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1. Not either; not the one or the other.

2. not either; not one or the other

3. conjunctive similarly not

4. Noteither.Seeeither.

5. Andnot;noryet.

6. not either (used with nor)

7. Not either; generally used to introduce the first of two or more coördinate clauses of which those that follow begin with nor.

8. [Obs.] by no means.

9. not either one

10. not one of two; not either


1. neither is likely to be specifically noticed by its audience.

2. What happens when neither of us can drive?

3. neither party could be reached for comment.

4. It turns out that neither is true.

5. neither say nor do a thing.

6. Mother wouldn't like it and neither does the club.

7. neither of those things is true, alas.

8. In person he is neither deranged nor canine, but softly spoken and erudite.

9. Crystal Palace were marginally the better side, though neither goalkeeper had much to do.

10. I don't need people, neither does he.

11. He is neither funny enough nor plaintive enough.

12. neither of those two things look like happening again soon.

13. neither company was aware that its systems had been targeted.

14. The really worrying thing was that neither did he!

15. The pair are equally ambitious yet neither is likely to lead his party.

16. This sport has yet to properly deal with its past but neither can it bury it.

17. neither team has been particularly adept at keeping clean sheets.

18. The party has neither the manpower nor money to match the established parties.

19. Wants and desires are neither true nor false.

20. They would not have waited till a time when man can do neither good nor evil.

21. The missing person is neither dead nor present and therefore no one has the power to handle their affairs.

22. neither can win the nomination today.

23. Its binary imperatives constantly contradict each other, so that it is neither funny nor exciting.

24. Though neither of these has the longevity of a brick or stone path, they do look beautiful.

25. I want to help them but it is hard to think of what to say, as neither will tell their parents nor anyone else.

26. For his own part, Adams inclined to think that neither chaos nor death was an object to him as a searcher of knowledge, —neither would have vogue in America, —neither would help him to a career.

27. I ought to make him feel that I can do without his riches, that I cannot be bought, —neither by comfort, neither by pride, —and though I be utterly penniless, and receiving bread from him, that he is the poor man beside me.

28. _neuter_ means _neither; _ from which it follows, that neuter gender implies neither gender; that is, neither masculine nor feminine.

29. When he finished his term neither the Whigs (his own party) nor the Democrats would nominate him to run on his own.

30. But then again neither is Bush Cheney Rumsfeld either …

31. He threw the charm into the air and pointed at it, shouting a word neither Alanna nor George knew.

32. ‘I suppose it's because neither of the Scottish sides have made the breakthrough yet.’

33. ‘Great effort from the edge of the box - neither of these two sides is prepared to settle for a draw.’

34. ‘The marriage was finally approved, but the bride was married with neither of her parents at her side.’

35. ‘We arrived fashionably late and neither of us had any supper so we thought we'd grab a bite there.’

36. ‘So neither of them moved, and the algae that grows on the sloth's fur got to the finish line first.’

37. ‘Upon realising my error, it all felt a bit awkward, but neither of us could bring ourselves to mention my faux pas.’

38. ‘A quick flick of the head confirms neither of the other two are objecting.’

39. ‘For a while you could get it on the Wayback Machine but it's gone even from there and neither of us thought to make new copies.’

40. ‘I've run second a few times but neither of us had won the entire series of games previous to this!’

41. ‘It is the kind of connection the human heart longs to make, and neither of them mistake it for what it is not.’

42. ‘A battle between father and son is about to erupt, though neither of them realise it yet.’

43. ‘Despite the big numbers, neither of the town's MPs claimed as much in expenses as they could have.’

44. ‘The problem, at least for those holidaying in Gibraltar, is that neither of these hotels has a beach.’

45. ‘He disagrees but neither of us can fight the fact that things are weird.’

46. ‘In theory, we were going to walk up the thousand steps, but neither of us could be bothered.’

47. ‘During dinner we were given something that neither of us had seen before.’

48. ‘Legal Aid told him that neither of them were into such stuff and eventually he put the phone down.’

49. ‘We have been speaking regularly and neither of us has had too much sleep.’

50. ‘With neither of them in the first flush of youth, he worries about what will happen to his collection when he is gone.’

51. ‘Except he would take cream with his coffee and neither of us would smoke.’

52. I was not happy and neither were they

Other users have misspelling neither as:

1. dneither 2.4%

2. Other 97.6%

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