[ US /ˈɛmfəˌsaɪz/ ]
  1. to stress, single out as important
    Dr. Jones emphasizes exercise in addition to a change in diet
  2. give extra weight to (a communication)
    Her gesture emphasized her words
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How To Use emphasize In A Sentence

  • The new textbooks de-emphasize dynastic change, peasant struggle, ethnic rivalry and war, some critics say, because the leadership does not want people thinking that such things matter a great deal.
  • The fall in popularity of the death's head and the subsequent prevalence of the cherub was a reflection of the Great Awakening and the belief in the immortality of the soul: "Cherubs reflect a stress on resurrection, while death's heads emphasize the mortality of man. Headstones for Dummies, the New York Edition
  • Pfizer emphasized the halt was limited to patients participating in clinical testing who suffered from a joint disorder known as osteoarthritis, although the company is slated to meet with the FDA later this week to assess any implications for other programs. Pfizer Suspends Trials of Pain Drug After FDA Request
  • The initial lift of the bar targets the lower back and thickens the erectors, the middle part of the lift widens the barn-door lats, and the squeeze and lockout at the top emphasize the upper back.
  • Courses that emphasized crop production, pest management, and courses that emphasized experiential learning were frequently listed.
  • It is showing a letter embracing a woman and the depiction to emphasize emotion filled letter is simply unparallel .
  • Chinese officials emphasize that the money is for scientific research cooperation, and doesn't a rental fee.
  • Klimt's tentative chalk and pencil strokes do little more than outline and emphasize the foreshortened legs, buttocks and genitalia of his subjects, their scrawled lifelessness compromising the images' erotic impact. Modernism's Austrian Rebels
  • Theories that emphasize the role of education in reproducing existing societal norms and values may overlook its important role as a force for changing them. Sociology
  • However, it also emphasizes that the efficient and effective functioning of the system in its entirety is bicentric to the success of some display programme, irrespective of the display method chosen. Xml's Blinklist.com
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