an ongoing process.’

28. ‘Several authors have particularly emphasized the importance of protein synthesis.’

29. ‘Paz also emphasizes the importance of selecting the right equipment before the project starts.’

30. ‘I can't emphasize enough what respect I have for the kind of research Crouch has done.’

31. ‘The authors emphasize how the development of mathematical understanding is related to individual differences rather than group differences.’

32. ‘We invent indices that extract and emphasize only those aspects of the data that are of interest.’

33. ‘Contending approaches emphasize different aspects of the integration process.’

34. ‘One scholar emphasizes the necessity of developing a code to label research findings during data analysis.’

35. ‘The findings emphasize the value of farming coffee in shaded environments.’

36. ‘I can't emphasize enough how important it is to pay attention to your body.’

37. ‘The findings emphasize the deleterious effects of cocaine on the brain and the potential for improvement with medications.’

38. ‘Taylor's study emphasizes the impact of humans on fish in streams and rivers.’

39. ‘Other forms of treatment emphasize learning to adjust to the disorder rather than removing the problematic behaviour.’

40. ‘Scholars now emphasize the increasing political power of the peasants.’

41. ‘And the complexity of humans is something that is emphasized throughout this book.’

42. ‘I said that slowly, emphasizing each and every word.’

43. ‘The lack of response prompted the creature to repeat his words, emphasizing each as he screamed them at the man he had once cared for as deeply as a brother.’

44. ‘She read each report out loud, emphasizing each and every word.’

45. ‘I will read them as they now appear in the Act of 1948 and emphasise the significant words.’

46. ‘She turned deliberately and looked him directly in the face as she replied, carefully emphasizing each word in a low, even tone,’

47. ‘I want to emphasize all the words in the title of this conference.’

48. ‘I keep referring to the word ‘disclosure’ because that is the word I am emphasising in my new title for this bill.’

49. ‘The words which I have emphasised replace the words of the section as enacted in the Compulsory Purchase Act 1965.’

50. ‘The words I have emphasised give rise to two issues of interpretation on which the parties are fundamentally divided.’

51. ‘There are, as it seems to me, good reasons for the inclusion of the words which I have emphasised.’

52. ‘Some authors do underline words they want to emphasise.’

53. ‘The word ‘my’ was extremely emphasized, as though she owned it and was made to give it away.’

54. ‘Michael stood up straight, making sure to emphasize his height and build… just in case.’

55. ‘A shorter jacket will emphasize your height as well as your skinny waist, arms and legs.’

56. ‘By placing the code which defines the work before the work itself, it emphasizes the link between computational and conceptual art.’

57. ‘Chanel's Spring collection only emphasizes the classic fashions that define the Chanel line.’

58. ‘We suffer as we struggle to define our individuality and hence simultaneously emphasize our separateness.’

59. ‘The underside is defined with a hard sharp shadow that emphasizes the top image fading into the walls and ceiling.’

60. Dr. Jones emphasizes exercise in addition to a change in diet

Other users have misspelling emphasize as:

1. empasize 3.16%

2. emphasi 1.9%

3. Other 94.94%

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